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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep12 Stone golem


Infinite Gacha c5e16~20 (Text & Reading Voice)





Suzu points her musket gun toward the ceiling and fires magic bullets created by her magic power.

Her magic bullets can fire about 1,000 bullets per minute.

That means, she can fire a few hundred magic bullets in 10 seconds.

Not only fire them, she can also control those magic bullets after they have been fired.




"Ora! We'll shatter you to pieces!"


Both Suzu & Rock are so excited because I left it to them.

After firing, Suzu controls the magic bullets floating in the sky above us.

Those bullets literally rain down and destroy the group of stone golems.


They destroy and neutralize the most fast-approaching wolf golems.

They also destroy the humanoid, mantis, and bear golems that follow behind them.

There were over 100 stone golems that came out of the forest. But they were defeated instantly by Suzu & Rock.


"What, what?! That intelligence weapon.... beat those Stone Golem swarms in an instant."


Dagan and his men saw Suzu & Rock's fighting abilities for the first time. They were amazed, and some of them fell on their butts at the sound of fired bullets.

Mera shrugs her shoulders as if she feels bored.


"Kekekekekekeke! I thought these stone golems would be different from the ones on the surface world golems, but they are suck. I was hoping for more fun."


"...... Mera, I don't think you need to worry about that. It seems that these underground stone golems are slightly different from the surface world golems."


I pointed at the first wolf stone golem that had been defeated.

The shattered parts of his body reassembled.

Not just the wolf stone golem.

Humanoids, bears, praying mantis, and other shattered stone golems also recover their bodies.


Dagan and his men are astonished by this phenomenon.


"!? What is going on! Normally, golems stop moving once their cores are destroyed. I've never heard of golems capable of recovering their bodies!"


"And all the defeated golems start to move again! With all those bullets, not even a single golem's core was destroyed. It doesn't make any sense!"


Generally, the golem will stop moving once the core is destroyed.

The core is usually located in the body's center, so the basic strategy when dealing with golems is to target the torso.

Until now, there had been no reports of golems being able to recover their damaged body parts despite having their cores destroyed.


I watch them with interest while resting my hand on my chin.


And then, hundreds of other stone golems appeared from the forest's depths.

If their opponents are ordinary adventurers, they will win instantly.


"As one would expect from the ruins of an ancient civilization, they are different from the golems on the surface world. How are they recovering? If all the golems we've defeated recover and start moving, does that mean their cores are recovering as well?"


"Ra, Raito-dono! This is no time to relax! At this rate we will be overrun by those Stone Golems!"


When I hear Dagan's panicked voice, I give them a reassuring smile.

It's impossible to overrun my party with this level of strength. But I can't let them scare my teammates any longer.


"Suzu, Rock."




Suzu nods, and this time she fires directly at the Stone Golem horde!




She keeps firing magic bullets until the horde turns into a pile of rubble.


Suzu can give her magic bullets various effects by adding magic power. Bad status includes deadly poison, bleeding, confusion, dark vision, curse, paralysis, hypnosis, hallucinations, and weakness. On the contrary, she can also give recovery, physical strengthening, poison recovery, magic strengthening, etc. Of course, that will consume a certain amount of magic power.


No matter how strong Suzu is, she can't keep shooting magic bullets with special effect.


On the contrary, she can keep firing magic bullets without effect.

Suzu's automatic recovery ability balances with normal magic bullets, allowing her to keep firing as long as her (?) physical strength lasts.

Suzu's level 7777 isn't just for show.

She can fight for three days and three nights.


Even if tens of thousands of stone golems attack, they are not a threat.


In the worst-case scenario, if I send in Nazuna, she could even smash the entire area around us. So no one on my party sees them as a threat.


Anyway, we still have to deal with their recovery ability.


"Mei, bring me the one that's still in shape."


"Certainly, my Lord."


She lightly waves her hand, and her magic thread wraps a wolf stone golem that is still in shape. She pulls it close to us.


The upper half of the golem's body has been crushed and only two thirds of it is  intact.

Curiosity overcomes Dagan and his men's fear, so they gather around the wolf stone golem.

I search for the golem's core while smashing the center of its torso with my staff...


"I can't find the core. Normally, stone golems should have a core in the center of its body ..."


"He's right, it has no core."


"If it's not in the torso... Isn't it in the lower body?"


"No, there was one who could move even if his lower body broke. Maybe the core is smaller than we think?"


"No, no, in my opinion--."


The dwarves forget they are being attacked, so they argue about their theories in front of the half-destroyed stone golem.

However, all of their theories are just hypotheses that don't provide any solution.


Furthermore, a horde of stone golems is also approaching from the grassland behind us.

But of course, they are no match for Suzu & Rock.


The sounds of gunshots from the musket gun are loud. But there is nothing to worry about as the stone golems are being destroyed non-stop.

The only problem is how to deal with the recovering stone golems...


(Should I use my Infinite Gacha card to freeze this Stone Golem?)


To stop their recovery and movement, I just need to freeze them.

My followers and I will be fine, but I'm worried that Dagan and his men might catch a cold.


"......? By the way, why isn't this Stone Golem recovering?"


The stone golems destroyed by Suzu & Rock keep recovering and trying to attack us.

But the half-destroyed wolf Stone Golem (which Mei had brought to me) doesn't show any sign of recovering.


Dagan and his men notice my point. They discuss it more enthusiastically. But still, they couldn't give an answer.

I silently think about it.


(Over there and here... What's the difference? Is our leaking magic power interrupting his recovery because he's near us? No, that's not it. If that's the case, getting close to it will stop its movement. First of all, there's no core, so there's no magic power interference. It couldn't recover because there's a difference... Ah!)


That's right; the answer is so obvious that we miss it.


"Isn't he unable to recover because he is on a cloth made of Mei's magic thread...?"




"My Lord?"


Mei and Nazuna next to me responded to my words. While the dwarves start punching each other.


"I am just guessing but maybe I have an idea on why there's no core and why they can regenerate."


The dwarves stop fighting and shrug their shoulders when they hear my words.

Their gesture seemed to say, "He's just an amateur with no technical knowledge. He shouldn't be able to solve things that even experts like us can't solve."


Ignoring them, I explain further.



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Infinite Gacha c5e16~20 (Text & Reading Voice)



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