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Friday, April 7, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep5 The Dwarf King, Dagan


The Dwarf Kingdom castle.

Surrounded by mountains, the castle was built into a strong fortress using stones by the dwarves.

Even the furniture inside the castle is high quality and made with a lot of effort.

They are not putting so much effort into it because it's a royal castle.

The dwarf craftsmen always deliver their best products to show that they are the best.

As a result, while each piece is wonderful, the overall coordination is not balanced.


From a third party's point of view, this is a matter of concern. Still, it is not a problem for those who actually use the equipment, and there is no indication of correction.

The user is King Dagan, the King of the Dwarf Kingdom. He returns to his bedroom after a day's work.

Tonight, all he wants to do is drink and sleep.


"Argh, damn it! I want to quit being King and focus on my work and research. Why do I have to do such a troublesome job?"


He is a dwarf with a bald head and a thick beard. He is short, but his torso, limbs, and shoulders are muscular.

He drinks from a bottle of wine on the table and wipes his mouth with his sleeve.

Everything he did and said was not like a king.


Dagan regrets the past with a bottle of liquor.


"Damn it... Why did I go with Paper at the meeting? If only I had gone with Rock then, I would be doing my research now!"


His words may sound ridiculous to others, but it is a serious problem for him.


In the Dwarf Kingdom, the King is not elected based on bloodline.

The masters of craftsmen involved in the founding of the Dwarf kingdom gathered together. They imposed the King's position on each other.


Originally, the Dwarf Kingdom was founded by a group of craftsmen to create better products.

For craftsmen, gathering to discuss and make decisions by voting is troublesome and irrational. The most efficient way is for someone to take the lead and make decisions on national policy as King. Therefore, since a long time ago, it has been customary for the masters of craftsmen to gather and impose the King's position on each other.

The quality of dwarf products is so high that no other race can imitate them. They have a minimum number of officials to run the country, and yet somehow they manage to keep up appearances as a nation.


Dagan also comes from a family that devoted their lives to developing and researching magic items since the country was founded.

He is a skilled craftsman. As a magic item researcher, he is a well-known figure among the dwarves.

It could be said that he was forced to be King because of that...


When choosing the King, another candidate belonged to a family that had been around since the founding of the country and is comparable to Dagan as a craftsman.

After fierce and heated debate, they finally agreed to play rock-paper-scissors to select the King, and Dagan was defeated.


He still regrets his defeat.


Dagan drinks another gulp from the liquor bottle in his hand.


"Gefuuh! But after the next Six Principality Conference, my term will end! Once it's ended, I'll be free to focus on magic item development and research! I'll just have to be patient until then..."



".... Dwarf King."




A voice calls out to him when he counts down the days until the end of his term. There is supposed to be no one else in the bedroom but him.

He looks in the voice's direction, and a figure appears from the bed's shadow, wearing a hooded robe over his head.


"Are you an assassin!?"


Dagan shouted loudly. He holds the empty bottle like a sword with his right hand and puts his left hand behind his back.

He fully prepares to fight.


The intruder doesn't look impatient even though Dagan is fully ready to fight.


"Dwarf King, you can't call the soldiers even if you shout. Furthermore, it is useless to try to activate the magic item hanging at your waist. I have already taken care of everything."




Dagan widens his eyes in astonishment.

As the intruder pointed out, the reason he shouted so loud was to call the soldiers standing by outside the bedroom. He also tried to draw attention by moving his right hand (holding a liquor bottle) while activating the magic item hanging on his waist to create a barrier.

By creating a barrier between him and the intruder, he wanted to buy time for the soldiers to come in. But all of his attempts were seen through and neutralized.


To be exact, the magic item that creates the barrier could be activated for a moment - but even if the magic item is activated, the unidentified being in front of him may be able to break the barrier. Judging from the fact that no one comes in even after he shouts loudly, his opponent is stronger. Even if the barrier is created, maybe it will soon be destroyed... And there is also a possibility that the magic item will not be activated. It is better not to show any hostility now.


The intruder explains his business to calm Dagan down.


"First of all, I apologize for visiting you late at night in such an impolite manner. I have no intention of harming the King of the Dwarves. I simply came here to speak with you."


"... You are not assassins sent by the dragonmen, the elves, or the demons, are you?"


"No, I'm not. I am a servant of someone very important. He wishes to know the truth."


"...... The truth?"


"What is the Master? Why must the mistaken master suspect be killed? Is there possibly a higher existence than the Master? There are some other questions, but that person wants to get all answers. Therefore, that person wishes to meet with the Dwarf King in secret. Of course, the safety of the Dwarf King will be guaranteed. So, may we have some of your time?"




Dagan falls silent.

Even though he was forced into it, he is still the King.

He naturally knew some information about the "Master" and other things.

But they are not things that can be easily shared with a suspicious-looking person.


However, this person easily penetrated the fortress that the Dwarves had created with the best of their technology. The intruder also broke into the King's bedroom without being detected by the soldiers.

Even Dagan's magic item was easily deactivated.


If he refused, it would be easy for this intruder to kill him and escape from the castle again.

He can't easily refuse or agree when his life is at stake, so he stays silent.


From the intruder's (UR - Level 5000 Assassin's Blade Nemumu) point of view, breaking into the dwarves' castle is just a piece of cake. The castle is guarded by the soldiers and protected by the latest magical security equipment.

But they are no match for a level 5,000 assassin.

From her point of view, it is as easy as walking into the next room of her house.


Back to the story.


Nemumu has no intention of killing the Dwarf King even if he refuses.

That is the instruction she received from Raito.

She would retreat without harming. Later on, the Witch of the Giant Tower would simply crush the Dwarf Kingdom frontally and put them under control like the Elf Queen Nation.


From Raito's point of view, it doesn't matter which option the Dwarf King chooses.


For now... Raito follows Lilith's advice and tries to negotiate with him.


Nemumu slowly moves her hand out from her robe to not provoke him.

Dagan is momentarily alarmed by her movement but realizes that she is not moving to kill him.

Nemumu opens the lid of the small box in her hand.


"If you accept the meeting invitation, I will give you a fantasy class magic item, the Poison Neutralizer Ring."


"A fantasy class magic item?"


According to Lilith, Dagan is very enthusiastic about developing magic items.

Therefore, Raito prepared a fantasy-class magic item as bait for attending the meeting... and the effect was great.


Dagan, who was initially very wary, hurriedly approached Nemumu's hand like a dog that had been offered food.


"Let me see! Let me touch it! Let me lick it!"


"If you accept the meeting invitation, I will give it to you. So you can do whatever you want with it..."


"A meeting! All right, I'll go! So when and where do I have to go to get the ring?"




His attitude is completely different from earlier. Nemumu is surprised and falls silent.


(Is it really okay to bring this man to meet Raito-sama...)


Nemumu couldn't help but ponder.


Dagan continues to look at the fantasy-grade magic item in his hand. He looks at the ring from up, down, left, and right with shining eyes.


This is how the Dwarf King accepts the invitation to the secret meeting with Raito.



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