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Monday, June 19, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep13 The smell of water




"I am just guessing but maybe I have an idea on why there's no core and why they can recover."


The dwarves stop fighting and shrug their shoulders when they hear my words.

Their gesture seemed to say, "He's just an amateur with no technical knowledge. He shouldn't be able to solve things that even experts like us can't solve."


Ignoring them, I explain further.


"The reason this half-destroyed wolf stone golem does not recover is because it is on a cloth made of Mei's magic thread."


"......However, before it is activated as a magic spell, magic power is nearly impossible to block or interfere with. It is transmitted in a manner similar to sound. Sound is transmitted regardless of how many cloth you put up to block it, right? Sound can be transmitted instantly even through very small holes, or the blocking cloth itself could be the source of the sound. So to say that such a small piece of cloth blocks magic is a bit..."


"Oh, so that's what you mean."


I say nothing to Dagan, who makes a bitter face.

I have learned many things not only from Mei but also from Elly the Forbidden Witch. She is probably the best magician in the world.


"Magic power is transmitted like sound. Basically it passes through any obstacle, but it can be dispelled by striking magic power of the same wavelength. Consider ripples on the surface of water. This means that two magical powers of equal strength and wavelength can cancel each other out."


I point to the cloth made of Mei's threads spread out on the floor.


"Mei's magic thread has a magic power counter effect that nullifies other magic power. So even if the stone golem is trying to recover, it won't be able to recover its body. Based on this, isn't it very likely that the ground or the soil itself has the recovery function to repair the stone golem? If so, that would explain why they don't have cores..... Probably this underground world itself is acting as the core."




"As expected of you, Raito-sama. What a great insight."


"? I didn't quite understand it, but as expected of my Lord!"


The dwarves' astonished facial expression as if to say, "If you compare it to the ripples on the surface of the water, it is possible to counteract the magic power!? I hadn't thought of that idea!?"

Mei looked impressed and praised my insight.

Nazuna tilts her head, but she seems to have understood that I found something that even the dwarf technical experts couldn't notice, and she praises me wholeheartedly.

I couldn't help but smile and pat Nazuna's head.

Nazuna also smiles and looks really happy to be patted by me.


The dwarf experts have been defeated by an amateur in technical analysis. They tremble with pale faces now.


"No way. To make the soil and ground have a recovery function, with this underground world itself as the core... Is that technically possible?"


"Normal thinking would say it's impossible, but...... it certainly makes sense when you think that way. It makes sense that many enemies could suddenly appear unnoticed. The stone golems literally grow out of the ground. It also makes sense that the stone golems have no cores."


"If we try to reproduce it with our technology--."


After recovering from the shock, the dwarves start discussing technical things again.

They have ignored the gunfire sound or the stone golems that continued to attack.


(Assuming my theory is correct...... if I don't destroy this underground space itself, the Stone Golems will keep recovering and appearing. Now how do I stop them....?)


If Elly or Ice Heat are here, they can freeze the entire underground space, and the stone golem would not be able to recover or appear from the ground.

But Elly is helping to build the town around the Giant Tower, and Ice Heat is taking care of Naraku's internal affairs on behalf of Mei.

I can bring one of them here with my Infinite Gacha card SSR-Transfer to help me freeze those golems...... Suddenly, one of Mera's wolves comes back at high speed.

It seems it has found something.


The wolf returned to under Mera's skirt and fused back into her body.

It shared its memories with Mera.


"--kekekekekekekekeke! My Lord, there is a smell of water under that double-spiral building. It seems that he has discovered a hole that leads down to the basement. It's a bit noisy here, so why don't we go there?"


"You're right Mera. We have time and the enemy is a bit noisy here, so let's go there. Thanks for the discovery, Mera.... Thanks to you, I've decided how to deal with these stone golems."


Then I take out a card.

SSSR-World of Ice, Release.


Cold air spreads from under my feet when I release the card, freezing the stone golems in ice.


SSSR-World of Ice has a wide range of effects, trapping enemies and objects other than my allies in a world of cold air and freezing them.


"Though only temporarily, this will stop those Stone Golem's movement. In the meantime, let's go down the hole that Mera discovered. Dagan-dono, do you agree?"


"...... Oh, okay. In a flash, you freeze all the stone golems... We, we'll follow your lead."


Even if they are frozen, the ice will melt over time, and the stronger ones can escape by force. Anyway, Stone golems are not a threat. It would be enough to hold the stone golem in ice until we found the hole to the lower level.

Mera leads the way, and we walk to the double-spiral building that smells like water.


Mera shot a magic light signal into the sky.

It is a signal to call back her detached body parts that are exploring the area.


It takes time to move on foot, and new stone golems appear sporadically.

But no matter how many of them appear, they are no match against Suzu & Rock's endless stream of bullets.


The noise of gunfire and destruction is loud, but this feels like a walk.


After about an hour, we reached the double-spiral building.


There is a steel lid underneath the double-helix building, but it is damaged and has a hole. Perhaps it was destroyed by the adventurers sent by the dwarves in the past.

It is too dark to see the bottom when I look into the hole.


I turn around and give instructions.


"Mei, please do like you did before."




She bowed and created a thread cage with her magic thread just like before.

Dagan and his men quickly get into the thread cage

Maybe they get used to it because it is their second time, or they just don't want to stay on this floor any longer.


Once everyone is getting on the thread cage, Suzu & Rock destroy the last of the approaching stone golem horde and get on the thread cage.

After making sure Suzu & Rock are on board, I gaze at Mei. She nods and...


"We will go down. Everyone, are you sure you haven't forgotten anything?"


"Kekekekeke! I've already taken in all my detached body parts, so I'm good."


After Mera responds and the others confirm, the thread cage goes down at a walking speed.

Probably there are no stone golems in this area, but we block the hole with magic threads to prevent them from jumping into the holes when we are going down.

No matter how many Stone Golems gathered, they won't be able to break the magic thread.

So we can go down without any worries.


Dagan also lets out a sigh of relief.


"It was a really outrageous place..... But if we could get our hands on that stone golem technology, it could change the military power balance on the surface world. In a sense, I now understand why restoration and research of ancient technology is forbidden. I really cannot guess how advanced the ancient civilization really was..."


Suppose we could take the regenerative stone golem technology to the surface world. In that case, we could have an army that would be able to keep on attacking almost indefinitely.

Certainly, this alone would change the military power balance on the surface world.


(It might be inappropriate, but I'm personally getting excited to see what technology of ancient civilization we'll encounter next...)


The regenerative stone golem technology alone was a surprise to the dwarves.

What ancient civilization technology will we see next? I feel as if I am waiting to see a theater show.


(Mera said she smelled water, so maybe they'll attack with water next time? Then maybe there is a river or lake.)


I inwardly get excited and think about the next underground ruins.

A few minutes later, Mei notices something.

It seems that the thread she is hanging down below the cage has reached the end of the hole.


"Everyone, we will reach the end of the hole in about 100 meters. Be prepared for anything."


Everyone responds to her words with voices or nods.

After a few moments, a light shines through a gap in the thread cage.


"This... this really surprises me..."


Sparkling water spread out across the windows.


The world that I had only read about in books--- A sea is spread out before my eyes.




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