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Friday, March 24, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C47

 Chapter 47: Award Ceremony



It's become a big problem.


I never thought that Yulan would be living with us.


Even though she is in human form, is it really okay for a dragon to live in a human's mansion?


"I don't intend to be an ordinary guest. That hero knew how powerful I am. I won't be your watchdog, but I'll be acting as your watchdragon and beat all bandits to a pulp."


Yulan laughed loudly with her mouth wide open.


"Oh. About that, Yulan."




Yulan stared at Clavis-san with big red eyes.


"You are not allowed to use your powers while you live in this mansion."


"Wha? Why?"


Clavis-san glances at me.


At that moment, I know what he is going to say.


"I'm glad to hear Yulan's feelings."


"I'm sure you are."


Yulan proudly puffed out her chest.


"But Yulan's power is too strong. The nobles of the surrounding territories would feel insecure if they knew that we have a dragon living in our home."


"Why? Why would those humans feel insecure? I haven't done anything yet."


Yulan's cheeks puffed up again.


The dragon girl's mood quickly worsened, so I told her to calm down.


"Yulan, I know that you are not a violent dragon."


"Of course! I am a proud, divine beast, a white dragon. I will never behave like a monster."


"But for those who don't know Yulan, dragons are very frightening."


"That's true. The dragon is the pinnacle of beasts----?"


She finally realized it.


But Yulan is a bit lost here.


Even though she's lived longer than me...


I guess I have no right to say that, either.


Oh, I see. Yulan is just like me.

No matter how long she lived, she spent a lot of time alone, so even if she lived longer, her heart is still immature.


Maybe Clavis-san saw through that, which was why he welcomed us to this mansion.


If that's true, Yulan may be like a mirror to me.


"Yulan ......"


"You don't have to tell me. You mean that many people in this world fear me, right?


"That's not what I mean...."


I hold Yulan's hand.


Her hands are smaller than I had expected. If I look closely, I can see that her nails are almond-shaped. That reminds me of a bird of prey. Other than that, they are no different from normal human hands.


They are warm and soft like a girl's hand when I touch them.


"Yulan, let's grow up together."




Suddenly Yulan's face turns red.


Her red eyes usually give a sharp look, but her eyes are twirling.


Me too. I suddenly remember what Lilith told me and blush reflexively.


"I, I, I, I'm already a lady. Don't compare me with you."


"I, I'm sorry....."


I met Yulan 170 years ago.


Looking back to that time, I never imagined that we would live under one roof.


Above all, I have no idea that Yulan and I are the same.


Many things have happened since I left the mountain, but this may be the biggest surprise so far.


"So let's get along, Yulan."


"Huh. I don't want to get along with you, but I don't mind accompanying you."


Yulan took my hand.




Then 2 days passed.




Mildy-san greeted me with her fox ears popping out of her hair.


She immediately hugs me and rubs my cheek.


Finally, the rest of the knights returned to the duke's mansion.


Richil and Garner are behind her. They all look healthy.


Mildy-san is tired from the expedition, but she hugs me with all her might.


Her tail is curling around me. It feels good.


"Mildy-san, it's painful...."


I tap her, and Richil-san scolds her again.



Three days later.......


We found out who had sent the curse to Sophinie-san.


She is the daughter of a marquis. Surprisingly, neither Clavis-san nor Sophinie-san had ever met her before.


She is a very smart and beautiful young lady who was going to marry into a certain duke's family, but the marriage was broken off at the last minute.


No one knows why she targeted Sophinie-san, who is not related to her. She only speaks incoherently during the interrogation.


According to the kingdom's law, even an attempted murder with a curse is punishable by the death penalty. She will be put on trial. If all the evidence is presented, she will definitely be punished.



And the day when the perpetrator was found.


A ceremony was being held in the hall of Duke Letivia's mansion.


There was a red carpet, The Letivia family flags hanging in the back front of the room and on the walls, and a large chandelier shining brightly.


Next to the carpet stands in line all the retainers, family members, and knights of The Letivia family.


Yulan and I are also in the line.


The star of the day is not Yulan or me.


It is one of the knights.


The hall door opens.


Fletty-san appears. He's wearing a new military uniform.


His head usually looks a bit messy. But today, his hair looks neatly styled with hair oil, and he is wearing some makeup. He looks much cooler than usual.


As usual, he looks serious and dignified.


Fletty-san walks slowly toward Clavis-san, who is waiting on the stage.


We clap and welcome Fletty-san to the stage.


He kneels in front of Clavis-san and bows his head.


Fletty-san's voice sounds a bit nervous.


This award ceremony had been announced in advance. At first, Fletty-san refused to accept the award.


He said the heirloom was stolen because of his mistake, and without my help, they won't be able to break Sophinie-san's curse.


Fletty-san has a strong sense of responsibility, so his way of thinking is pure and straight.


But Clavis-san reminds him.


"You are the Commander of the Knights. If you don't recognize your own achievements, you are denying the achievements of the Knights."


Hearing these words, the stubborn Fletty-san decided to accept the award.


But I think deep down in Fletty-san's heart, he still feels uncomfortable about this.


"In honor of your achievement, I give you the Letivia family heirloom, Flametongue."


Clavis gave the red sword to Fletty.


"This belongs to you now, Fletty. From now on, you may call yourself the Red Flame Knight."


"Thank you very much. I will use it with great care."


"You don't have to take good care of it."


Clavis-san laughs gently.


Wield that sword and protect my family, your men, and this country.


"....... Yes sir! I will risk my life. I swear to protect my lord's family, my men, and the future of this kingdom."


Fletty-san bows deeply.


"Hmm. I'm counting on you."


Then, Fletty-san put his red sword on his waist.


He wears a bright red mantle that fits his title, the Red Flame Knight.


"Commander! Congratulations!!"


Mildy was the first to cheerfully congratulate him.


She is clapping her hands while wagging her tail.


Then many congratulatory words echo through the hall.


"Congratulations, Commander!"




"It really suits you."


"Commander, you're so cool!"


Applause raged like a storm, and praise flew in the air.


Regardless of their status, they all smile and congratulate Fletty-san.


"Congratulations, Fletty-san."


"Thank you, Luciel-kun."


Fletty-san finally smiles as if he is just relieved of a burden.


I'm the one who wants to say thank you.


If only Fletty didn't bring Clavis to meet me that time.


I would still live in the mountains and still be an immature 5-year-old boy.


Fletty-san saved me.


So it is I who should express my gratitude.


"Thank you, Fletty-san."


Fletty-san squints his eyes and laughs.


The red sword on his waist is shining.


Looking back, it was this red sword that started everything.


Instead of the red thread of fate, it was a red sword. Isn't that unique?


The thread might be easily broken, but a sword would be more reliable.


I only pray that the sword will continue to bind me to Letivia's family.


In this way, my new life continues.



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