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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Mynoghra : Episode 47: Falling Moon - part 2

Atou's current combat power is unclear.

However, the true value of sludge Atou is not her fighting strength, but her ability to infinitely take away the enemy's ability.

And she has gained a lot of ability in the previous battle with the Demon King's army.

Certainly, the twin's ability is extremely troublesome.

Their individuals fighting ability also cannot be underestimated.

However, there is no problem.

As before, she can use Glacier Crush to stop their movement, then use tentacles for long-range attacks.

The opponent is just little girl, but they inherits the hero's strength so maybe they won't die.

If possible make them injured so they can't move. Better yet, if they pass out. Even if they can't be recovered ..... well, it's a necessary damage.


Atou make a calm decision and build a battle prediction in her head at high speed.

She is a born hero.

The overwhelming sense of battle possessed by the rare warriors that Mynoghra is proud of. Even with the twins current strength, it is difficult to defeat Atou.


They can't break each other.

The twins fight for the past, the hero fight for the king.

Maybe he is thinking to intervene, since earlier the man had repeatedly waved his hand. A critical atmosphere flowed between the three.

At that time …….


The moonlight ... shaded.


Nothing happen yet it just the dawn has come.

When they notice, the moon has already set in the ground, and its brilliance is disappearing.

At the same time, strong light came in from the opposite direction, and the sun was looking into the face instead.


“………… Cearia. Stop it anymore.”






The older sister Mearia muttered while watching the setting moon.

Apparently, the younger sister who calls her sister's name seems to have the same opinion, and they are staring at the moon as if they were disappointed.

Eventually, they looked away from the moon with a sad expression and turned to Atou and bowed deeply.


"...Atou-san. I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry for being rude."


The little girls who just apologized seemed no different from the little girls Atou knew before.

At this rate then they must be obeying the order to return.

Atou glanced at the moon then nodded as if she was convinced. She was a little disappointed by the return of the two little girls, who she thought were relatively favorable.


"……I see.Well, the situation is the situation, and if you follow the command, I’ll act like I didn't hear the rant just now.Just apologize to the king properly. "


"Yeah, we will apologize."




Then they came to Atou's side.

They were mumbling. It seems that they immediately apologized to the king using a telepathy

Atouturned towards the person to watch out for the most in this place, thinking that he is looks like a Japanese.


"So ... how long you will be there?"


The man looks reckless and his age is about 16-18 years old.

His clothes and armament are new to her, but she know about it.

By sharing her vision, she has already confirmed it to the king, but if he is really what they think he is, it could be a very unpleasant situation.

Atou waits quietly for the man to leave. She feel more nervous than during the earlier interaction with the twins.


"No, oh, hahaha. It seemed like I was talking about something complicated, and I was wondering if I could not read the air when I got into a strange conversation."


In fact, the man was out of the loop the whole time.

The battle interruption wasn’t necessary, and Atoueffort to persuading the twins also wasn’t necessary.

As if someone had forcibly inserted a foreign object into the story that already existed from the start, that man had an atmosphere that so out of place.


So what will happen, Takuto strictly order to avoid battle.

In the first place, there is no reason to fight because the twins have calmed down.

Atou heard from of the detail from the king to some extent, but Demon King was defeated, in a sense it can be said that he tried to help the twins.


However, his suspicious looking made Atou don’t want to talk with him anymore.

Is it because of such an attitude? Did the man finally reach the limit of badness?

He raised one hand then started to talk on and on unilaterally.


"Well! I will leave! It seems... you girls seem to be okay, maybe I was disturbing!"


Then he turned around.

Atou nodded slightly and answered his words while watching his back.

It's too dangerous to make conTakuto with a stranger here.

If the other party is what Atou and Takuto predicted then no one knows what will happen.



"Sorry for the interrupt! And also you two of ----bye!"


Then the man rushed away like a rabbit and finally disappeared over the horizon at a terrifying speed.

Atou, looking at his back then sighed a little.

This is better.

Takuto ordered them to return immediately.

All these troubles had exceeded Mynoghra's capacity, he just wanted time to regain strength.



Atou wanted to know where the man is going to, but ... for now she had no choice but to let him go.



Why were Atou and Takuto so wary of the man?

There are several things they recognize when they see the man.

――The clothes he wore were called school uniforms inTakutoformer world, and the weapon he was using was called katana.

Both were things that should never exist in this world.


Something very troublesome is happening.

When they first came to this world, Atou and Takuto were ranting that the because the location was terrible, but maybe that's not the only problem.

When thinking so, the sigh of Atou finally became deeper.


Anyway, if they don't return home nothing will start.

Atou turned to the two people who had calmed down, and called them out like usual.



"Well ...lets go home. We'll be a little busy from now on. Both of you must help me."


When the twins noticed Atou were a little away from them.

There is a place where the Demon King fell down, and instead of the corpse, a large amount of gold coins are piled up.

That place was the place where the Demon Lord died. His corpse was gone, the only things left there is a large pile of gold coins.


"……What's wrong?"


"Ano, this…..what is this?"


 May be she feels a little uneasy because of the problem she caused a while ago, Cearia asks a question modestly.


These are Brave Quests gold coins? When those demons dead they became gold coin as much as their worth of. --Even for a demon king that's an extraordinary amount of gold coin.


Atou explaining while looking up at the gold coin piles.

It was a stunning amount.

In addition, the enemies she defeated along the way were also dropping gold coins.

By this time, the area around this place is filled with gold reserves comparable to the gold rush.

The economy will collapse when it is put on the market, so it cannot be used.

It would be troublesome if someone found it even if it was left unattended. She wondering what would they do about it?


"Isla mom ... will she be resurrected?"


She was thinking about that, and finally ask the question.

Atou ... thinks a little and explores his knowledge to find a way to do that.


"Unfortunately Isla is dead."


Then sheanswered quietly.


"Hick ... Uku, Hick, Hick ...!"


"Ugu ... uuh, uuh!"


Two girls have tears in their eyes.

Mearia leaked sobs while standing, and the carrier collapsed from her knees.

They didn't expect that at the end of their regret, they will feel so empty.


They never tought that their wishes would be taken so lightly.

Thinking about the past that will never returned, the two just spilled tears.

The beautifully shining gold coins seemed like a reward for something…….

The saddness is unbearable.


“Uwaaaa! Aaaaaaa!!”


“Hicks, hicks! Aaah!”


 They just cry out loud.

 It's the only thing they can do now, no other way left for them.

 While looking at two of them, Atouinforms her King that their return will be delayed a little.


 The glow of the moon had disappeared somewhere in the distance and no longer shining on them.


Isekai Apocalypse Mynoghra episode 48


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