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Thursday, May 4, 2023

TanboHiro: Ch 1 - Ep 9

Infinite Gacha c5e11~15 (Text & Reading Voice)


Episode 9: Could it be, no bra?



"Okay, that's about it for this morning. Let's continue later in the evening."


"Hmm? Don't you work during the day?"


When we returned home after finishing the morning's work, Seram tilted her head and asked.


"It's too dangerous to work during the day when it's this hot."


Even in the countryside, the summertime afternoon temperature soars to terrifying levels.


Working in the evening or early morning is safer and more productive than working under the hot sun.


Of course, if you are short on time, your only option is to work outside under the sweltering heat.


"Thanks to Seram's help, the work is progressing smoothly, so we can take it easy until the evening when the temperature drops."


"Is that so?"


After saying that, Seram's face relaxed slightly, and she wiped her sweat with a towel. I also wiped my sweat with a towel and got barley tea from the fridge. When I turned around, I saw Seram in the living room.


"That wasn't me."


"Seems so."


Seram was also taken aback by the sudden sound of the door opening, indicating that someone else had come in.

As I wondered who it could be, I walked towards the front door and saw a man with black hair that was half-dyed gold standing there. He had earrings in his ears and was dressed in a stylish cut-off shirt, shorts, and sandals - a typical summer outfit.

The man's stern face changes to a friendly expression when he sees me.


"Yo, Jin!"


"Oh, Kaito...."


This man dressed like a country bumpkin is Kaito Ooba, a friend I have known since childhood. He is a so-called childhood friend.


We didn't interact when I was working in Tokyo, but since I came back here, we have often hung out.


"So, what brings you here?"


"I came to see the rumored foreign wife! She's really beautiful, isn't she?"


When I ask him what he wants, Kaito says excitedly.


"How the hell do you know about that?"


"I heard it from Minori-san."


"It was only yesterday, you know!? Information spreads fast in the countryside, but it's too fast!"


"Jin, a bachelor all his life, suddenly got a wife, a beautiful foreigner with blonde hair! Of course, people would find that interesting and spread the word!"


From that statement, this guy must have been one of those who took the initiative to spread it.


"Jin-dono, is he a guest?"


When I was making up my mind to beat up Kaito in my mind, Seram, who was in the living room, came out.


"Yeah, this is my friend Kaito Ooba."


"Oh, are you Jin-dono's friend? Nice to meet you. My name is Seraphim. It's a long name, so feel free to call me Seram."


Kaito was stunned when Seram introduced herself to him.




Seram was puzzled when he didn't reply back.

For about ten seconds, Kaito was frozen, then he pointed his finger at Seram.


"This person is Jin's wife?"


"Well, yes."


I feel embarrassed when I hear that again, but that's the cover story, so I can't deny it.


"I didn't expect her to be such a beautiful wife! What the hell? How could this happen? I'm so jealous! Where on earth did you find a girl like this!"


"I found her in the rice field."


"Huh? You've got to be kidding me! If I can harvest such a pretty girl, I'll gladly do farming too!"


I was just stating a fact, but Kaito thought I was joking and got angry. As a single man like me, Kaito must have felt betrayed.


"I'm sorry."


"Damn, you always make fun of me. Why are you being nice to me now? Don't say such kind of pitying words to me! You're making me feel more miserable!"


If Seram is my wife, I would have mocked Kaito, but it is just a cover story, and she is not my wife.


Kaito seemed to misunderstand my response because he thought I felt guilty about it.


"Hey, Onii! It's troublesome when you leave me in charge of the store!"


When I was thinking about how to calm down Kaito, another person came in through the open door.


“Jin-dono, who is this person?”


"She's Kaho, Kaito's younger sister."


The girl with light brown hair, slightly curled at the ends, and a fashionable appearance for the countryside, is Kaito's sister, Kaho Oba.


She seemed to have come to bring back her brother, who skipped work to visit me.


"I'm sorry, my brother disturbed you... Whoa, is this Jin-san's wife! She's so beautiful!"


Kaho was surprised when she saw Seram.


From her reaction, Kaho also heard about Seraphim and was curious to know what kind of person she was.


"My name is Seraphim. Please call me Seram."


"I am Kaho, Kaito's younger sister. Nice to meet you."


Despite the chaotic situation, the meeting with Kaho appeared to end peacefully.


"Hey, Onii! Hurry up and get back to the store!"


"No, I have a mission to deepen my relationship with Seram-san..."


"You inherited the store, right? Then do it responsibly! Come on, go back."


"Damn it. Jin, I'll be back!"


Kaito was kicked out of the front door by Kaho. He shouted a few words and left.


"What does she mean by the store?"


He runs a small-time candy store.


"Candy? Does that mean he makes a lot of things like yesterday's yokan and mizu-manju?"


"Not exactly, but they definitely sell a lot of candy."


"That's amazing!"


Seram is really addicted to sweets, and her eyes are sparkling.


In her mind's eye, she must be imagining a store with only Japanese sweets on display.


"......Hey, Jin-san. Come here for a minute."


"What's up?"


Kaho called me over with a rather serious expression, and I approached her.


Seeing how she doesn't talk openly, I guess it's a topic she doesn't want Seram to hear it.


Perhaps she suspects it's some kind of marriage scam because Seram is so beautiful? If that's the case, I must clear up the misunderstanding.


"Seram-san, is she not wearing any underwear?"


I shuddered at Kaho's unexpected question.

Seram had just finished working in the fields and wore my old jersey. The soft curves of her chest were visible, and it seemed she wasn't wearing a bra.


"............ I suppose not."


As soon as I confirmed I was aware, Kaho's gaze turned cold.


"You noticed it and left it alone? Do you enjoy that kind of play?"


"No, of course not! She couldn't bring them for some complicated reason. She knew she needed to buy them immediately but couldn't tell me. She's not used to Japan, and I can't let her go shopping alone."


I was about to be wrongly accused and desperately tried to make an excuse.

I didn't want to be treated like a pervert who forced his wife to go without a bra.

I didn't leave it like that with any malicious intent.


"If that's the case, why don't you just go with her? Well, it might be a little embarrassing to accompany her to buy underwear. Jin-san is not good at this kind of thing."


As the younger sister of my childhood friend, Kaito, I've known her for a long time.

It seems she understands that I'm not a pervert who would force my wife to not wear a bra.

I'm really glad.


"I understand. Then, I'll go shopping with Seram-san."


"Really? That would be very helpful!"


"In return, I have some clothes I want too..."


Kaho tilts her face and looks up at me, knowing which angle makes her look cute. She's really cunning.

She's going shopping with Seram, which I guess is acceptable.


"Please don't buy anything too expensive, okay?"


"Yay! I know, I know. I'll buy some decent and affordable things."


"I doubt you have any decency when you rob me like this."





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