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Friday, April 7, 2023

ItsuJita ~C59


Chapter 59: Space storage explosion



"Shirou-kun. You will pretend to be my old friend."


If you don't talk to the adventurers, no one will recognize you."

I covered myself with the cloak that the guild master prepared for me. I pulled the hood over my head.

I even wear a mask that covers half of my face. Bash said that unless something goes wrong, no one will recognize me.

A man in a mask and wearing a robe.

No matter how you look at me, I'm a chuunibyo. Thank you very much.

I never thought my dark history would be repeated at the age of twenty-five.


"Hihihi. Shirou that looks good on you nya."


"Stop it, Kiki-san."


"Hahaha. You look like a magician, An-chan."


"You too, Ryer-san. Cut it out."


"You two, he's not Shirou-dono. He's Masked Master."


Rolf-san whispers to rebuke them.


" ............ If the identity of the 'Masked Master' is revealed, we'll be in trouble. The two of you need to be more careful."


"Yea, yea."


"Understood nya."


Half a day has passed since we left Ninorich.

As I walk through the forest on foot, I'm surrounded by the four members of the Blue Flash.

The official reason is that they're protecting an important person who has space storage skills.

But actually, the Blue Flash are helping me to hide my identity.


By order of the guild master, other than the Blue Flash no adventurers are allowed to talk to me unless necessary.

Many people glance at me, but no adventurer tries to find out who I am.

I guess that's how valuable a person with space storage skill is.


We continued to walk through the forest with some rest in between.

It took us three days to get through the forest. Sometimes we encountered a group of monsters, and sometimes Ryer-san had to carry me when I ran out of energy.

Finally, we reached the planned construction site.


"Here is the place."


The lizardman who had found the suitable place for the base said.

His figure looks like a lizard walking upright, but somehow he seems prideful.


"Ehehe. There's a place like this in the middle of the forest."


I look around.

An open space in the middle of the forest.

There is a river about 10 meters away, so water is easy to find.

I heard that there are no aquatic monsters, so we can bathe in the river and get clean.

This is an important point. If you don't stay clean, you can get infected by a disease.


After a short break, the adventurers all turn their eyes to me.

Ryer is the one who picked up their silent signal.


"'An--- no, Masked Master. I know that we just arrived here, but can you take out the materials?"


I nod my head.

I don't say anything because I don't want my identity to be revealed by my voice.


I check my space storage list.


---------- ----


Wood 200

Brick 10000

Nails 2000

Hammers 30

Saw 30

Shovel 30

Machete 40

Ladder 10

Stone 5000

Spear 200

Iron sword 100

Bow 100

Arrow 1000

Axe 50

War ax 50   

Dried meat 4000

Pork 300

Dried fruits 100

Barrels of ale 40  

Firewood 3000

Matches 300

Tent 100

Sleeping bag 10

Blankets 200

Lantern 150

Torch 100




This list is only a portion of the materials and supplies, but it's still a lot.

I give a hand signal to the adventurers to clear some space.


"Here, here, there... Here we go."


I take out the materials one by one.




"Holy shit, the amount is crazy."


"I can't believe he can store so many things..... Does he work for the royal family?"


"I don't know, but the Guild master is the one who asked him to help us. I wouldn't be surprised if he has ties with the royal family."


"You're right."


While looking sideways at the adventurers who are amazed by the number of materials stored, I take out more and more materials.

After the materials, the next step is the supplies.

A mountain of materials and supplies.


"That's all the things I was entrusted with."


I whisper to Nesca


"......... He said that's all."


Nesca told the adventurers.

She is like an interpreter.


"Adventurers, keep your eyes on the surrounding area. Craftsmen, begin the construction."


The one who gave those instructions is Erdos, the hero who was defeated by Spiritus.

He is the leader of the base construction, and he gives instructions quickly and efficiently.

He's a strong fighter, but it seems he's also a skillful craftsman.

He has volunteered to be the leader of this base's construction.


"Master, your role is finished now. Even if you return to the town as soon as possible, the trip will be very exhausting. I suggest you leave tomorrow morning."


The 'Master' that Erdos-san just mentioned is me.

I was supposed to return to Ninorich after I finished delivering the materials and supplies.

However, I am exhausted after walking so far, and to be honest, my muscles are all aching.


If I can rest, I want to take a rest.


"That's right. Tomorrow morning we'll leave, so take a rest for today."


"I agree. I'll take a rest."


I set up my single-sized tent, eat a light meal, and get into my sleeping bag.

This is the end of my outbound journey, and all that remains is the return trip.

I haven't seen Aina and Stella for only three days, but I already miss them.



Translator note:



someone who likes to meddle in other people's business more than necessary.


*** NEW 

I can always go home, started a peddler in a different world GALLERY



The author has stopped posting, so I can't continue this translation project.




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  1. U just don't wanna translate. Just say it normal.

    1. See people, this is an example of idiots commenting on the internet.

      If you wanna read it so bad, then either translate the WN yourself, or go fcking buy the light novel, you leeching cuck.

  2. The light novel has already released two volumes. And then there's only 59 chapters. Just say that you're lazy and don't want to, we'll understand. And in general, why do you need to translate something and try? Yeah, it's easier to put a bolt on this case.

    1. Can you not be a jerk??? First, this was a translation of the web novel.

      2nd, the author really did drop the web novel.

      3rd, the light novel is money and it actually isn't ahead of the web novel so it'd take a while of waiting before we reach it...

      So this project he's translating is actually done. They translated till the end... so why hate on them for that and call them lazy?

      Instead, praise them for going this far. Many translators don't... At least this dude translated the web novel to the end...

    2. Feel free to check syosetu.com and see with your own eyes.
      If you not happy with my translation, you can do the translation by yourself.
      @DMR thank you... you answered most of questions.

  3. Thank you for translating this.

    Btw, can you also translate the first chapter, so that we'd have a translated copy done fully by the same person. Because other than the 1st chapter, you did everything else for the project.

    Hopefully you can do the Light Novel.... or someone picks it up..

    1. Sorry, the 1st chapter already translated by other translator... so I don't think really necessary to re-translate it.
      I translated the web novel from syosetu source, but I don't know the raw source for for the light novel. Beside The light novel already published in english.

  4. Well i guess thats it, thank you very much for sticking till the end


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