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Friday, April 7, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep3 Nano and the Forbidden Sword 2


"It's a book that teaches forbidden sword manufacturing... How did a human merchant like you get such a thing? It's a fake, isn't it?......"


"It's not a fake. I got it by accident."


He tells the story.

While traveling as a peddler, he happened to find the corpses of a group of adventurers.

Perhaps they had been attacked by monsters after escaping from ruin or dungeon. While scavenging the corpses for saleable items, he found the old book.


(His story makes sense...)


Nano mutters inwardly.

Actually, many adventurers are killed by monsters because they are too exhausted after escaping from a dungeon or a ruin.

The books discovered in ruins also vary from those with modern grammar to those needing translation. At this moment, he still can't conclude that the old book is a fake.

Hisomi's words are difficult to deny.

He continues.


"At first, I thought about selling it on the black market, but I soon realized that I wouldn't get much. I may get robbed, or worse. They would charge me with a crime and take my goods. However, it was too good to throw away. When I was wondering about it... I heard a rumor about Nano-sama. I heard that you want to create a legendary weapon?"




Nano squints his eyes.

He is not hiding it, so anyone could know that Nano is trying to create a legendary weapon if they investigate a little bit.

Because of this, he has been involved with pushy merchants so many times.


"I heard that Nano-sama earned a lot of money as an adventurer. When I heard that rumor, I thought this was a blessing from the Goddess. That is why I offered this book to you."


Hisomi's shady smile widens even more.


"I want to own my own store. However, the only way for a human to have a store is by saving money for generations, be an adventurer and win a fortune, or get a very rich customer. I am the first generation, and I have no way to win a fortune, let alone borrow money. No matter how hard I try, it will be impossible for me to open a store in my lifetime in normal ways. But I really want to have my own store!"




".... Nano-sama, what do you think? I am sure you understand why I am taking the risk and offering this book to you. For a human, having a store is a big dream. To fulfill it, I am willing to walk a tightrope... Based on your reaction, I am sure it is not a bad bet."


As the merchant points out, Nano doesn't show it, but he is excited.

Forbidden Swords are cursed swords, but they exist among the legendary weapons in heroic tales. There is a story about a hero who wields its power by suppressing the curse with mental strength.


The book that describes how to make it is right in front of him!


Dreaming of creating a legendary weapon, he also participated in searching for the Master. Even after Raito's disappearance, he declined the reward and wanted to search for the Master again. He believes that finding the Master would be an important starting point for creating a legendary weapon.

The way to fulfill this dream is now in front of him.


He doesn't care, even if it is a forbidden sword, a cursed weapon, or an evil sword.


He tries his best to hide his excitement while testing his opponent.

Because this may be a trap.


"... Do you really think I'm going to pay you for this? First of all, I can kill you, copy the book, and then hand over the book and your corpse to the soldiers."


Nano threatens to kill Hisomi and emits killing intent.

While feeling killing intent from a level 300 dwarf, Hisomi looks at him and speaks.


"Half of the book is in my hands, but the other half is stored in a place known only to me. If you kill me, you will never get the other half. If you are skilled enough to torture me in this cramped room with someone in the next room, please feel free to try."


"... Tsk, did you calculate everything? This is why I hate merchants."


"I am honored by your compliment."


Nano curses while Hisomi bows in a dramatic gesture.

Nano doesn't like his attitude but realizes that he is serious about selling the book because he is not shaken even when Nano threatens him with serious killing intent.


(He wants to have his own store even if he has to walk a tightrope... It's a dream for a human merchant)


Hisomi looks up, and he takes out the Forbidden Sword Manufacturing book from his leather bag and offers it to Nano.

While suppressing his excitement, he accepts the Forbidden Sword Manufacturing book.


"I'll give you the money. Give me the other half."


"Please check the contents first. Once Nano-sama is satisfied, and I have received the payment, I will give you the other half."


"Tsk, merchants really are cunning. All right, I'll call you once I'm ready."


"As expected of Nano-sama! Thank you! With this, I can have my own store!"


Hisomi couldn't help but raise his voice in joy.

The two quickly discussed how to contact each other and how to deliver a large amount of money without attracting attention, and they signed the contract of two copies. One copy for each party.

Thanks to all that, Nano hasn't read through the Forbidden Sword Manufacturing book (half of it).


When they finally finish all the necessary exchanges, Hisomi squints his eyes, rubs his hands, and speaks.


"That's all for the 'Forbidden Sword Manufacturing' book...... If Nano-sama needs anything for manufacturing, just ask me, and I'll get it for you right away."


"Hmph! Are you going to pick up the small money too? Geez, you are really a cunning bastard."


"Thank you very much. That is the highest compliment a merchant can receive."


Nano utters half sarcastic and half friendly comments about their secret deal.

Hisomi responded happily with his shady smile.


After the exchange, Hisomi leaves his house.


Nano finally looks at the Forbidden Sword Manufacturing book.


"When I learned that I can't continue to search for the Master again because of that bastard Raito, I was so angry... But it seems that luck has come to me!"


Nano is so excited that he forgets to eat or sleep and reads the Forbidden Sword Manufacturing book enthusiastically.



Meanwhile... Hisomi, who left Nano's room, also smiles.


It is not the smile of a man who has walked a tightrope to conclude a big business deal.

He smiles as if he doesn't feel any danger at all.


"Now, is this going to involve the Giant Tower or not? ......"


Without anyone hearing it, his whispers were swallowed by the hustle of the Dwarf Kingdom's capital.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter, I just had to skip half of it cuz is so freaking redundant


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