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Thursday, May 4, 2023

TanboHiro: Ch 1 - Ep 12


Infinite Gacha c5e11~15 (Text & Reading Voice)

Chapter 1

Episode 12: Trying on clothes.



When they finished shopping at Unisilo, Seram carried two large paper bags.


"...... you girls have bought quite a lot."


"When it comes to clothes, there's a lot to choose from. I really wanted to buy more."


"This is enough. If we buy more, it will burden Jin-dono...."


"Because Seram-san is so modest like this."


When Seram saw that Kaho was convinced, she exhaled with relief.


"It would be troublesome to move around like this. Let's go put our stuff in the car for now."


"I am fine. I can carry these around with me all day."


"Seram may be fine with it, but it would hinder others."


Carrying around two big paper bags would hinder other people from passing by.

Besides, I also bought some clothes and want to return to put my stuff down. So, we returned to the parking lot, left the clothes we had bought, and returned to the mall.


"Well, now that we're done shopping for clothes, let's buy our daily necessities."


"Wait a minute. Did you forget about my reward?"


Kaho pulls on my sleeve while I'm speaking.

She is smiling, but her eyes are serious. I feel a strange pressure.


"I'm just kidding. I'll buy it for you."


"Yay! I'm sorry, Seram-chan. Therefore, will you accompany me to the store I wish to go to?"


"Of course. I've received a lot of advice from you, Kaho-dono."


"Thank you!"


Once I nodded, Kaho instantly started smiling and getting excited.

It's frightening how quickly she changes.

After receiving Seram's agreement, Kaho quickly strode across the floor and went to a women's fashion store on the 4th floor.


The logo is so fashionable that I can't read it. What does it say?


"It's not an expensive store, is it?"


"Don't worry. This place isn't that expensive."


While asking Kaho, I check the price of the shirt beside me.

It's not as cheap as Unisilo's, but it's not tens of thousands of yen for a single shirt.

For the time being, I am relieved.

Since it is a ladies' shop, many women are in the store. Still, several men seem to be attendants, so I don't feel uncomfortable. Still, if I go around alone, I might be accused of being suspicious, so I won't leave Kaho and Seram's side.

Kaho casually looks for her clothes as if she has visited this place many times.

Contrary to her, Seram and I followed her with a worried expressions.


"It's very different from Unisilo."

"Because Unisilo is a large-scale store."


Seram is also a woman, but she is surprised at how glamorous the store is.

But she seems interested in the beautiful clothes and tries to touch and pick up the clothes on display.

I wonder if she likes fashion more than I thought.


"Seram-san, do you like that one-piece dress?"


"Oh, no, not at all! Besides, I don't look good in such a pretty dress!"


When Kaho asked, Seram shook her head vigorously.

She had been touching a pale blue one-piece dress.


"Eh? What are you talking about? Of course, it looks good on you! Let's try it on!"


"Wait. I thought we came here to buy clothes for Kaho-dono!"


"Trying on clothes is free, so try them on! Come on, I'll try on some clothes too!"


With clothes in her hands, Seram is about to be dragged away by Kaho, and she looks at me as if asking for my help.


I pretended not to notice it and sat down on a rest chair.


A while later, I heard a voice behind me saying, "Jin-dono!" but I pretended not to hear it.


"Jin-san, look, look!"


As I checked the weather for this week on my phone, Kaho came out of the fitting room.

Kaho is wearing black sporty outerwear over a thin knit and a long skirt in a golden yellow color. She is dressed in autumn attire.


"Isn't that outerwear too big?"


"These days, long lengths like this are popular! This is also fashionable!"


When I pointed this out, Kaho raised her index finger and shook it to the side.


Her face was a little annoyed at me as if she thought I didn't understand anything.


Unlike Kaho, I don't go to the city often, so I can't comment on the latest trends.


"Anyway, Seram is not yet done?"


I am looking at Kaho's clothes and chatting with her for a while, but Seram hasn't come out.

Unlike Kaho, she doesn't have to change all of her clothes, so I don't think it would take her this long. I wonder what's taking her so long.


"I'll go check on her."


Kaho gets worried and goes to check on her in the fitting room.


"Wow, you're so beautiful! Let's go show it to Jin-san!"


"Wait a minute! I'm too embarrassed to show it to Jin-dono!"


The fitting has already been done, but Seram is too embarrassed to come out.

Kaho and Seram spent five minutes arguing in the fitting room.

Seram finally gives up and comes out. The pale blue one-piece dress perfectly matches her golden hair and white skin.

As Kaho said, she has an excellent style and looks great.

The only thing that seems out of place is the sword in her hand. She would have looked like a wealthy young lady if it were a fashionable item such as a parasol.

She looks very shy, perhaps because she is not used to wearing such clothes.


"So? What do you think, Jin-san?"


Kaho gives me a slightly pressured look.


As expected, I know what she wants to hear from me.


"It's beautiful. I think it suits you."




When I expressed my honest opinion, Seram's face turned bright red, and she looked down. It seems she is not used to receiving compliments. I was surprised by how beautiful she looked in the dress.


Kaho looked at me with a jealous expression when she noticed my reaction.


"He never compliments me when I try on clothes."


"I think Kaho is pretty too."


"Thanks for the obligatory comment."


When asked to praise explicitly, I lose the desire to praise. This couldn't be helped.

After that, Kaho continued trying on a few more clothes, and Seram joined her in trying some outfits.

Seram seemed shy initially, but as she tried on more clothes, she enjoyed them and looked more comfortable.


"Yup. The first outerwear is the best."


After an hour and a half passed, Kaho finally seemed to have decided what she wanted.


I wondered why we spent so much time trying on clothes, but I knew that questioning her about it would spoil her good mood, so I didn't say anything.


"Okay, then I'll pay the bill."


"Here's my loyalty card."


"Okay, okay."




When I received the loyalty card, Kaho tried to say something with a serious face.


"I know. I've already taken it to the cashier. I'm going to pay for it together with this."


"Whoa! Jin-san, you're so thoughtful!"


"Shut up. Go change your clothes quickly."


I pushed Kaho back into the fitting room to contain my irritation.


I ignored her protests that I was not treating her like a lady and went to the cashier to pay for the purchase.


But first, I need to check the price of Kaho's outerwear.


"Twenty thousand yen......"


It's a little expensive for a college student, but I think it's fair considering how much thought and effort she put in while shopping for Seram.


She's good at aiming for a line I am reluctant to point out.


I'm sure Kaho will do well in society.


Kaho and Seram come out when I finish paying the bill. They have just finished changing back into their original clothes.


"Hey, here's your reward for helping us out today."


"Thank you! I didn't have enough money in my allowance this month, so thank you!"


Although it is a little early, I give her reward first. Kaho happily holds the paper bag with the logo on it.


"And this one for Seram."


"Me too?"


When I give her the other paper bag, Seram looks inside with a dubious look.


"Isn't this the first outfit I tried on? Jin-dono, I didn't ask for this...."


"That's right. I bought it for you because I wanted to buy it for you.

That's all right, isn't it?"


"Thank you, Jin-dono ....... I will take good care of it."


Seram, who had been reserved, smiled warmly when I told her the reason.


Then she carefully held the bag containing the one-piece dress.


I'm glad she accepted it.


As expected, it's not good if all her clothes are uniform.


Having a more stylish piece of clothing for going out would be nice.


Seram is a girl, after all.




The Female Knight in the pale blue one-piece dress.




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