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Friday, June 16, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C54


Chapter 54: The empty plate's meaning.



After the lesson, I go to help in the kitchen.


The head chef, Song Ho, and the other chefs have already gathered.


I thought they were discussing the dinner menu, but they were looking at a plate.


For some reason, they are looking at an empty plate with no food on it and tilting their heads.


"What's wrong?"


I called out, and they were surprised and turned around.


Songho-san immediately replies to me.




Then he puts down the empty plate he is holding.


Well, actually...


One of them talks to me. His name is Vidic, Songho-san's number one apprentice and in charge of the main course.


He has a kind face with a round nose and round eyes. Unlike Songho-san, he has a gentle personality.


Since he is Songho-san's number one apprentice, his culinary skills are excellent. He is the one who is in charge of the main dish, not Songho-san's.


"Vidic, you don't have to tell him."


"No, we need to confirm it. In case something poisonous was used in the food..."


"If that were the case, we would have received a complaint by now."


"Excuse me.... What happened?"


They were about to argue, so I interrupted them.


Songho-san folds his arms and walks away.


What is he angry about?


"Sorry, Luciel-kun."


"It's okay...... More importantly, what's the matter?


"... I think it's a serious problem. I just wanted to confirm something with you."


Vidic-san holds up the plate in front of me.


Perhaps, this is the plate I washed this morning.


I stare at the plate, but it looks fine to me.


The white ceramic reflects magical light faintly, and I see my shadow reflected on it.


"Did I do something wrong?"


I tilt my head because I don't know what the problem is.


Another chef comes and stands beside Vidic.


His name is Yanson. He is an elf cook, about a year younger than Song Ho-san and Vidic-san.


He wears ethnic earrings on his pointy ears, and his soft blonde hair sways like the grasslands.


His eyes are sharp, and he always looks angry, but he is not temperamental.


He may be a bit too straightforward, but I know he respects Songho-san and Vidic-san.


He sometimes stares at me when I am working in the kitchen.


Maybe he doesn't like a five-year-old child (even though I am 300 years old) in the kitchen, which is a sacred place for chefs.


Yanson-san took out another plate.


"This is the plate I washed.... And this is the plate you washed...... Which one is cleaner?"


When he asked that question, the answer was obvious.


The plate I washed is definitely cleaner.


"Eeto..... Did I do something wrong?"


"There are many soaps on the market these days that use fruit peels, but many of them have bad quality. We basically only use water or lye. But there is no way it can be this clean."


"We thought maybe you mistakenly used soap to wash them."


Yanson-san's tone gradually tensed, and Vidic-san finally asked me in a gentle tone.


Oh, I see.


I shake my head as I finally understand what the problem is.


"I should have reported it before I used it. I'm sorry. I used it because I was always using it in the mountains."


"So did you use soap?"


"No. I didn't use soap at all. This is what I use."


I take a bottle out of my tool bag.


I pull out the cork and twirl the slimy, sticky stuff with my fingertips.


Vidic-san and Yanson-san gasped in surprise.


Their facial expressions looked pale.


"Hey, hey! Is that....?"


"I doubt it, but Luciel-kun..."


Apparently, they have guessed it.


I smile bitterly.


"Yes, it's acid slime."


" "I knew it!" "


The two spoke at the same time.


Acid slime is a slime that is stronger and more acidic than ordinary slime.


Even though they are stronger than other slimes, they are still weak. Even though they stick to my body all day long, it only makes my body red or swollen.


Their food is mainly wheat and other grains.


This acid slime has ruined my farm a few times.


The slime can easily pass through nets that have been set up to keep out boars and deer.


'Hmmm. I know you use slime as an ingredient, and we've eaten it, so I know it's tasty, but ......"


Vidic-san folds his arms and ponders.


"Acid slime is highly acidic, right? You wouldn't use something like a detergent if it could go into people's mouths, would you?"


Yanson-san's face darkened.


No. Acid slime can be eaten too."


" "Eh?" "


"Do you want to try it?"


I took a piece of acid slime with my finger. Vidic-san and Yanson-san lick it.


" "It's sour." "


Their facial expressions changed, and they stuck out their tongues.


"What's this?"


"It's.... It's vinegar, isn't it?"


Yanson-san wiped his mouth with his sleeve.


I nodded my head.


"Yanson-san is right, it is vinegar. So we can use it for cooking by diluting it with water or mixing it with fruit juice."


When I use it as a detergent, by the way, I also dilute it with water. Slime is basically odorless, so it leaves no smell on dishes.


It also removes any traces of grain that sticks to the dishes.


"It's very convenient."


Vidic-san is impressed with the effect.


The sticky sauce and stains that stick can be cleaned easily. Not only that, even the slight yellow marks on the plate disappeared.




It is really an amazing whiteness.


Yanson-san's eyes are shining like washed dishes.


"I think we could use this in our kitchen."


"However, you have to report it beforehand if you use detergent.

If you use something dangerous, Songho-san will be the one who gets blamed. Do you understand?"


"Yanson is right. Reporting, communicating, and consulting are the basic work rules. Luciel-kun."


"I'm sorry."


After Vidic-san and Yanson-san warned me about this, I apologized.


They are right.


I should discuss it with them before I use something new.


"Have you settled the matter?"


Songho-san came back.


It seemed that he was going outside to smoke. I can smell tobacco from him.


"Master, hear me out. This----."


"The kid must have used some kind of monster detergent, right?"


"Master, did you know about this?"


"Huh! I thought it was something like that. --Kid."


Songho-san stares at me.


"This job has customers. Not only the Letivia family. Even the chefs here are your customers too. Think what your customer wants from you. Understand?"


Not only are the people who serve the food, but everyone in the kitchen is also a customer...


I guess that means I must take care of my co-workers and customers.


It's a concept that never crossed my mind when I lived alone in the mountains.




I answered shortly.


"Good. Then I'll give you the directions for dinner."


Songho-san claps his hands.


But I didn't expect this incident would lead to another big commotion.



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