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Saturday, April 15, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C49


Chapter 49: Teaching is difficult!



"It's not like that, like this."


"Hmm...... Like this?"


"No, just put your thumb and forefinger together."


"But that way I can't put strength into it."


"Only put strength into your ring and pinky fingers."


"Why? Isn't it better to put strength into all of them?"


"Eeto... That's because... Aah!! Geez, my head is aching."


I panic and hold my head.


I have been trying to teach Yulan how to hold a sword since a while ago.


After the morning lesson and lunch, Fletty-san teaches us how to use a sword in the afternoon.


"Okay, that's enough! How is it, Luciel-kun? It's pretty difficult to teach people, isn't it?"


Fletty-san talks calmly.


I nod my head.


I have lived alone for 300 years, so I have never taught other people.


Even when I was in Tristan's mansion.


I was always on the learning side and never on the teaching side.


Teaching is difficult. I had knowledge in my head but didn't know what to do with it.


I have knowledge in my head, and my body moves exactly as instructed. But it is very difficult to convey what I do in words.


Venson-san and Fletty-san are amazing people. Once again, I was impressed by their ability to teach people.




"What's up, Luciel-kun?"


Fletty-san looks at me.


I quickly wave my hand.


"No, it's nothing."


"Come on, just tell me. When you make a face like that, it means you're remembering something from the past."


"Is that true, Luciel?"


Oh, my God. It seems Fletty-san can read my mind.


But it's just a small thing.


What slipped through my mind was...


"Father must be good at teaching."


"The Sword Saint, Yarum-dono....... Did he ever teach you?"


I shake my head.


I'm trying to remember him, but it's not coming out.


When I think about it, the only thing I can recall about my father is how fierce he was when standing in front of me.


The knights of the Tristan family are taught how to swing a sword, grip a sword, and survive in the mountains.


Looking back, my father never taught me any technical things.


The only thing I can remember is my father's strength.


"A good swordsman is not always a good swords teacher. I know a number of people who have trained many good swordsmen, even if they never made any achievements as a swordsman. Though I don't know which one is your father's type."


Fletty-san taps my shoulder.


His hand is gentle and warm.


How many times have I been saved by this hand?


"That's right. I'm no longer a child of the Tristan family but a child of the Letivia family.


And right in front of me is Fletty Heimuld, the Letivia Knight. He is not my father, Yarum Hou Tristan.


I raise my face.


I smile at Fletty-san to let him know that I'm fine.


"Then let's try a practice match this time. Luciel and Yulan."


"Me? Me and Yulan?"


I was surprised.


I have attended several sword practices, but this is my first match.


Yulan is my first opponent. Is it going to be okay?


"Yulan, what do you think?"


"I'm fine. I just have to knock him down, right?"


Knock me down?! Suddenly, she becomes so violent.


But Yulan seems to be very motivated.


Her face looks like a girl's, but she is a dragon.


Yulan opens her mouth as if she is about to spit fire and smiles widely.


"Is it okay for me to fight Yulan?"


"Yes. First, I want to show the difference between the correct and the self-taught methods.


I don't know his intention, but Fletty-san seems to have an idea.


"You two are free to do as you like. But this is a sword practice, so only use your sword to strike."


In the end, Fletty-san added a few rules.


If she spits fire, I may not be injured, but the surrounding area will be seriously damaged.


"Then both of you come forward."


Yulan and I are facing each other.


We both hold wooden swords in our hands.


"You better be serious, Luciel. Otherwise, it won't be fun."


"I will be serious, so don't worry, Yulan."


We both raised the tip of our swords toward each other.


"Do your best! Luciel! Yulan!"


Lilith cheered for us.


She is sitting on the grass, observing the sword lesson. A black-white cat is sleeping comfortably on her lap.


The cat is owned by the duke's family. Its name is Queen. I often see her walking down the hallway as if she owns the place.


Her attitude does not change even when she is in front of Clavis-san. She is the Queen of The Letivia family.


But she seems to be quieter in front of Lilith.


She only sleeps like this on Lilith's lap.


Maybe she considers Lilith as her bed.


But I believe that Queen is attracted to Lilith's kindness.


"Ahem. Luciel-kun. May I begin?"


Hearing Fletty-san's question, I hurriedly readjust my stance.


For some reason, Fletty-san is smiling at me. Yulan's cheeks are puffed up, and Lilith is tilting her head.


Aah, geez.


For now, just concentrate!


My opponent is Yulan.


If I don't take this seriously, I might get injured.


"Well then, let's begin......... Fight!"


Fletty-san shouted out.


In an instant, Yulan is already in front of me. She raised her wooden sword above her head and jumped as high as my height.


She isn't flying.


Yulan desires fairness above all else in battle, so she would not do such a thing.


Her physical ability is simply different from human beings.


She is indeed a white dragon inside.


She has amazing speed... And a great jumping ability.


Yulan opens her mouth widely and grins.


I can see her dragon's teeth.




Yulan swings down her sword with all her might.


I couldn't just wait and watch.


I read Yulan's movements and moved my body forward instead of backward. I changed my position to avoid Yulan and immediately turned around.


"Hey! Don't run away!!!!"


Yulan shouted in protest, but she had just landed and was not on her feet yet.


Seeing an opportunity, I step forward this time.


"Whoa! Wait!"


Two wooden swords clashed with each other.


Even though she told me to wait, I mercilessly attacked her.


I knew that Yulan could handle it with her physical ability.


"Nufufufu! You thought you already won, Luciel?"


"No! I knew that Yulan would be able to fight back."


"Don't get cocky! Perfect timing. Now, you'll pay me back for that dragon steak."


Yulan pushes me further.


I couldn't hold her back, and I was knocked off.


Thanks to monster cuisines, my physical ability surpasses human beings.


But my opponent is a dragon, though she is still young.


If Yulan fight seriously and her opponent wasn't me, they would have been blown away to the sky.


I retreat one or two steps.


Then Yulan continues to strike me mercilessly.


She swings down her sword again with all her might.


I see it coming.




A confused voice echoed through the courtyard.


No wonder Yulan is confused. My wooden sword she thought she had caught has slipped past her.


"Hou. Mikiri...."


Fletty-san puts his hand on his chin and nods in admiration.


I moved forward in an instant.


Like Yulan, I swing my sword from above. But I didn't swing it widely.


It was a compact, fake attack planned for the next move.


In fact, Yulan successfully blocked my swing from above. But my sword swing did not end there.


I immediately changed it into a side slash. She also managed to duck, but I followed that up with another attack.




Yulan couldn't resist turning her eyes to my sword, which appeared from various angles.


Finally, she fell on her buttocks.


I gave Yulan one last light hit on her head.


"Stop! Luciel-kun won!"


Fletty-san raised my arm.


When Yulan heard this victory declaration, she began to get angry.


"You cheated, Luciel! You used magic on me, right?!"


"Eh? I didn't use any magic or skill."


"How come my sword didn't hit you?"


Yulan's anger doesn't subside.


"Luciel-kun, I think Yulan-dono is referring to your Mikiri."


"Oh.... That is a sword technique. By stealing the opponent's movements, anticipating his timing in advance, and avoiding at the last moment. It's so close that the opponent thinks he's already hit you."


"Huh! It's not fair! You are the only one who can do that!"


Yulan lies down and stomps on the grass like a child.

Well, she is technically a child.


Yulan is as selfish as ever.


It is more difficult to teach Yulan after he throws a tantrum like this.


What should I do?


"Yulan-dono, don't feel so depressed. Next time, I will teach you how to defeat Luciel-kun."




Yulan gets up instantly.


"When? When will you teach me?"


Her red eyes shine like the morning sun, and she approaches Fletty-san.


Fletty-san is overwhelmed by her enthusiasm.


Despite this, Fletty smiles and says.


"If you're a good student and properly attend the sword lesson, I'll teach you eventually......"


"All right! I've got your word. If you break your promise, I'll burn you and this entire mansion down."


Yulan breathes a small fire from her mouth.


Yulan's eyes are serious. 






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