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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Mynoghra : Episode 47: Falling Moon - part 1


If a playwright saw this scene, he would definitely judge it as a bad drama.

The man's entry was too sudden, completely incomprehensible, and weird.


"What are you?"


Theyounger sister Cearia raised a question.

Her voice sounded like she is holding back her anger that could explode any time.

The reason she not attacking him is because the other party defeated the Demon Lord with one hit.

It was as if a strong man cut off a small fry enemy. It's safe to say that he must have exquisite skill.

However, that was not a technique suitable for dealing with a Demon Lord. They couldn't judge the opponent strength.

Therefore, the twins decided to confirm the opponent identity before deciding what to do.


"No ... well, you girls were attacked, so I wanted to help?"


The man answered casually.

It was as if he just happened to run into his acquaintances who lived in the neighborhood.

This land is devastated land located far south of the civilization.

There shouldn't be any reason that can explain why the man is there or why he could act very relaxed.


The Elfur sisters look at each other.

Is this man their enemy or ally? The question was raised in their mind which already controlled by madness.

However, even if he is on their side it was a great insult for those who were just about to defeat the enemy.


"Help? Did we seem to need any help? You have excellence eyes."


"Ahaha, it's weird. We didn't ask for help. Why did you think we needed help?"


It’s a witch instinct but…. The man’s behavior makes them feel uncomfortable. It was strange enough to make them point it out.


"Maybe ..."


That's why.


"Did you disturb us purposely?"


The man is silent.

Maryia's eyes were widened to the limit, and a crazy gaze pierced the man.

At this point, the man finally seemed to understand the Elfur sisters madness.When she had a scary expression on her face, he startled.

The man certainly hiding something from them.

Of course, the witch does not overlook the change.


"Ah, ahaha! That's not true. Noo!Coincidence, it's a coincidence!  Believe me! Look, such an angry face doesn't suit cute girls like you! I, I just..."


Two girls silently held their weapons.

those weapons was taken from the Demon King and remains on this world, forgetting that it will disappear even after the Lord dies.

Halberd and the twin swords, which embody the evil works and wars of those who came from a different world. Those weapons reflect the moonlight and waiting for the next prey.


"Wa, wait, wait! I didn't mean that! I really wanted to help!"


A man puts his hands forward and desperately persuades Sister Elfur to calm them down.

However, there is no one in this world who can stop these two crazy girl.

No ... It existed in the past, but it has already been lost.


Did he see the strange atmosphere that they were emitting? Or his instinct warn him ...

When he decided that it was impossible to persuade them he gave an exaggerated shrug of his shoulders and said, "Good grief, good grief".

Then he erased some of the reckless expressions he had before and quietly touched the sword handle on his waist.


"Stop, currentlyyou girls can't beat me."


In response to the twins' murderous intentions, he tried to draw out his sword.

However, strangely, he seemed to be playing a drama.

It was as if there he was playing according to a drama script.

It was as if he was being forced to play a different role from before.

His attitude looked very unnAtoural.


…… So what's the matter?


The twin sisters get really irritated at the discomfort they felt.

They don't care about that. Theyreally don't care.

What matters is the fact that the man in front of them has defiled their past.

Their noble prayer and atonement for the past, has been ruined by this man.


The result of the battle dedicated to their mother was robbed. They can no longer defeat their mother's enemy forever.

How much humiliation this is, how angry this is.

The hatred that became so piled up that even the twin sisters themselves could no longer hold it. Finally, they leaks out dense evil atmosphere.


The world is silence.

It's the calm before the storm.

They are already within range of each other, far enough for their’s voices to reach.

All that's left is for something to happen, and then the beginning of the next battle will be announced as it is.

The man bows deep into the waist and takes a position to intercept.

The twins drop their hips deeply and take a leaping stance.

 And so, without knowing each other.


Unproductive killing has begun.


"That's enough!"


" ---- !?"


There are a lot of disturbances today.

And there are also many strange events.

Because of that quiet voice the battle that should have started was forcibly interrupted.

A momentary confusion about what happened. After that, the twin girls notice that their feet are locked by ice that appeared suddenly.


"It is amazing. Do you forcefully stop an event that has already started? Wasn't the time distorted now?"


Not just ice.


The little girls have inherited Isla's ability. Their strength as heroes couldn't be stopped with ice alone.

But instead, their action had been stopped even though they were already in an attacking position.

There are only a few things that make this possible.


While instantly understanding the fact, the little girls looked where the voice came from.

The one who standing there is... their hero called the Sludge Atou.


She has stop the completely triggered event.

The technique used earlier by Atou is a special move called "Glacier Crush". That move was taken from Ice Rock, one of the Shitennou.

If the attack has a special effect, if it hits the opponent then the opponent's movement will stop and the user can launch the next attack freely.

...... It's such a vicious ability that no one can't even see it.

While wondering why RPG character's ability is so unreasonable,

Atou focus her mind for a moment to report the situations to Takuto using telepathy, and quietly proceeded closer to the twins.


"Wow, another girl !?"


The man shouts when he sees Atou.




Atou glanced at the man.

She looked astonished for a moment, then her expression turned bitter.

She nodded her head countless times seems like she is communicating with Takuto via telepathy.


Unlike the twins, they seemed to have some information about the man.


"Who are you? Why are you here?"


"Well, that's ... eeto, what's anenterprise secret? Ah, even if I saidenterprise you won’t understand ... haha"


Hearing the man's words Atou replied inwardly"Huh I understand what a company is". Then she ignored the man's words and consult with Takuto.

But she keep looking at the man and stay on guard.


"Yes, I know Ta---My King."


Only a few seconds. After receiving some instructions, Atou observes the man and then suddenly looks away.

Then, while the man get upset, she call out the twins.


"I have already heard from the king.Your goal ----- was accomplished, right? Then let’sgo back."


Yes, there was irregularity, but the order Atou received was bring back the twins.

She is need to bring back the twins to Mynoghra capital safely.

Fortunately, it seems that the Demon King, the twins target has been defeated as well. It seemed that there won't be any problem if they go back.

But ...


"The man interfered.


"I can't let him get away.


The Elfur sisters still had unfinished business.

They were desperately seeking an outlet to release their hatred and regret.


"What? Our king said that? Why don't you listen? You girls---are you misunderstanding something?"


Her words indicated thatAtou who is frustrated.

For her, Takuto is the highest priority. At the same time, she think that as the citizen all the dark elves should have the priority.

The shabby dark spirits who happened to be honored to become their citizens by the king mercy should not against the King orders.


"Please don’t to get in our way."


" Atou-san, if you get in the way, I won't forgive you."


"At the edge of the little girl-did you get the power and swear?"


"Remember your stAtous, little girl --- Have you girls get cocky just because you got stronger?"


It sounded like something had just cut off.

Countless tentacles appeared from behind Atou.

Her tentacles were swaying, each one had a clear will. She yelled at the fools who refused Takuto's orders.

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