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Thursday, May 4, 2023

TanboHiro: Ch 1 - Ep 10


TanboHiro - chapter 1 episode 6~10


Chapter 1

Episode 10: Female Knight and shopping mall.



Once the deal was made, Kaho went back to her house to get her own car.


I only have a light truck at my house. This one is for two people, so it's not suitable for 3 people to go on a long trip.


The Ohba family's car can accommodate 6 people. It is better to use their car for a long trip.


"Seram, we're going shopping now."


I explain to Seram, who doesn't understand what we will do.

I apologize for telling her to relax, but it's urgent to get new clothes for her.


"That's fine, but what are we going to buy?"


"We're going to buy clothes for you. Isn't it troublesome that you only have men's clothes?"


"I don't mind. Jin-dono's clothes are of very good quality..."


Seram replies as she touches her jersey.

She seems to be the type of person who doesn't care much about clothes; perhaps she doesn't mind wearing them.

But if she always wears men's clothes, what will the people around her think of her?


"Even if Seram doesn't mind, I'll be in trouble. Besides, I also want to buy some necessities, so it's decided that we'll go shopping."


"I understand."


When I told her it was decided, Seram nodded in agreement.

After taking a quick shower to wash off the sweat, I moved to my bedroom and changed from work clothes to casual clothes.

When I returned to the living room, Seram looked startled.


"What's wrong?"


"I'm surprised because it's my first time seeing Jin-dono's going-out clothes."


"Oh, because I usually only wear work or loose-fitting clothes."


My current outfit is a navy top, chinos, and sandals. It's an easy summer outfit.

If I were to call this outfit fashionable, stylish people would scold me.

After Seram had showered and wore her jersey, we heard a car horn from outside. It seems that Kaho has brought her family's car.


"Here! Then, please drive!"


"Hey, hey!"


You were sitting in the driver's seat, so you should drive. That's what I thought, but this time I decided to take the driver's role without complaining since I was the one who asked her to accompany Seram shopping.


"It's quite different from Jin-dono's car, right?"


"Because that is a transport vehicle not suited for carrying people."


Seram sits in the backseat. She seems nervous because the car differs from what she's used to.


"Seram-san, it's dangerous if you don't keep your seatbelt on."


"Seat belt?"


"Look, you pull the belt here to secure it to the seat--. It's bigger than I thought."


Once Seram had fastened her seatbelt, I couldn't help but notice how her rich breasts were emphasized without the support of a bra. Quickly averting my gaze, I gripped the steering wheel tightly to steady myself.


"Alright, let's get going."


The engine roars, and the car slowly moves.


Seram had ridden in the back of my light truck before but never in the passenger or back seat.


I worried that she might react weirdly, but she didn't seem surprised. Thanks to the fact that she had ridden in the back of my light truck many times before.


She is just gazing at the scenery outside as if it is unusual.


When I operated the button on the driver's seat to open the window beside Seram, she looked surprised.


The wind feels good."


The wind blowing into the car from outside made Seram's golden hair flutter.


Such a scene looks like a beautiful painting or a scene from a movie.


"...... Driver, look ahead."


"I know."


Kaho scolded me for looking at Seram through the mirror, so I looked straight ahead.

Even though it's a straight road with no people, I shouldn't let my guard down.

I have to drive safely.




After less than an hour's drive from home, we arrived at our destination, a shopping mall.


If we want to buy some clothes, we don't need to go so far, but this time, we must buy many kinds of clothes for Seram.


If we want to buy many kinds of clothes, we have to come this far. It's a typical countryside thing.


"Jin-dono, there are so many people and big buildings! This is definitely a big city!"


As soon as she exits the car, Seram screams with sparkling eyes.


That is the typical reaction of a kid from the countryside. It's embarrassing, as if I'm watching myself as a kid.


"No, it's just the outskirts...... I mean, this place is also the countryside. Though we're closer to the city center."


"So many people, and you call it the countryside? How prosperous is this country...?"


Hearing my explanation, Seram's face appears as if she's shivering.

I'm certain that the total population numbers are different from those in Seram's world, to begin with.


"Seram-san's reaction is like she's visiting a shopping mall for the first time."


Kaho's sharp comment causes my shoulders to tremble unconsciously.


"I guess the sight in Japan is unusual for her. The place where she used to live was quite rural too."


"I see."


"I know there are many things you don't understand, but take good care of her."


"I understand."


I was surprised that she nodded her head so obediently here. After all, Kaho is also very caring.


After I spoke with Kaho, I whispered to Seram, who was still very excited.


"I know you're excited to be in a new place for the first time, but today she'll be there too. Don't say anything weird, okay?"


"Okay, I understand. I'll be careful."


If Seram talks about the other world before Kaho, she will think Seram is weird. I would like her to refrain from such behavior as much as possible.

Walking into the mall from the parking lot, I saw a coffee shop on the left and a series of restaurants on the right. Since I had no business with either of them, I ignored them and continued walking.


"Do you know on which floor the ladies' clothes are?"


I tried to look at the display board, but Kaho quickly walked over and told me. She is indeed reliable, especially in times like this.

Following Kaho's advice, we headed to the third floor. We walked across the white floor and found an escalator, which we decided to take.

"Jin-dono, what's that moving floor?"


As we stood in line, Seram asked me in a low voice.


"It's an escalator. All you have to do is stand in the yellow frame, and it will take you up," I explained.


"It's true. People are being carried one by one. It's a strange sight," she remarked.


Fortunately, there was a line, so she could observe the people before us. Thanks to that, Seram could ride the escalator naturally like Kaho and I did, and we reached the second floor without incident.

Seram is very athletic, so she didn't stumble or fall on her way up.


"So it goes like this."


"Yeah, how much easier it would have been to transport supplies if we had this....."


It seems there were various things to think about using the convenient tools of civilization.


There are big buildings like this in other worlds, and if I think there are stairs to move between floors, that's pretty hellish.


She took the escalator again without question.




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