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Thursday, May 4, 2023

TanboHiro: Ch 1 - Ep 11



Chapter 1

Episode 11: Clothes shopping?



"Hey, Jin-dono. I feel like I'm being looked at in a strange way...."

Seram says with a slightly uncomfortable expression as we ride the escalator.

Seram attracted attention as soon as we entered the mall. She seemed to have noticed it but was able to remain calm and look around.


"There aren't many people around here who look like Seram. They must be curious."


"I, I see."


"Also, you're carrying a sword."


"This sword is like my life! I can't leave it behind!"


"Well, I am not asking you to leave it behind."


Of course, what I said is true. But maybe most of those people are fascinated by Seram's beauty.

The number of tourists has increased, and foreigners are seen in various places, but it is rare to see a beauty like Seram. It's like seeing someone through a TV or movie screen. Some people couldn't help but look at her.


"Hmm, if I look closely, the young women around us all wear beautiful clothes. Could it be that my clothes are out of place?"


By calmly observing, Seram seems to have noticed the difference between her and those around her.


"That's what students wear for exercise and work. I don't think it's appropriate to go out."


"Oh, really?...."


"Well, we're here to buy clothes, so let's buy many fashionable clothes today!"


"That's right! I am not used to this kind of thing. Kaho-san, I will be counting on you."


"Ahaha, you sound like a samurai."


Kaho laughed at Seram's changed attitude.


The two seem to have good chemistry, so I don't need to worry about them shopping together.


When we reach the 3rd floor and walk down, the shops lined up gradually become all women's shops.


Around here, the customers are mostly women, families, and couples. It's a little uncomfortable for a man like me.


And we have arrived at the underwear department, which can be said to be our main destination.


An English sign that looks fashionable. Unlike the interior of the men's store, the interior using a pale pink color seemed to claim that this was a sanctuary for women.


"What is this place?"


Not only me, but Seram also seems to be a little confused by the glamorous interior of the store.


I wondered if there were lingerie stores like this in the other world.


"This is the lingerie section. Let's buy your underwear here."


"Oh, okay. I understand."


Kaho enters the store, followed by Seram.


"Then I'll just hang around and wait for you."


When I was about to leave them and go somewhere else, Seram stopped me.


"Jin-dono, aren't you coming in?"


"It would be inappropriate for a man to enter this store."


"I understand your discomfort, but it's difficult for ."


"If you are not wandering around alone and avoid going near the fitting rooms, it won't be a problem. Still, I feel sorry for Jin-san. If you are worried, why don't you ask him to stay where you can see him from inside the store?"


"Isn't that making me suspicious ......?


"She's your bride, isn't she?"


"You should be more supportive and accompany her."


When she says that, it's difficult for me to refuse.


"I'll be waiting for you over there, so take your time shopping."




Seram walked into the store with a relieved smile when I told her so.


"You have a lovely bride."


Seeing us like that, Kaho teased me, and I shooed her away with a hand gesture.


"Shut up. Just go and do the shopping."


But Kaho didn't walk away; she stayed and held out her hand.




"I gave it to you on the escalator, didn't I?"


I put the money for Seram's clothes in an envelope and handed it to Kaho while we moved.


"You underestimate women's underwear too much. That's not enough money."


Apparently, the amount of money was not enough. Are they really that expensive?

I never bought women's underwear or paid attention to the price, so I have no idea.

I took out a few ten-thousand-yendollar bills from my wallet and handed them to Kaho.

She nodded in satisfaction and went into the store.




An hour after we arrived at the lingerie store. Finally, two came out of the store.


Seram smiles contentedly and holds a paper bag with a logo on it.


I thought it would be about 30 minutes at the most, so I was feeling very tired from waiting.


"... Aren't you taking too long?"


"Women need more time to shop. However, I have been very attentive and tried not to linger."


I complained to Kaho without thinking, but she brushed it off.


Come to think of it, women's shopping takes a long time. I hadn't gone shopping with a woman for so long that I had completely forgotten about that.


"Did you buy all the stuff you need?"


"Yes! Bras are amazing! It holds my breasts perfectly and is easy to move around--."


"You don't have to tell me."


Seram was talking excitedly while lifting up her own breasts.


When I stopped her, she snapped out of it, and her face turned bright red.


"I, I'm sorry. It was immodest."


I guess her sense of shame was numbed by the fact that I had been talking with women all this time.


She had been talking with Kaho and the shopkeeper about underwear for a while now, so it couldn't be helped.


Anyway, I should be happy that I am now out of the no-bra situation.


"Now that we've already bought the underwear, we can buy clothes for going out."


"Yeah, right."


The atmosphere was tense, but Kaho changed the subject, so I took advantage of it.

Unlike the lingerie store, this one doesn't make men uncomfortable, which is a big help.


"What kind of clothes do you have at home?"


"Seram doesn't have many clothes because she didn't bring much luggage when she came here."


"Then we'll have to buy almost everything from scratch."


"If possible, I'd appreciate it if we could buy cheaper stuff..."


If they spend the same amount they spent at the lingerie store, my savings will be diminished considerably.


I'm sorry, but please spare me.


"I understand. As expected, the amount spent on brand-name items would be outrageous, so I'll try to get you the cheapest, best quality clothes I can."




"That way, I can buy expensive clothes for myself without hesitation."


I want my respect and appreciation back.

But I'm grateful she helps me buy clothes with as little expense as possible.


"When it comes to the cheap and good stuff, Unisilo is the place to go."


The first place we bought clothes for Seram was Unisilo, a major player in the fashion industry.

It is a fashion store that offers high-quality and fashionable clothes at reasonable prices, which is very helpful for ordinary people's wallets.

I often go to this store myself.


"Oh, there's a sale on T-shirts and pants over there! Seram-san, come here!"


"Oh, okay!"


When Kaho finds a sale rack, she pulls Seram by the hand and moves on. She picks up a T-shirt from the rack and checks the size and color, ensuring it fits Seram's body perfectly. When Seram finds one that looks good, she picks it up and tries it on in front of the mirror.

When I see her shopping like that, it's hard to believe that Seram is from another world.


"I'll leave it to them."


Women's shopping should be left to women.


Seeing how well they get along, I decided to stroll around the store alone.


Translator's note:

Perhaps some readers have already noticed, but for those who haven't, Unisilo is a parody of Uniqlo. It's one of my favorite places. Check out my article about Uniqlo here





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