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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Episode 52: Clever Scheme (2) - 1




"This, this is...."


When she saw the sight, Atou opened her mouth and was stunned.

Gold coins were piled high in that place.

Gold coins were stacked randomly like dirt and sand from a mine, reflecting the sunlight that entered through the trees' gaps and shining brilliantly.

The stacked gold coins are located in the town square. Previously this place was used for building materials. Now this place is filled with gold coins. There is no empty space to step.




There were more than a dozen Long Leg Bugs in the area.

They moved the gold coins from the baskets on their backs to the pile and then hurriedly disappeared again.

Apparently, there are still more to come.

Indeed, there were many more gold coins than Atou could see.

She understands that there will be more, but she is starting to wonder if there is enough space.


"Wow, that's a huge amount!"


"There's so much money!"


"Well... It's really spectacular when you see it. It's so dazzling."


Even if Takuto is the one who ordered it, he never expected it would be this much.

Atou immediately asks a question to Takuto, who looks at the gold coins piles.


"Takuto-sama, could it be that you've been mass-producing Long Leg Bugs for this?


"Yup, the gold coins dropped by Brave Quests monsters. I had ordered the Long Leg Bugs to collect them. They have high mobility and can do the work efficiently.


"Well, that's right ... But I think that if this amount is distributed all at once, the economy will collapse. Even if we use it for dealings with Fawncaven, I wonder if there are any items the other party can prepare in the first place."


Atou terrifyingly asked.

Her Lord should be already aware of that point.

Money circulation should be controlled strictly in a nation.

The number of people is still small, and bartering is common. The amount is too large for use in Mynoghra, and even if it is used for trade with other countries such as Fawncaven, the scale is too large.

To tell the truth, it looks like a waste of treasure.


"Aa, I see. Atou knows only Mynoghra's strategy, so you weren't familiar with other nations' playing styles."


Takuto was confidently striking Atou's doubts.

As he just said, Atou only knows Mynoghra's strategy, and she doesn't know what kind of strategy other nations are good at.

However, she couldn't think of a nation that could effectively utilize this massive amount of money even after using all her knowledge.


"That's right, you're right."


"Atou. Do you remember what currency means in 'Eternal Nations'?"


"Yes... The state defines ordinary currency as a tool to move the domestic economy. However, it is not noticeable because each country uses its own currency ..."


"Yes, if you set that area in detail, the game will not be enjoyable. So basically, 'magical power' is used instead of currency in the game. "


"The thing that has the characteristics of energy and money is 'magical power,' isn't it? Highly versatile and easy to understand even in transactions with other countries. "




In Eternal Nations, the three most important resources are "magic," "food," and "materials."

Food is used to maintain the people and the military and serves as an indicator of national power.

Materials are mainly used during the production of units and buildings and are also an indicator of productivity.

And "Magical power" becomes an indication of economic power and is required in various aspects, including emergency production.


The basic rule of the "Eternal Nations" game is to produce these three primary resources in a well-balanced manner while maintaining the nation.


"Yes, that's why I don't understand. No matter how many gold coins you have, they are only gold coins. But if you take the trouble to collect it like this, it should be worth more..."


In Eternal Nations, "gold" is a strategic resource.

It is necessary when producing high-end units and buildings, and it is valuable, but that's it.

It won't be needed if the nation reaches the final stage. At this point, she didn't understand the meaning of collecting all these coins.


"I thought you'll understand if you can say that much ..."


"... ??"


"Well, never mind. Let's get the answers together!"


Atou still has a question mark on her head.

Takuto laughed bitterly. He holds his palm over a part of the square just as he has to explain everything.


"[Emergency production] execution---- [Marketplace]"


"Ta, Takuto-sama!?"


 A moment later, the earth vibrates.

 A rumbling sound echoed, and Takuto's magic power melted all over the square. Then, a strange design building appeared as if sprouting from the ground.


"Oh? ... Ooo!"


"Hey, Onee, Oneechan-san! It's dangerous. Come here!"


The twin sisters who had been playing in the gold coins piles run away in a hurry.

The building grows while pushing away a pile of gold coins,

The building surrounds the square and is divided into several large and small buildings and multiple tents.

It had an asymmetrical shape and strange colors, which were far from the design people could imagine. Still, it could be guessed that it is a market when looking only at its interior.

Takuto used emergency production to create the "Marketplace," a building of Mynoghra.


"With this, all my magic power is gone."


Takuto nods with a refreshed look.

Buildings could be built instantly, as well as food and goods.

This kind of construction would require a considerable number of days and personnel if built normally.

Takuto witnessed the greatness of emergency production while expecting Atou's surprised expression. He proudly turned to her.



"... Atou?"




Atou is sulking. Apparently, it was too difficult for her to think.


"Of, of course, I'll explain it right away! Hey, Atou, come here!"


Takuto hurriedly continued his explanation because it would be troublesome if she got more annoyed.

He hurriedly went to the market building with Atou and left the twins buried in the gold coins landslide.






 Takuto arrived at the largest building in the market.


Since the market's main purpose is to exchange goods, there are many tents and stalls, but this building stood out the most.

As they enter the entrance, they see a large number of shelves and a bunch of documents.

It seemed to be a place for exchanging valuable documents and account books.

Strangely enough, even though this is the first time Takuto and Atou have visited that place, someone is there.


"O, O, Ozama. Yogozo!" (Your majesty, welcome!)





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