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Friday, April 7, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep4 Each race's attitude toward the humans


Infinite Gacha:  Ch 5 – Ep4 Each race's attitude toward the humans



--Let’s turn back the time a little.



The first princess of the Human kingdom who came to inspect the Giant Tower was replaced by her body double using UR - the Second Shadow. The real one stayed in the Giant Tower to discuss with Raito.

Raito got useful information from her.


They sit on the sofa facing each other inside an office in the Giant Tower.


"If Raito-sama's story is true, we can easily pull the Dwarf Kingdom to our side."


"... Dear Lilith, do you have a logical basis for that?"


"Yes, of course!"


She replies cheerfully and explains her logical basis.


Dwarves are dreaming  to rebuild the great civilizations of the past, creating legendary  swords and armor, crafting, tableware, magic items, etc.

Yet, all countries are restricting technological advancement because of the destruction of the past great magical civilizations. This must be quite stressful for the Dwarves.

It is like telling a fish not to swim or a bird not to fly.


"The reason why they don't go against it is because that it would be bad if the elves, demons, and dragonmen become their enemies. Or even worse, the dwarves themselves might be destroyed."


"...... I see. Certainly, they would prefer the path of creation instead of destruction. Anyone would do the same thing."


I nod to her words.

Lilith continues her words.


"Yes, no doubt anyone would think the same. By the way, the Human Kingdom is pressurized by other countries... I am ashamed to say that there are times when we have to sell our own people as slaves... Among the 5 races, the dwarves give the best treatment."


Lilith explains.

At first, she thought the dwarves wanted to put children to work in the mines. But the dwarves said, "The mines are not children's playgrounds. Amateurs should stay out!"

It seems that the slaves are not allowed to enter the mines.

The reason why the dwarves want slaves is to have them take care of their property and miscellaneous things.


"When I was a child, I had the opportunity to speak with the Dwarf King when attending the Six Nations Conference... The Dwarf King always said, 'I want to stop being king as soon as possible and focus on my work and research.' .... I was young, but that really shocked me."


Lilith talks about the past with a distant look in her eyes.

Certainly, that must be a shocking experience for her.


Therefore, they are rarely employed in dangerous jobs. Mostly they are employed for daily chores.

Dwarves are only interested in pursuing their own dream.

They are not interested in other races, including humans.

Of course, not all dwarves have the same way of thinking. It seems that a certain number of them look down on humans.

But the dwarves who work in the craftsmen field are less discriminating.


"So if you offer them rare ores, weapons, or items, they will listen to you."


--That is Lilith's opinion.


( The dwarf receptionist also looked down on me, but... Once I started delivering valuable items, her attitude to me completely changed.)


Raito remembers when he started working as an adventurer wearing the SSR - The Clown's Mask on the surface world. Maybe that receptionist was also judging whether Raito was beneficial to her profession or not.


Raito also asks about the attitude of each race toward the humans from Lilith's perspective.


The beastmen-- they look down on the humans anyway. Many of them are rude people.


The elves-- it's more like hatred than dislike. Maybe the hatred is because their appearance is most similar to humans? Perhaps that is why the human slaves sent to the Elf Queen Nation were treated as livestock.


The demon race-- it seems that the humans are treated as cheap labor and livestock. Frankly speaking, they don't care about humans. On many occasions, they are more hostile toward the dragonmen. Their hostility is not hatred or grudge, but they seem to see the dragonmen as their rivals.


The dragonmen-- thinking that they are the best of the six races, act like they are the best at the meeting. They show no ill will. They are very secretive, and it is unclear how they treat the humans sent to the Dragonmen Empire.


That's all.



Mei remembered Lilith's story and suggested making the Dwarf Kingdom their next target.

And Raito agreed with her suggestion and decided the next target would be Nano the Dwarf and contact the Dwarf Kingdom.




Naraku, the basement office.


Raito and Mei discuss a revenge plan against Nano and how to contact the Dwarf kingdom.

Aoyuki will monitor the area around Naraku & Giant Tower with her monsters, and Elly will be helping the former human slaves develop a city around the Giant Tower.

Nazuna is... in charge of protecting and playing with Raito's sister (Yume).


As Raito sit in his office, he looks over the plan submitted by Mei.


" I think it would be better not to contact the Dwarf Kingdom through the Elf Queen Nation to have a meeting with us like we did with the Human kingdom."


"Yes. In the Human Kingdom's case, we invited them to inspect the Giant Tower to see if we are treating humans well. But it would be difficult for the current Giant Tower to contact the Dwarf Kingdom because it would be too suspicious and difficult to make a convincing argument for all countries. There are cases where it is beneficial to act openly to draw attention... But this time, it served no benefit."


"If we contact the Dwarf Kingdom as the Giant Tower, most likely they will refuse to meet with us because they don't want to be misunderstood by the dragonmen and other races."


There is no point if the other party already has no intention to listen before the talk.

Their goal is to take revenge against the Races Union's former members and find the truth about the Master.

There is no need to take a forceful approach before knowing how much information the Dwarf Kingdom has and its involvement. Besides, there is an existence that attacked Raito's village. There are some phases in getting information and making things happen.

Of course, if it's necessary, Raito would destroy the whole country. But...


First, they need to gather more information.


"Then, as Mei suggested, we should ask Nemumu to go to the Dwarf Kingdom and secretly meet the Dwarf King to assess how much information they have. Suppose their past deeds were not so bad. In that case, we can discuss whether we can establish a cooperative relationship behind the scenes. If they are willing to cooperate, then fine. If they refuse, they will be our enemies."


"What if they turn against us?"


Raito answers Mei's question with a big smile.


"In that case, we will break their heart like the Elf Queen Nation, behead their leaders, and rule from behind the scenes. Either way, the result will be the same."


"As expected of Raito-sama."


Mei smiles at Raito's words as well.

In this way, the meeting that would determine the future of the Dwarf Kingdom ended.


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