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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep2 Nano and the Forbidden Sword 1


"You are Nano-sama, aren't you? May I have some of your time?"


Nano looks back at the voice source. A man is standing there as if he had just emerged from the shadows.

He is around 170 cm tall, slender, and wears very ordinary clothes. He is carrying a leather bag on his shoulder.

Overall, he looks like a very ordinary human.

Perhaps his only distinguishing features are his string-like slanted eyes and shady smile.


Nano stares at that human with suspicious eyes.

But he doesn't care and casually sits beside Nano.

Since most of the customers who come to the restaurant are dwarves, the chairs and counter tables are small and difficult to sit on.


"Nice to meet you. I am Hisomi, a peddler who deals with weapons and armors."


"...... Tsk."


Nano clicks his tongue as if he is in a bad mood.


(I got involved with a troublesome guy...)


Nano curses inwardly.

90% of people in the Human kingdom are farmers, and the remaining 10% are slaves, adventurers, and merchants.

The merchant is the second most popular job for humans, after adventurers, excluding farmers.


Compared to becoming an adventurer, the challenge is lesser because it is a job that can be done without physical strength. Many people want to become a merchant.

Still, once they leave the village or country, there are many dangers, such as bandits, thieves, and monsters. If they have an escort, it will cost a lot of money, and the profit is uncertain. Moreover, other species may look down and take advantage of them because of their race.

Therefore, human merchants have many disadvantages compared to other races.


Among the human merchants, Dwarf products are the most popular.

Dwarf products have high quality, and the Dwarf Kingdom is less racist than other races.

...... Of course, this doesn't mean that there is no discrimination. There are some radicals, but most dwarves are 'Go my own way' people.

The truth is... They are too busy pursuing their chosen paths (craftsman, adventurer, cook, brewer, etc.) and don't have time to deal with other races.


Rather than looking down on humans, it's more like they have no interest in humans.

...... The opposite of like is indifference, but indifference may be better than harsh discrimination from the humans point of view.


There are not many reasons for a human peddler to call out. There are two main reasons.


One is to make contacts with craftsmen to get high-quality dwarf products.


The other is to sell his products to the dwarves.


Hisomi continues his words with a shady smile.


"As a peddler, I usually deal with dwarf products and many other things, but I have a product that Nano-sama will like this time."




Nano grimly clicked his tongue again.

When he was working as a blacksmith & adventurer, these kinds of people would approach him. It is a well-known story among the locals that Nano's goal is to create legendary weapons. So many people approached him to sell legendary weapons or materials, but they were only trying to sell him junk.


Nano has worked in a blacksmith workshop for many years and seriously studies magical weapons for his future.

His dwarf nature makes him an expert in his field.


However, Nano is labeled as a weirdo and a naive person. So many fraud merchants tried to make money by deceiving Nano.

It seems that this time is no different.


He stares at him and briefly rejects his offer.


"No, get lost."


"Don't say that. I'm sure Nano-sama will like it."


"I said I don't want it! Shall I make it impossible for you to ever smile again? Hah?"




The slanted eyes merchant's face turns pale.

Nano is a former member of the Races Union, and his level is around 300.

He usually could easily scare off a human merchant just by intimidating him. But this time, the merchant is strangely persistent.


"Calm, calm down, Nano-sama. I really have prepared something that Master Nano will like..."


With a pale face, the merchant quickly takes out a book from his leather bag, opens and shows one of its pages.

Nano's irritated and intimidated expression instantly changes to astonishment.

He gulps and gives a hand signal to close the book.


A dwarf sitting near them senses the tense atmosphere and asks, 'What's wrong? Are you fighting?'

But Nano ignores it and puts some money for his drinks on the counter table, then gives a sign to the merchant with his chin.


The two left the restaurant, some dwarves looking at their backs with strange stares.


Then they headed to Nano's house.


Nano lives in a middle-class apartment complex for singles, even though he has enough money for the rest of his life.

He rented it because the blacksmith shop he currently works is just a stone's throw from the house.


The house is designed for single male dwarves, so the ceiling is lower, and the furniture is slightly smaller. That makes the place is inconvenient for other races.

But Hisomi does not care, and he silently follows Nano into the house with a victorious smile.


After locking the door, Nano moves to the living room and asks him about the book.

Nano's eyes are wide open as if he is trying to intimidate Hisomi. Still, his throat is tight because he is so nervous. Finally, he manages to squeeze his voice out.


"......Are you crazy? I can't believe you'd show me something like that in front of that many people."


"Nano-sama, how about you? You didn't capture me and hand me over to the security soldiers... Are you interested? This book is about Forbidden Sword Manufacturing."


What is a Forbidden Sword?


It is a powerful cursed weapon that is rarely discovered in ruins.

Although it is called a sword, it basically refers to all kinds of weapons.

Basically, it is cursed weapons that reduce the user's life span, make the user crave the living blood of others, or consume the mind and make the user lose their mind.

It is said that some heroes in fairy tales have mastered the forbidden sword with their mental power. But generally, they are treated as dangerous things.

Therefore, they are called Forbidden Sword, Cursed Weapon, Evil Sword, etc.


Even under the six-country agreement, forbidden swords are treated as dangerous things and must be reported immediately when discovered. Any intentional violation of the law can result in the death penalty.


As Nano said, the book is about forbidden sword manufacturing.

There are also forbidden items. One who finds them and hides them can be severely punished.

Possessing this Forbidden Sword Manufacturing Book is clearly a crime.


However, Nano didn't report it and quietly took him to his house.

The good dwarves should have captured him and handed him over to the security soldiers...

Nano doesn't move and asks Hisomi.


"Where did you get such a dangerous thing? Is it real?"




Like a gambler who has won a bet, Hisomi smiles wider. 

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