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Saturday, April 15, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C48


Chapter 48: First study after 300 years



After 300 years of living in a mountain full of monsters, I have finally decided to leave the mountain.


The family that takes me in is The Letivia family, a duke family that researches monsters.


At first, I was a bit hesitant. But The Letivia family members are very kind and accept me as their family member even though I am 300 years old.


Then, two weeks after Fletty-san's award ceremony.


I am spending my time as The Letivia family's adopted son.


After washing my face, eating breakfast, and cleaning up, I go to my room.


I walk through the corridors of the spacious mansion. I pass Letivia's family members and waiters several times, and they greet me with smiles.


I greet them back cheerfully, expressing my gratitude to them.


I grip the doorknob that is near my eye level, and I enter the room.


Lilith and Yulan are sitting inside the room. Lilith is The Letivia family's daughter, and Yulan is a white dragon staying with me at this mansion.


Yulan is sitting at a chair with a study desk. She is staring at me. When she opens her big mouth, her dragon fangs are shining.


"You're late, Luciel."


"Sorry. It took me longer than I thought to clean the dishes."


I bow lightly and take a seat next to Lilith.


We greet each other with a smile and say good morning.


"You were helping out in the kitchen again?"


"Yes. I promised Songho-san to help him."


I have been helping Songho and his men in the kitchen for the past few days.


Although, they only let me wash dishes now.


When I asked him why he replied in a rough tone.

"Newcomers are supposed to start by washing dishes.”


He also gave me one condition to enter the kitchen.


In the kitchen, I am not the son of the duke but his subordinate.


In other words, he sees me as one of his new chefs.


That is why in the kitchen, everyone calls me "you" instead of "Luciel-sama."


That is what I wanted.


The kitchen is not a playground but a battlefield for chefs. It is a sanctuary. I am an inexperienced self-taught chef, and I am entering his kitchen. I don't want people to give me special treatment.


Anyway, it seems unusual for Songho to allow someone other than his apprentice to enter the kitchen.


According to Clavis-san, that's because Songho-san has acknowledged me. Though I don't feel it.


"Aren't you bored washing dishes every day?"


Yulan stares at me with half-open eyes. Even though she herself don't see me wash the dishes, her words sound like she is bored.


But I quickly shake my head.


"Not at all, I'm having fun."




I learn a lot from watching Songho-san cutting fish, his apprentice peeling potatoes, and tasting sauces.


Just watching someone cook is also a learning experience.


If I cook instead of washing dishes, I won't have a chance to do that.


"As usual, you're a weird guy to enjoy doing such a chore."


Though Yulan is also a weird dragon because she decided to live in a human's house.


"Yulan should do it, too. It's fun."


"Pass ....... I'm not good with such small works."


Yulan waves his hand.


"I hope Songho-san will teach me how to cook sometime."


Lilith is also smiling today.


When I first met her, she wrinkled her brow every time we made eye contact, as if she was afraid of me.


But since the misunderstanding was cleared up, she always smiles whenever we meet.


That's very cute and sometimes makes my heart throb......


"It seems that everyone is here."


Venson-san, the mansion chief, entered the room.


As usual, he wears his butler's uniform elegantly. His long gray hair is neatly coiffed. His thick eyebrows also look dignified.


"Good morning, Venson sensei. I look forward to studying with you again today."


I greeted him, and he smiled at me.


"Good morning, Luciel-kun. I hear you've been working in the kitchen today."




It seems that everyone knows that I work in the kitchen.


"Are you tired?"


"I'm fine."


"I see. Then, let's start the language lesson."


I have been with Letivia's family for 3 weeks.......


It was decided that I would receive education in Letivia's mansion.


300 years ago, I received various kinds of education in the Tristan family. But it was more like stuffing knowledge into my head than education.


This knowledge was indeed useful during my life in the mountains. But looking back on it now, I feel that time was an abnormal experience. I was swallowing the knowledge as if I was brainwashing myself.


I was convinced that I must study to become a Sword Saint and to be acknowledged by my father.


But now it is different.


I have become The Letivia family child. I lost something as a human child, so I decided to receive a new education.


Even if I know what was considered common knowledge 300 years ago, I do not know the current common knowledge today.


First, I need to know what the current common knowledge is.


In particular, it seems my old accent is quite terrible.


Even a single greeting sounds weird.


For example, when I greet someone, I say, "It's a good day today ."From Lilith's point of view, I sound exaggerated.


When I hear Lilith and the others speak, I notice that their pronunciation is different in some parts. Sometimes I don't understand what they mean.


Until now, I usually guess between the lines, but I realized that I need to learn how to speak properly to get used to this era's society.


Looking back, I wonder how Fletty-san could listen to such an unusual child who speaks in an ancient accent.


While Lillith  is helping me to get used to the modern language, Venson-san will teach and give me special training.


By the way, I am not the only one who needs to fix my language.


"Let's start with pronouncing the word 'aruku'(walk) today. Now, Yulan-sama. Please try to pronounce the word."


"Hmph. Are you making fun of me, Mansion chief? It's very easy. 'ARUKU', right?"


When Yulan answers it, Lilith on her side laughs bitterly.


Venson-san also laughs.


"Then, the two of you Say it--."





A cheerful voice echoes through the room.


It doesn't bother Yulan and me, but it still sounds strange to Venson-san and Lilith.


"In the past, we used to say ‘a riu ku’. Even now, in some parts of the country, that's how the word is pronounced. But the right pronunciation is 'a ru ku'.


"Isn't it just slightly different?"


Yulan puffed her cheeks.


That's right. Not only me. Yulan's accent is also an old accent.


That's why she's training with me.


At first, she was very interested, but recently she seems to get bored and complains a lot.


But she still attends the lesson, so it seems she still has a desire to learn.


"It certainly sounds similar. But in a noisy place, it might sound like 'ariku' (eat ants). If you suddenly say 'eat ants in the park,' you may never make friends for the rest of your life. Please learn to pronounce it properly now."




"Then follow me. Aruku."




Yulan and I repeat after Venson-san.


"Again ...... Aruku."




"Both of you are good. Especially you, Yulan-sama. Nice pronunciation."




Yulan's eyes light up.


Leaning back on her chair, she crosses her arms and puffs her chest.


"Nuhahaha! That's right. That's right. Well, for a White Dragon like me this is just a piece of cake. Gahahaha!"


Yulan looks up at the ceiling, and her nose seems to grow longer.


Venson-san smiles and quietly raises his thumb.


Wow, he's good.


So that's how he restored Yulan's motivation. By praising her when she is about to lose her desire to learn.


Apparently, Venson was a school teacher.


He must be used to dealing with troublesome kids like Yulan.


"Now, let's move on to the next daily vocabulary word."


In this way, my language lessons continued.



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