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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep15 Cross the sea



Mera's detached body has discovered our next destination.

Apparently, there is a double-spiral building in the south. It is similar to the one seen on the floor above.

Mera sent a signal to the rest of her detached bodies, calling them to return.

After all of Mera's detached bodies return and fuse back into her body, we think of a way to cross the sea.


(I can use the Infinite Gacha card to summon a large sea creature for people to ride on, but... Once summoned, it can't turn back into a card. And moving inside the sea is more dangerous.)


Summoning high-level sea creatures can increase our battle force in sea battles.

But as we move from one floor to another, there is probably no sea on the next floor. As a result, I'm not sure if summoning sea creatures for a limited time is a smart idea.


(Maybe it would be faster and safer to tie everyone together with thread and then fly through the sky, now that I get better readings of the dwarves' behavior)


I mutter, then take out my Infinite Gacha Card and use it.


SR-flight, release!)


I cast SR-Flight to all of them.

This would allow everyone to fly in the sky for 24 hours.

I whispered because if the dwarves knew I used a magic item, they would pressure me to sell it to them so that they could research it, just like when they knew about long-distance transfer items.

That is why I will pretend that I have used magic.


"With this, you can fly just by focusing your mind. It is difficult to get used to it, so for your safety, we will tie you with Mei's magic thread. If it is painful or too tight, please let her know."


"Understood, Raito-dono."


The Dwarf King nodded on behalf of his men.

The dwarves are not used to flying as it is their first time, and they might fall into the water during the journey.

So I devised a plan to use Mei's magical thread as a lifeline to assist them while flying.

Although Mei's workload would be slightly increased, she should be able to handle them without any problems if they fall into the sea or are ambushed from underwater.


"Let's go, then. Mera, take the lead."


"Kekekekekeke! Roger that, my Lord."


Mera knows the destination, so she takes the lead.

The dwarves also struggle to fly for the first time, but they float up and follow our lead.

After ascending about 100 meters, we head south toward our destination.


At first, they struggle, but after 10 minutes of flying, the dwarves get used to it and fly at a slightly slower speed.

At first, Mei was pulling them along, so compared to that time, they are doing well.


(...... However, seeing it from above is just breathtaking...... I can't even see the small islands anymore and the 360-degree view of the sea...)


No matter where I look, all I see is the horizon and no land.

I see swarms of fish sparkling on the shallow sea surface like a starry night sky. Perhaps small fish are gathering there.

The sunlight-like light pouring down from the ceiling is reflected by the seawater, making it so blue that the edges of this world become blurred.

The scene is extremely beautiful, but it feels as if the world is melting away, and I feel an instinctive fear at the same time.


Suddenly, I start to wonder.


(In the past, how did the adventurers who explored these ruins at the dwarves' request cross this sea?)


The adventurers probably had already arrived at this floor since the steel-like lid that blocked the floor above had been destroyed by force.

Despite this, there are no corpses, traces, or remains of the adventurers on the small island.


This means the adventurers arrived at this artificial sea and went further.

Surely they didn't bring a boat with them?

Or did they pack up their belongings and swim across?


"My Lord, look! Look at that thing! It's amazing!"


While I wondered how the adventurers in the past crossed the sea, Nazuna shouted to me cheerfully.

She points her finger at a moving white shadow.




I understand why she is so excited.

Cutting through the blue sea, a giant-sized fish emerges from the water, standing upright and slapping the sea's surface.

It has 3 eyes lined up on each side. The length of the fish is about 30 meters from its head to its tail fin. The color is white, and the appearance of diving with its head down and tail upright is just impressive.


Not only me but also Mei, Mera, Suzu, and other dwarves also look at the giant fish diving in the sea.


The great nature---. No, it is an artificial world, but it is so massive and majestic that even the research maniac dwarf races fell silent.

I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful sight.


(I wish I could show it to Yume and everyone else in Naraku......)


It was such an impressive and moving sight, but then the giant fish turned its body in the water and peeked out toward the surface again.

At the same time, a bad feeling ran through my back.

Reflexively, I take out my Infinite Gacha card and release it.


Almost at the same time, the giant white fish's mouth shoots out a gigantic jet of seawater with piercing force.


"SSR - Explosive Flame, release!"


It is one of the most powerful offensive magic in tactical class.

It is a useful card that is effective against most enemies with its combination of explosions and flames.

I use SSR - Explosive Flame multiple times to block the extremely thick seawater spears.


"You're great, my Lord! Your reaction is so fast!"




"Sorry, we should be the ones to handle it."


Nazuna waves her hand and praises me, while Suzu & Rock apologizes to me.

I keep my gaze on the sea, and I lightly wave my hand as if to say, 'Don't worry about it.'


"I sense hostility. Is that giant fish also a monster that eliminates intruders like the stone golems that attacked us on the floor above ......?"


"--The name is Giant White Fin Whale, level 4000."


Mei gives me an additional explanation using her appraisal.

Level 4000 means that he is weaker than Hydra I fought in Naraku 3 years ago. Maybe he is as strong as Hardy, the White Knights' commander.


I didn't expect them to create such a giant fish to intercept intruders. I wonder how advanced the ancient civilization was.

How could such an advanced ancient civilization be destroyed, and why?




The Giant White Fin Whale screamed and dived into the sea again.

I'd be grateful if he just retreats, but...

As expected, he wouldn't retreat that easily.


"He's coming! Mei, protect Dagan and the others!"




When I am giving instructions to May, the back of the Giant White Fin Whale emerges from the sea. It has many holes in its back and shoots out water spears.

Compared to the extremely thick spears released from its mouth, those spears are less powerful.

But there are so many of them, making it difficult to evade the attack.




Suzu immediately fires her magic bullets!

Countless magic bullets blocked those spears, but it was difficult to shoot them all down.

I, Nazuna, and Mera also help to block them.

Mei defends Dagan and his men with magic threads.


All attacks were blocked, but...




The Giant White Fin Whale screamed again. He insisted that he would never let us get away.




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