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Thursday, June 8, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C53


Chapter 53: The Taste of Fire and Eggplants.





She probably wasn't expecting this.


Lilith's blue eyes widened.


The color of the eggplant looks even more striking at night.


When I look at an eggplant like this, it makes me feel that it is a vegetable of the night.


I put the eggplant I had prepared on the back of the Magma Turtle's shell. I put it on the fire, let it heat up, and covered it with a lid.


"You put the whole eggplant into it. This is the first time I see someone grill eggplant in this way."


"It's delicious. I used to eat it every day during this season."


"I'm looking forward to it. ......Ah, it's getting warmer."


Lilith takes off her coat.


Maybe it's because the heat comes from the Magma Turtle's shell.


One of this shell's unique characteristics is that it transfers heat very well.


Unlike iron or copper, it is difficult to make. But the shell is the best cooking tool in itself.


When I open the lid, thin steam rises from the shell. The sound of the steam alone is enough to raise my appetite.


I turn the eggplant over, cover it with the lid again, and let it heat for a while.


The eggplant is big, so it is important to cook it slowly.


I continue to cook the eggplant's back, front, and even sides until it is lightly browned.


"Okay. It's done."


I hold the Magma Turtle's shell and place it on the cutting board.


"Luciel! Isn't it hot?"


"I'm fine. This heat is not a problem for me. But good kids shouldn't imitate me."


"Fufufu.... You talk as if I am a bad girl."


Lilith smiles bitterly.


"I'm actually a bad person, you know. See...."


"Well..... Is that butter?"


Seeing the yellow stuff I took out of the bag, Lilith shouted.


I stole it secretly from the kitchen.




Lilith's mouth drops open.


"I'm going to return it to the kitchen after I use it."


The eggplant on the Magma Turtle's shell made sharp noises as if to tell us to eat it quickly.


I stab the center of the eggplant with a skewer and slice it vertically.


The eggplant, full of water, is revealed.


The steam rises, thicker than before, and a faint aroma of eggplant tickles our nose.


"Looks delicious!"


Lilith's eyes light up, but here's where the surprise begins.


I spread the butter inside the eggplant. The eggplant is still hot and makes a sizzling sound when the butter is pushed into the eggplant.


The hardened butter melts and turns into the liquid inside the sliced eggplant.


Seeing the honey-like color, Lilith covers her mouth and gulps her droll.


My special lesson hasn't ended



I added soy sauce (I also stole it from the kitchen) on top of the butter as a final touch.


The butter soy sauce grilled eggplant is ready.


The night air carries the fragrant smell.


The gold color butter sandwiched between the jet-black eggplants reminds me of the moon in the night sky.


The skin has lost some of its moisture and wrinkles, but the flesh is still full of flavor.


"Please eat it."


"Thank you."


I gave Lilith a plate with eggplant and a knife and fork that I had prepared in advance.


She placed the plate on her thigh. Once again, she is amazed by my grilled eggplant.


'It's hot, so be careful."




Lilith came to her senses.


After gulping down one mouthful of saliva, she slowly stuck the fork in and cut it with the knife.


She cut the eggplant from the end. The golden butter dairy leaks out even after it has already been absorbed by the eggplant flesh.


Lilith finally put it in her mouth after blowing it for a moment.


Apparently, it is still a bit hot.


Her eyes said that when she made eye contact with me.


When I see Lilith's facial expression, I want to eat it too.


I also took a bite.




I raise my voice.


When my eyes meet Lilith's again, she smiles like a flower.


I know it's delicious because I've eaten it many times. Still, I feel it tastes exceptionally good when I eat it with someone else.


The grilled eggplant is soft and juicy, like a sweet potato cooked on a hot stone.


The flavor inside the eggplant is condensed as I had hoped, thanks to the slow cooking. It is as if a mass of deliciousness had been pressed into the eggplant.


The eggplant itself is already delicious, but the butter pasted in it is exceptional. It adds a mellow sweetness to the flavor.


The soy sauce added at the end enhances the flavor and gives a nice salty taste to the dish.


The simple but various flavors swirled and merged inside my mouth.


The heat of the dish came out of my mouth softly.


"Thank you, Luciel."




"You gave me a lesson because I'm not very good with fire magic, right?"


As I thought, it was too obvious.


Perhaps my behavior was too easy to read.


"I'm sorry. Did you not like ......?"




Lilith shakes her head.


"It was very nice of you. Thanks. I'll do my best in tomorrow's lesson."


"I'm sure you'll be fine."




Lilith smiles widely and eats up the remaining eggplant.





The next day...


The magic lesson began again.




The one who made the big yawn wasn't Yulan, who had been sleeping the whole day yesterday. It wasn't Lilith or me either.


It was the teacher, Richil-san.


"Are you all right, Richil-san?"


"Your eyes are red."


"Maybe you should wash your face."


We are worried, but Richil (who has large dark circles under her eyes) shakes her head.


"Don't worry, I'm fine. I saw something really good yesterday."


I wonder if Richil-san recalled something when she said that.




She laughed with a weird tone.


I wonder if Richil-san is really okay today.


"Well, let's continue where we left off yesterday. That's okay, Miss Lilith."




Lilith raised her voice and stepped forward.


She quickly raises her hands and begins to concentrate.


Magic power began to gather around her hands.


"O Spirit of Flame! Dwell in my hands and reveal your power!"


The beautiful chant echoed through the mansion's garden.


The magic power slowly swirls around. At that moment, a flame is created at the tip of Lilith's hand.




Lilith's face tensed up for a moment.


The flame is bigger than yesterday's, perhaps because he is more focused now.


"Lilith, it's all right. Just remember yesterday's taste."


"Taste.... The eggplants?"


I nodded, and her concentration improved.


Her mouth is wriggling around.


She must be really recalling the eggplant taste.


"The flames...."


Richil-san raises her voice.


The flames transformed into a beautiful fire mass.


"Now, Lilith!"


I shout.




Lilith finally shouted.


At that moment, the flame in front of her hand flew away like a cannonball.


It flies over the short grass in the courtyard and finally hits its target.


The flame that hits the target burns with a fierce sound.


"I did it..."


Lilith mutters.






Suddenly, Lilith raised her hands and jumped up.


With a big smile, she repeatedly jumps like a rabbit.


I am stunned by her innocent appearance, unlike her usual ladylike appearance.


But she still looks so charming.


"You did a good job, young lady."


Richil-san pats her chest in relief.


Richil-san was most worried by Lilith's inability to use fire magic.


Perhaps she is also touched by Lilith's achievement.


Her eyes are actually teary, and then she hugs Lilith.


"Thank you so much, Richil. I know I made you worry. I am sorry. I'm a bad student."


"No, that's not true. Miss Lilith is the best student I ever have."


"It's all thanks to Luciel. Thank you, Luciel."


As she looked at me, Lilith thanked me.


Richil-san wiped his tears and thanked me, too.


It was Lilith's own achievement. I just gave her a little push.


"What? I don't quite understand, but I'm happy for you. You did well, Lilith."


Yulan, the one person who didn't do anything, laughs with her big mouth open.


Still, I'm really glad that Lilith can use fire magic.




Lilith suddenly spoke.


She looks a bit troubled and smiles, then makes gulps.


"What should I do? I will remember the eggplant taste from that time every time I use fire magic."


Lilith's cheeks turned red.



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