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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

TanboHiro: Ch 1 - Ep 21


Chapter 1

Episode 21: Tomato Harvest


After breakfast, Seram and I left the house and headed to the greenhouses as we usually did.


"Jin-dono, are we harvesting long eggplants again today?"


"No, today we are harvesting tomatoes."


In addition to growing long eggplants, we also cultivate tomatoes in our greenhouses.


"Speaking of that, when we were at the big market, you mentioned that you also grow tomatoes. I'm excited to see them."


The big market referred to the food section in the shopping mall.


When she saw my long eggplants being sold in the vegetable section, I explained the other vegetables I grew.


We saw numerous tomato plants inside as we passed through the plastic greenhouses.


"Compared to the long eggplants, they are smaller, and the leaves aren't as thick."


"I have pruned the leaves obstructing the way, making it easier to harvest them."


If leaves block the sunlight, the fruits won't receive sufficient nutrition and can hinder harvesting. Therefore, it is important to trim them.


"So it's not just about watering and caring for them?"


"That's correct. Efficient vegetable cultivation requires considering the specific characteristics of each vegetable. This involves adjusting the temperature, relocating them when needed, removing leaves and fruits, and providing additional fertilizers."


Firstly, tomatoes do not require leaves after the fruits appear.


If the base of the plant is not clean and well-ventilated, it becomes susceptible to diseases like mold.


But removing too many leaves can hinder a plant's ability to produce sufficient nutrients through photosynthesis. Therefore, caution must be exercised when pruning leaves from the plant.


"The food we consume daily is cultivated by farmers like Jin-dono, who dedicate great care to their work. I wasn't aware of this until I arrived here."


"People who lack interest in farming often overlook the process of cultivation. But once they become aware of the hardships involved, farmers across the country would be happy if they appreciate the effort."


"Well, that's why I'm also grateful to Jin-dono!"


"... Thank you."

Until now, in my life of growing vegetables and personally delivering them, I have rarely received such heartfelt appreciation from customers.


To be honest, when someone expresses such gratitude, I am not sure how to react. I often wonder what the appropriate response should be.


"That's why let's begin harvesting right away."


"How should I harvest them?"


"It's simple. Pick them with your hands and use scissors to remove unnecessary parts."




Like when harvesting long eggplants, I demonstrated how to harvest them while pushing the container on the cart.


Suddenly, Seram shouted in surprise.


"What's the matter?"


"These tomatoes are still green. Is it okay to harvest them?"


I pondered over the reason for her surprise. However, it became apparent that she was astonished that we were harvesting the still green tomatoes.


The tomatoes we were about to harvest were slightly reddish but still green.


"Oh, don't worry. Once packed into boxes and transported to the Agricultural Cooperative, they will ripen and turn red in due time."


"How is that possible?"


"Some fruits and vegetables undergo a process called ripening, where they continue to develop in flavor and texture even after being harvested. This is why we follow this procedure."


"I had no idea such a technique existed."


"During this warm season, tomatoes ripen rapidly. If we were to harvest and transport them when they are already red, they would likely become spoiled before reaching the customers."


"I understand. So, what do we do with the tomatoes that are already red over there?"


Seram pointed at a bright red tomato.


I felt embarrassed as a typical mistake was discovered while proudly talking about my work.


The tomatoes at the bottom of the row tend to be hidden by leaves and are often overlooked.


After all, I am only human. Sometimes, I make mistakes and overlook things like this.


"....... In such cases, we have no choice but to sell them at unattended stands or eat them ourselves."


Even if I were to transport them now, they would have passed their peak of deliciousness. Such products cannot be sold.


"So, you don't mind if I eat them?"


"Only after we finish harvesting them."


"I understand...."


Seram seemed eager to eat them immediately, but I calmed her down and asked her to focus on the task.


After several additional reminders, Seram pushes the cart and harvests the tomatoes.


Yup, harvesting tomatoes doesn't seem to be a problem.


I decide to leave the current row to Seram and move on to harvest tomatoes from another row.


While pushing the cart, I come across a large, green tomato.


I pluck it directly by hand, removing any leaves obstructing its path.


Leaving the calyx on could cause the leaves and the fruit to rub against each other during transportation.


Once the calyx is properly removed, I place the tomato in a container.


I continue to harvest the tomatoes and place them into the containers using the same method.


This process is repeated over and over again.


"Ugh, this is going to be tough on my waist."


I heard Seram grunting as we continued harvesting.


"Reaching the items on the lower shelves can be challenging."


To access the first level, one must bend down.


Harvesting tomatoes can be physically demanding since we have to repeatedly bending down and standing up.


It would be easier to harvest the top shelves because we wouldn't have to bend as much.


"It's a red fruit! Can I pick this one too?"


"Yeah, go ahead."


"Oh! There's another red one!"


I am aware that Seram doesn't mean to offend me. Still, I have mixed feelings when she enthusiastically discovers items that shouldn't be there.


Damn, I'll ensure that she won't come across them during the next harvest.


I make this resolution as I continue harvesting the tomatoes and pushing the cart.






The containers of tomatoes have been loaded onto the back of my light truck.


"Phew, that's it..."


"Is today's harvest complete?"




"Now, can I eat these tomatoes?"


Seram takes out a few red tomatoes from her jersey pocket.


"Make sure to wash them thoroughly with water before eating."




Seram takes the tomatoes and moves them to the washing area.


She turns on the faucet and rinses the tomatoes with water.


Harvesting work has been ongoing since early morning, but it's already nearing noon.


I can't eat lunch because I have to make a delivery soon, so let's take a break and enjoy some tomatoes.


I also decided to wash the two red tomatoes I found during the harvest with water.


Seeing the vibrant red fruits with transparent water droplets is truly beautiful.


When held up to the sunlight, the tomatoes emit a radiant glow.


The calyx, color, luster, and firmness... everything is perfect. These tomatoes ripen too quickly, yet eating them is a farmer's privilege. While fixing my mood, I eat them.


Seram, who finishes washing her tomatoes first, sits on a chair and eats them.


"Sweet! And the texture is firmer than I expected!"


"Our tomatoes are known for their firm flesh. They have a delightful balance of sweetness and acidity."


Unlike most tomatoes with soft flesh, our tomatoes have a satisfying firmness. You can bite into them without worrying about the meat bursting. Feel free to have as many as you like.


As I observe Seram happily enjoying the tomatoes, I lean back in my chair and bite.


Intense sweetness and moderate sourness exploded in my mouth. The skin and flesh were firm.


While soft tomatoes are not bad, I prefer tomatoes with this level of firmness.

... They are less likely to get damaged during transport.


I'll set aside practical farming concerns for now and enjoy eating the tomatoes.


I was thirsty, so the juicy pulp of the tomatoes was refreshing.


The slight sourness of the pulp helped to soothe my body after working hard.


Feeling hungry, I quickly finished eating both tomatoes.


I noticed Seram was already on her fourth tomato, enjoying each bite.


"...... you might have a stomach ache if you eat too many."


"Is it bad to eat too many?"


"Tomato skins contain indigestible fiber and have high water content. Eating excessive amounts can potentially upset your stomach."


"I usually have a strong stomach, but I'll take your advice, Jin-dono, and stop here."


I'm not sure if this also applies to Seram, coming from another world, but it's best to enjoy things in moderation.


No matter how wonderful something is, consuming excessive amounts can have negative effects. Even vegetables and fruits are not exempt from this principle.


"Now that the break is over, I'll start packaging the harvested tomatoes for delivery."


"Jin-dono, may I accompany you?"



When I stood up from my chair, Seram also stood up and asked.


"Nothing is interesting there, you know?"


"That's all right. I just want to see how our harvest will be transported."


I can understand why she is curious about how our harvest will be transported.


I don't know if there is any interesting sight there, but it is okay if she wants to accompany me.


"Okay, you can come with me."


"Jin-dono, thank you!"


Initially, I had planned for Seram to stay at home, but I changed my mind and decided to bring her along.


I took the driver's seat, and Seram sat in the passenger seat.


"Wow, the view from here is nice."


Seram and Kaho were seated in the back seat when we went shopping at the mall.


It would be Seram's first time sitting in the front seat.


"Make sure to buckle up your seatbelt."


"I know. Kaho-dono taught me how to do it correctly."


Seram slid the seatbelt across her body and securely fastened it.


...Due to her breasts, the seatbelt pressed against her chest, accentuating her body contours.


"...Jin-dono, am I wearing the seatbelt incorrectly?"


She seemed to be completely unaware of it. I couldn't help but feel a bit concerned about her vulnerability.


"No, there's no problem. Let's go then."


For a man, this is a dangerous sight to see. I quickly averted my gaze and started my light truck to ward off evil thoughts.


She is wearing the underwear she bought, so it would have been even more dangerous if she hadn't bought it.


I'm grateful to Kaho for going shopping with her.


I found a Female knight in a rice field in the countryside, they think she's my wife



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