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Friday, March 24, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C46

Chapter 46: Maiden's Heart





Suddenly, Lilith looks around.


She seems to be looking for something.


Finally, she tilts her head and asks.


"Where's Master White-sama?"






White Dragon has disappeared.


He has  such a big body. Even if he wanted to hide, he would have been spotted immediately.


But His figure completely disappeared.


"I'm here."


An unfamiliar girl's voice startled us.


She sits at the short end of a long table, the so-called birthday seat.


Judging from her height, she is about the same age as Lilith.


She has beautiful silver hair tied in two and sharp bright red eyes. Her skin is pure white, and she wears a translucent robe of feathers that looks as if it is woven with water.


A pendant is hanging around her neck in the shape of a dragon.


Instead of cute, the word beautiful fits her appearance. Somehow she also looks wild.


Anyway, we were enchanted by her supernatural aura.


"Who, who're you?"


I thought she was one of the mansion's residents. But judging from Clavis-san's reaction, she is not.


He is a complete stranger. And yet I don't feel that she is a stranger. Above all, I remember this hard-to-approach atmosphere.


The silver-haired girl grabs the plate left for a second serving and picks up the aged meat with her hand. She doesn't care about all the stares from people around her.




She opens her mouth and holds up the meat as if feeding it to an animal.

It is not only bad manners, but no one dares to criticize her.


I could only follow her barbaric behavior with my eyes.




She slaps her beautiful kneecaps.


"I never thought that mountain oaks could be so tasty after 50 years. I'd like to try a 1000-year-old one next time. It must be delicious."


50 years....... 1000 years.....!


Is it possible that the girl in front of me is...?


"By any chance, are you White-san?"


"Hmm? What? Luciel, you just noticed it now?"


The girl winks her eyelids.




" " " Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!" " "


Everybody in this place screamed. Our scream echoed throughout the courtyard.


One of the waiters drops her tray and makes a loud noise.


Lilith was very surprised that she dropped her fork and knife.


Even Venson-san's expression stiffened.


"White-san is a girl?"


No, there is a more important question in the first place.


Why does a white dragon become a human, wearing a rather revealing outfit, sitting at the birthday seat, and eating Mountain Oaks aged meat steak?


I think it's all very chaotic.


"Hmmm? Do you wonder why I look like this? I'm quite a pretty girl, right?"


Uh...... I can't help but admit that.


Same as Lilith, or maybe even more............ No, no, no, what am I trying to compare.


“This is how I will look when I transform into a human being.”


"But isn't your appearance too young?"


When she was in her dragon form, she was so big.


Could it be that she adjusted her appearance to match mine?


Maybe she read my mind. White-san squinted her eyes.


"Don't get cocky, Luciel. I am the same height as you because I am still a child in our tribe."


Oh, I see. I get it now.


Wait, more importantly...


Maybe everyone also has the question...


"In the first place, are you really a girl?"


Karim-san asked boldly.


Karim-san dares to ask such a scary question.


"What the hell, are you serious? Did you attack me without knowing that I am a female dragon? You attacked this maiden's skin mercilessly..... Huh! I am humiliated!!"


White Dragon shouted in anger and spread her anger around.


"What a rude man! Behold the whiteness of this skin. Isn't it as white as sugar coated skin? The males' skin is darker. Do you get it?"


No, no, no. We didn't know that at all...


"Okay, okay, that's enough. By the way, White Dragon-dono...... Do you like my son's cooking? Well, I think the answer is clear from your earlier gesture....."


That's right.


I had completely forgotten that all this was to calm White Dragon's anger toward me.


I served Mountain Oaks aged steak as a substitute for the dragon steak, but I wondered how White Dragon would judge it.


I couldn't help but gulp and wait for White Dragon's next words.


"My answer has been fixed from the beginning."


A big tail appeared behind White Dragon, who had become a girl.


Even in her new form, her old wound has not healed.


Instead, a cute ribbon is wrapped around her old wounds.


"My answer is no. I have no intention of reconciling with Luciel."


I felt something heavy fall on my chest.


I went blank for a moment, but the conversation continued.


"You didn't like his cooking....?"


Clavis-san asked further.


"The cooking was great. It was very delicious. I've lived longer than humans, but I can say this is the best food I've ever eaten."


"Then ----."


"But I wanted a dragon steak, and I can't accept anything else."


White Dragon is right.


Her request is consistent. Without her concern, I tried to substitute it with something else.


After all, White Dragon doesn't allow me to serve anything other than dragon steak.


"But, Clavis. To honor your family name, you want me to forgive him. Well, I don't mind forgiving him if you agree to a condition."


"I don't think it has anything to do with our family name, but.... Okay, let's hear it."


Clavis-san nods his head.


"Welcome me as your house guest."




Eh? What does she mean?


"White dragon in our home?"


"Then you can serve me dragon steak anytime. Am I right?.......Luciel."


Even if you said that...... I really don't understand what you mean.


Then Clavis-san laughs loudly.


Karim, Sophinie, and Fletty also laugh.


Lilith also covers her mouth with both hands and giggles.


Why are they all laughing?


Is there something funny?


I tilted my head.


Even Venson-san and the waiters are also smiling and holding back their laughter.


"Hey! Don't laugh! You all, what's so funny?"


White Dragon scolds, but only her voice volume goes up.


White Dragon leans on her chair, crosses her arms, and puffs out her cheeks.


"Hmph, hmph----. Hey family head. What is your answer? Do you welcome me as your house guest or not?"


"I will gladly welcome you."


"Are, are you sure? Clavis-san?"


"Fortunately, we have a room available. We can't afford to welcome you in your dragon form. But that shouldn't be a problem if you're in such lovely form. Right, Venson?


"I think there's no problem....."


Venson-san nods his head.


As I am panicking, White Dragon speaks up.


"Luciel-kun, that is the conclusion. I will stay at this mansion. I am looking forward to eating dragon steak."


E, even if you say that.....


"Fuhahaha! Luciel! You've lived 300 years but you still don't understand maiden's heart."


"Ma, maiden heart?"


"Well, it seems so. Lilith, on behalf of all women here, give Luciel-kun a lecture."


Karim-san made a suggestion while holding his laughter.


Lilith shakes her head.


"Me?! Why me?"


"That's an important role of the family too."


"Geez, Onii-sama..."


"Eh, excuse me...... Lilith. I really don't know what's going on here.

 White-san said she hates me, but she's going to stay in this mansion. Even though she hates me."


My head is about to explode.


When Lilith sees me panicking, she is stunned for a moment. She sighs a bit and then laughs.


"It can't be helped."


Then Lilith whispers to my ear.


"White Dragon-sama is------."






I couldn't help but scream.


Then I turned toward White Dragon.


My eyes coincidentally met her red eyes, and I hurriedly turned my face away from her.


"That, that White ----."


I try to confirm, but my mouth is shut by Lilith's small hand.


"Now is not the right time, Luciel. Please keep it to yourself."


"Wha, Why ......?"


"Because---- Eeto, if it's me, I would want you to do that."


Lilith smiles with a blush on her cheeks.


She looks so cute, like an angel.


"Hey you two. What are you two talking about?"


White Dragon came in between Lilith and me.


"Whi, White-san!!"


"What's that look on your face? ......Well, never mind. I've been wondering about something."


"What is it? White-san?"


"Yeah. I'm talking about that cheap 'White-san' nickname.

Change it.

From now on, we'll live under the same roof."


"What? But what should I call you......?"


"I don't have a name yet, because I am only half human. So you can call me by my family name."


"Then tell me your family name."







My name is Yulan. Once again, take good care of me, Luciel.”


This way, Yulan the White Dragon came to live with us in Letivia's mansion.


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