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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Episode 50: And the Play of the Gods Begins (Part 3) - 2



Let's talk about somewhere other than this place.


There is one man.

A man with a strange fate who always boasted his victory in the tournament sponsored by the management of the game "Eternal Nations", but was always end with second place in the official online ranking.

He looks like in his late 20s—a good young man with a refreshing and cheerful impression. People hardly would think of him as a person who likes playing games.

The man has moderately trained muscles, burnt skin, and a friendly smile. Currently, he is interviewed at a coffee shop.


"Amid your busy schedule you still spare some time for us, Thank you f. Mr. cLoser. You have came all the way to the city center, It's really helpful."


"It's OK, I happened to have some time today ... I don't think people from game magazines will come here. I'm kind of nervous."


"What are you talking about?

You have an excellent track record in "Eternal Nations". You can't be nervous because you are one of the famous players who are very busy every day, even in-game distribution. You just too humble."


"Huh ... if you said that I can't say anything back."


The man's name is cLoser. Of course, it is a handle name in the game, not an actual name.

On the other hand, the person is a young editor of a game magazine with a long history.

Although the magazine is struggling with sales to some extent during the heyday of the internet, it still survives in the industry due to its high insight and information.

This time, as a special project of "Eternal Nations", they interviewed famous players connected with e-sports, which get hype recently.


"I really wanted Ira Takuto to come, but unfortunately I was rejected ..."


After the greeting, the conversation continued with a friendly atmosphere, and the interview gets more lively.

When he heard the editor's words, cLoser moved his eyebrows and quietly urged her to continue.


"Mr. cLoser. Is the rumor true? Do you know anything?"


"Well, I don't know. I used to want to see his face! But I've never met him until now."


"Haha, I see."


In Eternal Nations player rank: cLoser has always been in second place.

The official tournament of "Eternal Nations", a world-famous game title and has many sponsors, take a very long time due to its nature.

Spectators can always enjoy the deep strategy and exciting battles in the tournament venue or on the net,

Players must play from the location provided at the venue to prevent fraud.


Besides, during the competition, which takes several days, the hotel is always monitored on canned food even during free time. It is prohibited to go out even during breaks.


Therefore, there is speculation that the player named Ira Takuto might not be able to participate in the official tournament for some reason.

 For example...... serious illnesses and so on.


Therefore, cLoser has always won the official "Eternal Nations" tournament.

In this tournament, where many sponsors give out a lot of money and luxury goods, many talented people also participate, and hot battles are fought every time.

However, the result is roughly based on the network ranking of "Eternal Nations", although small fluctuations exist.

If Ira Takuto appears, there is no doubt that he will win the championship.

Even if he misses the championship with a miraculous probability, he will not be content with the second rank or lower.

It was a rumor whispered among "Eternal Nations" fans, which is why cLoser always had a feeling of mourning.


"So ... I think it's a bit rude to ask you, who is called the 'King who can't be the real King'..."


"The secret of Ira Takuto's strength?"


CLoser is answering with an invincible smile.

There is a reason that makes him not angry even though he got a nickname like that on the internet. Not because of his personality, but because he admits that Ira Takuto is stronger than himself.

Anyone who is involved in the world of e-sports must have heard the name Ira Takuto.

Known as a player without any profile in "Eternal Nation", he has also appeared in several other games using the same name.

All of them have produced amazing results. The number of people who want to know the secret of his strength and the fans fascinated by his mysterious history is countless.


Maybe this editor also wants to write an article as a service for those people.

If he can't meet and interview his target, he has to ask someone close to the target.

It was unpleasant because it likes he is being used, but cLoser doesn't want to take a risk that may give him extra trouble and estranged in the industry.


"That's right ... it has a certain characteristic. Or it can be said as bad habit?"


"And, what exactly is that?"


"Every time he plays. I'm not sure if he let go his hand or he take it too easy, he always make a naive decision, such as [Well, like this maybe it'll be OK]. He has such a bad habit."


"Hmm ... but if you did that in the early stages, you would lose in an instant, right? I know well that 'Eternal Nations' is not such an easy game."


 That's right. Nodding cLoser inwardly gives the editor some plus points.

He has a minimum quality as an interviewer to understand the situation without listening to the detailed explanation.

He should be able to understand the next words. cLoser gives an accurate and honest assessment of Ira Takuto.


"That's why he's the best."


 As if thinking about something, cLoser closes his eyes quietly.

 In his brain, the previous playing is replayed as if the display is actually in front of him.

 It's a kind of talent skill that comes as the result of his thinking ability and game repetition, a skill that has gone so far as to simulate play that no longer exists.

 But for cLoser, it means nothing.


...... In the simulation, he was defeated by Ira Takuto no matter how many times he simulates it.

CLoser affirms. The one who knows the most about "Eternal Nations" in the world is Ira Takuto. He believes that Ira Takuto is the strongest player.

A man who has reached one of the tops in resignation looks up to the heavens and affirms giving up.


"---No one can surpass the serious Ira Takuto."


 The words, tinged with seriousness, caused the editorial man to gulp and went silent.

 ...... The quiet time passed as if everything had stopped, and the melted ice began to move with a clinking tone in the glass.


"Look, Mr. Editor. I have a suspicion that person is an AI developed by some company. I don't know what it is, but I suspect it's using some kind of fraud to maintain its strength."


cLoser recalls.

How did you come to recognize his defeat and the strength of Ira Takuto?

The day when he was chasing the shadow of Ira Takuto like crazy, only once he spoke in voice chat.

With a very weak voice, was it really that Ira Takuto? There was no sense of reality that made him convinced.

Therefore, it must have been unavoidable that cLoser had a doubt when he tries to identify the other party.


"My advice for you. I know you're interested with Ira Takuto, but you should never offend him."


The editor guy wanted to answer that this would never happen. Still, the cLoser's expression without saying a word made him shrink like a frog staring at a snake.

Sometimes one has to go a little extreme for a story. The editor guy thought cLoser could see right through him.


"Especially when he is enraged, it's the worst. I've been retaliated and heartbroken by all means. I vowed I'll never be involved with him again."


The editor was also curious about what happened between Ira Takuto and cLoser in the past.

Suppose he's forced to find out what happened in the past and write an article about it. In that case, it'll probably increase their sales and his position in the editorial department.

But he can see from cLoser's horrified expression that this is just a theory.


"I still get nervous when I hear his name."


The editor guy nodded quietly and vowed not to pry any further.

cLoser's hand was indeed trembling.




[Mynoghra Royal Palace Emergency Meeting]


A kind of strange atmosphere was flowing in the conference hall built inside the royal palace.

The gathering is the hero Atou, the Elfur sisters, the Elder Mortar, and other VIPs in charge of national management.

Besides, some civilians and warriors who have the role of captain are also gathering this time.

And ... It was Ira Takuto, the leader of Mynoghra and the King of ruin, who sat quietly at the back of the hall.


"Then, Takuto-sama. Please be the judge for the violation of the order of Elfur Sister.

The sin against the great King's words. I advise you to give the appropriate punishment."


Atou quietly states the plan and asks Takuto for his opinion.

The talked-about Elfur sisters were standing quietly by the wall. Their painful behavior was like a convict on death row, waiting for decapitation.

The sisters understand how heavy the sins they have committed.

Although they were pushed forward by their feelings, they should return to Mynoghra capital and prepare a defense system.

Those who have power must protect their important companions. They should have been taught by their mother, but they betrayed her teaching.

Therefore, the two sisters were prepared to accept any punishment.

Even if the punishment is death.


"Hmm. Nothing. They are not guilty."


However, his words were different from any of them expected.

No, it was a decision that overturns all of Atou's expectations.


"But Takuto-sama! That doesn't keep the discipline of the nation. Especially in an emergency like this time, what kind of misunderstandings will come out if we easily give pardon to our subordinates ..."


Atou hurriedly talks.

The punishment for sin is indispensable in the nation. Of course, the sin may be alleviated by judgments such as their services and consideration of the situation.

However, she has never heard of a convict being released without any charge. Minimal punishment was formally required in any form.

While everyone was staring at Takuto with surprised eyes, Takuto shrugged as if he was a little surprised. When he raised his hand quickly, the topic changed as if the previous case had just ended.


"Maybe it was emergency--? I have to apologize to everyone for that."


Some people, including Atou, are surprised and their eyes wide open.

And after that, they are trying to stand up from their seat.


"I'm really sorry. It's a situation caused by my carelessness and pride."


The King acknowledged his mistake and apologized to his subordinates.


"Oh, please stop! There should be no such thing as the King apologizing!"


"That's right! We're worthless! It's all because of our negligence!"


The dark elves scream in a hurry.

It just should not have been. That's the only thing that must not have happened.

The King is an absolute existence. Believing in its absolute existence, his subordinates willing to throw out their own lives.

Therefore the King must not be wrong.

King must not admit his mistakes.

It is the territory of the person who makes a mistake, not the territory of the King.

The people won't follow the King, who fell into a person. The heavy responsibility of leading the people is too heavy for a person.

 So, they had to pretend the earlier words never happened at all.

 Atou, who should have been standing up, sat down in a chair as if her soul had been drained.

 The confusion was no longer beyond her ability to process. No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't come up with a way to deal with the situation.

And no one has declared that the turmoil that hits them is over.


"And I promise you. I will bring Isla back to life."


"Re, really?"

"...... back to life?"


The Lights came into the twin's eyes.

The two did not understand the meaning of the King's apology was. They were just staring at the meeting mysteriously, but they react differently when it comes to their mother.


The two of them had been wrapped in a mysterious sensation that some insect had informed them earlier. Still, they also forgot about that and confirms it to Takuto.

Takuto nodded to those words.


"Please wait, Ta, Takuto! By what method !? At the moment... reviving a hero is not possible!"


Atou is confused.


Although I trust Takuto, she couldn't guess his idea at all.

As Atou previously told her sisters, there is no way to revive the hero Isla.

Takuto did not allow her to make promises that she could not make.

Did he get confused? There are expectations that she doesn't want to admit to Atou's heart.

If so, the worst word is a lukewarm situation.


But the truth surpassed all the girls' expectations.


"The people invited to heaven, eventually, they will live forever under the climax of happiness and infinite peace."


Takuto spoke talkatively.

Atou, who knows the meaning of his word, raises her face with surprise.


"There is no suffering, no pain, even the dead are resurrected, and they meet again with their loved ones and share their happiness.

--Praise the victory. Bless the joy of reaching a new dimension. Here the gate of the Kingdom of God was opened, and they have reached an eternal existence in the love of God."


Takuto stands up quietly. He spread his hands widely.


" Ascension victory: If this world refers to the system of 'Eternal Nations', I will definitely grab that victory. Anyone who loses will be regained."


It was the line that flowed when a certain victory was achieved.


It is called an Ascension victory, a special victory that is also unusual in "Eternal Nations", and is obtained after achieving multiple conditions.


The problem was ... it was very difficult to achieve that victory condition.

The Ascension victory is too difficult, and no player actively pursues it even in "Eternal Nations".

Only a few people are interested in trying it because of the bound play and the promotional video.

In fact, although Takuto had tried several times, he always lost interest immediately then chose a peace victory or a conquest victory.


"The conditions for Ascension victory are too strict. Even the creation of the premise regalia may lead to the intervention of other countries ..."


Atou is the only person who understands that she asks with a quivering voice.

Certainly, under this victory condition, Isla's revival will come true. She doesn't know what the heavenly world looks like, but every dead person will indeed come back to life in that world ...


"Intervention from other countries ... well, I'm sure there is."



"Yes, far from the good forces, the whole world will become the enemy. That's even Fawncaven ..."


The questions and answers continue.

The dark elves are unable to understand what they are talking about.

They know that Kings sometimes speak words outside of their understanding, but they sure that these words are also from those of the so-called Kingdom of God.

But something like an unfathomable pressure contained in those words was keenly felt.

At the same time, their King mentioned how difficult the future will be. ......

It's a choice that even a hero would find difficult.

What kind of reasoning would lead the King to make that choice? Amidst everyone's anxiety, Takuto declared it again.


"It's OK."


"Why !? Why you judged it will OK? Takuto-sama!"


"Because I'll kill everyone who gets in the way."


Right at that moment, Atou is frozen in fear.

The dark elves experienced fear until the depths of their souls.

They came to understand here.

Takuto wasn't confused at all.

He wasn't overwhelmed by repeated problems and wasn't talking about an impossible future in a panic state.

But instead--.


Ira Takuto is just enraged.


He's so angry. On the surface, he just seemed to be manic and talkative.

No one knows where the source of that anger is.

However, he is the King of ruin. They felt some familiarity with it.

This is the first anger that Takuto shows, and he doesn't turn his anger toward someone.

All beings in that place grasped his spirits.

The pressure was so thick that it weighed down on the girls as if they had a massive load.

Cold sweat poured out of them, and only dry shortness of breath escaped them as they tried to speak.

Even the most evil beings, Atou. She felt a chilling fear as if something is sitting right there.


"Listen carefully. The method is easy."


No one knows why Atou and his colleagues unable to speak. Takuto begins to speak fluently.

Ascension changes the world itself.

Of course, all of the opposing entities will be altered as intended by the victorious nation. Sometimes they even disappear.

Therefore, a nation aiming for an ascending victory is the same as declaring hostility to all nations.

Even if it is an alliance, it turns hostile. The only way to avoid it is merging or colonizing.

Are they ready to destroy everything they've built up until now and still make that choice?

Anger was the key, and the judgment of the "Eternal Nations" top player who regained his original power was very simple.


"………… Conquer the world."


The indescribable words made all the listeners feel a mysterious fear.


"Because it is difficult to achieve and maintain the conditions for ascension victory.

That's why I'll get all the things that get in the way to disappear first."


 It will corrupt the sky, cultivate all the earth, drain the oceans, destroy all living things, and slowly begin to ascend the dimensions.

 That's exactly what Takuto is talking about.

 There is no pacifist leader that existed in the beginning.

 No - perhaps there was no such being from the beginning.


"There are many things that can be done and must be done. Maybe it had never been this clear before."


Gashan ――, suddenly there was a loud sound, Atou, and the others trembled.

And who is an idiot who would dare to interrupt this tense situation?

They look around.

The voice came from behind Takuto.




--Many clattering sounds overlap.

It's Takuto emergency production. It's a phenomenon that every member of the Mynoghra state management team has seen at least once.

But they didn't understand any of what was produced.

They were sure it was something solid from the sound of it, but even with all the knowledge they had, they could not figure out the answer.

Atou is the only exception.

When she realizes that it is a bullet, a small copper-colored one that has rolled under her feet, Atou lets out an involuntary gasp of surprise.


Handguns, machine guns, rifles, explosives-weapons in the world that Takuto spent before his death are created one after another from behind Takuto.

In his previous world, human life was very cheap in some areas.

Tools made just to kill humans were also available at surprisingly low prices.

Just like a little high-class grape.


Takuto picks up an affordable pistol from the weapons piled up like a mountain and observing it.

Emergency production can produce anything as long as he still has magical power.

It only required cost magical power. It does not consider the value of the good.

The Kingdom of God - the ability to produce goods from the previous world. With this tricky act, the rule was working wickedly.


"I might need more help from all of you from now."


He watched the gun as he read the paperwork, then nodded slowly. Nobody knows when he created the paper documents,

As expected, it was possible to produce weapons with a much lower magical power cost.

The lost magical power will be replenished within him.

Every situation that forced him to feel bitterness whispered to Takuto to take revenge on this world.


"Honestly, I think it will be difficult, but... If we united we can do it! Of course, you all have worked hard until now, but please continue to follow to me!"


Takuto declares in innocent words like a child from nowhere.

Hearing the words with terrifying pressure released by the King, his subordinates could only tremble and bow their heads.


"Come, we'll take over the world!"


If one day someone writes a history book, if there was a decisive moment that leads the world to perish, this might be the moment.


The end is approaching moment by moment.


Somewhere, "a God without a name" was laughing loudly.


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