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Saturday, April 15, 2023

DeokuTeima ~ C61

Chapter 61: Production Skill Incubator with a Fire Attribute



My first stop is supposed to be Alyssa-san’s shop, but her stall isn’t in the usual place in the square.


"Hmm. Is it her day off?"


I supposed I shouldn’t expect her to be in the same place all the time. When I check my friend list, I find that she is offline. I cursed myself for not doing so before heading out.


Hmm, what should I do now? Although I can buy what I need at the Alchemy Guild, I don’t feel like registering for membership just for that purpose.


"I know! I can ask Sawyer."


Since Sawyer is an Alchemist, there is a good possibility he knows where I can buy an Alchemy kit. Or maybe I can ask him to make an incubator for me. This time, I will check my friend list before moving to avoid the same mistake.


Looks like he’s online. I call him first to see what he is doing.


"Hi. What’s up?"


"Are you free right now?"


"Yes. I don’t have any customers at the moment,"


"I’m actually looking for a new Alchemy set. I think I’ve outgrown the beginner Alchemy set. I need the next one up. Do you know where I can buy one?"


"Eh!? You are still using the beginner set."


"Well, as you know, I’m not an Alchemist."


"Still, people usually choose to replace it immediately..."


Eh? Really? According to Sawyer, anyone can buy the beginner's set, the level above the simple Alchemy set, at any NPC stall specializing in such equipment. Regular production-type players usually replace their set within the first few days.


I had never visited an NPC-run Alchemy shop before. Especially since the ingredients that other production-type players usually bought I tended to gather on my own. Items like water pumice are cheaper at Alyssa’s stall.


For similar reasons, I had never bothered using other NPC shops. I should probably check out the NPC shop offerings sometime.


"Why the sudden interest, though?"


"Thing is, I want to make an incubator."


"Really? Did you get a recipe for it?"


"I sure did."


"If you bring me the necessary ingredients, I can make it for you."


"Seriously? For how much?"


"Depends on what it’s worth, but... I know, how about a trade?"


"A trade?"


"Yeah. I collected quite a few herbs with the intention of making herbal tea myself. But I can’t unless I have Cooking skills, right? As a result, I have loads left over now."


"Could you dry those herbs for me? In exchange, I’ll make the incubator for you."


I'm sure Sawyer can make a better incubator, so I entrust him with the task. Besides, making herbal tea leaves is easy.


"Sure, that works. Are you at your shop now?"




"Be right there."


I hung up and immediately headed to his shop. As usual, there are no customers.


"Hi again."


"Welcome. So, you want an incubator?"


"That’s right."


I explained the contents of the recipe to him.


"I didn’t know we needed an incubator in the first place. No wonder I couldn’t obtain the recipe for one."


"Besides the incubator, you’ll need this and this."




"What’s wrong?"


"Just nervous since they’re all very valuable ingredients."


Both materials are incredibly rare at the moment, not to mention the incubator itself is an expensive item too.


But there is no chance of failure as long as he makes it in Auto Mode. That's why I am not worried about him accidentally wasting my ingredients.


"What do you think? Can you make it?"


'Let's see....... Oh, I got the recipe. It looks like it can be made with the beginner's set."


Good. Now we just need to see how good a quality product we can make with auto production.


Then, I'll count on you.


"Okay. Here are the herbs."




I received 15 herbs.


"It's going to take me about 30 minutes to prepare the herbs. What will you do in the meantime?"




"The crystal needs polishing, and ingots can be heated and hammered to improve the quality."


Making herbal tea for Sawyer would take me less than ten minutes. That still left me with plenty of time.


"That’s a long wait... In that case, I’ll check out the Alchemy shop once I’ve dried your herbs. Can you tell me where it is?"


"Of course. It’s right nearby."


10 minutes later.


After drying all of Sawyer’s herbal tea leaves, I arrived at the Alchemy shop.




"Hi, I’d like to buy a beginner’s Alchemy set. Do you have any?"


"Sure do. That’ll be 2,000 G per set."


Well, that was easy enough. I paid the wizened shop owner 2,000 G in exchange for my new Alchemy set.


According to them, I'd need to register at the Alchemy Guild and raise my guild rank if I wanted a more advanced set than this.


Apparently, Ashihana had only just acquired the production set above this; Sawyer had yet to obtain one and was still using the beginner's set. With that in mind, it'd likely be ages before I could purchase a more advanced kit myself.


Since I still had plenty of time left, I also decided to check out the Mixing shop and cooking shop. Sure enough, they sold beginner's mixing and cooking sets. I purchased one of each without hesitation.


"Now all my production sets have been renewed."


I can't wait to start production activities. Now that I have accomplished my goal let's go back to Sawyer-kun's store.


"Oh, Yuuto-san. Got what you needed?"


"Yep, all thanks to you."


"I’m all done too."


"Whoa! The rarity is 4?! But, the name is long."


Name: Production Skill Incubator with a Fire Attribute

Rarity: 4 / Quality: 5★

Effect: An incubator that grants a +4 initial stat boost at random to the monster that hatches from it. Also gives a random production skill to its initial skill set, as well as a fire attribute skill and fire resistance.


The incubator’s effects are truly impressive. Its initial stat boost has increased from +3 to +4, perhaps owing to its five-star quality. Plus, the skills it grants are ridiculous. If the statement is true, my monster will gain a production skill, fire attribute skill, and fire resistance to boot. The original incubator had cost me 20,000 G and the crystal 30,000 G. Because iron ingots are also precious, I expected the result would be this impressive. I am also glad that the production skill bonus has remained.


Investing all those precious materials had been absolutely worth it.


"Hey, Sawyer. It doesn’t feel right to not pay you for this astounding piece of work."


"Don’t mention it. I should be the one thanking you. I gained a ton of XP from working with these high-quality ingredients. My Alchemy level went up two levels while I was making this! I was surprised."


That was impressive. There was no way I could turn him down now.


"Well, if you insist, I gladly accept."


"It’s all yours. Thanks for giving me a fun project to work on."


I couldn’t wait to return to my barn and set up the incubator. Sorry to keep you waiting, little egg!




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  1. Thanks for the chapters! See you next month!

  2. Thank you for the chapters!
    I wonder what skill the new monster will get. The fire attribute and resistance seem to be separate from the skill they will gain.
    Lookin go forward to next month!

  3. It’s a pointless worry since things will automatically work out, but I’d hesitate to try and force a fire skill on the child made between an earth spirit and a tree spirit. I’d have picked wind to avoid a clash of attributes unless I already had confirmation it would turn out fine.


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