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Friday, March 10, 2023

ItsuJita ~C58


Chapter 58: Shiro, into the forest again.


 Two weeks passed since Karen had told me about the guild's request.


--Please keep my identity a secret.


Under that condition, I revealed to Bash that I have space storage skill.

He didn't seem too surprised.

Instead, he looked as if he had expected it.


When Bash and I examined the capacity of my storage, we found that it has no bottom. So Bash gathered the necessary materials, supplies, and craftsmen for construction in ten days. At the same time, he searched for a suitable location for the base.

About half of the guild's adventurers would be deployed to help the construction and maintain the base.


The planned construction site is 3 day walk through the forest.

All I need to do is bring the materials and supplies to the site then return home.


It would take about a week for a round trip.

But it wasn't a bad deal for me either, because I was offered an extremely high reward of 2 gold coins per day.


Since it would take me a week for a round trip, I would earn 14 million yen in just 7 days.

The amount of the reward shows how valuable a person with space storage skill is.


I am leaving today.

That's why I will say goodbye to the little shopkeeper who is going to take care of my store.


"OK, Aina-chan, I'll be away for a while."


"Shirou Onii-chan......"


Inside the store before it opens.

Aina looks sad.

After patting her head, I crouch down and look at her in the eyes.


"Don't make such a face. I'll be back soon."


"But ...... there' gonna be scary monsters, right?"


"Don't worry about that. The Blue Flash will protect me, and I'll be accompanied by many other strong adventurers. On the contrary, the monsters will run away from me.

So, Aina, please don't worry about me and greet the customers with a smile as usual."


"............ OK."


"Thank you. Take care of the store for a while, OK?"


"...... OK."


I patted Aina's head again and then shifted my eyes to the person next to me.


"Stella-san, I'm sorry for asking you to do this. Please take care of the store with Aina-chan."


"Yes. I'll do my best."


While I am away, the 2nd store in the guild will be closed temporarily.

The guild bought many goods to build the base, so there was nothing left to sell. That is the official reason.


Actually, the reason is to have Stella-san work at the 1st store while I'm away.

I've asked them to tell anyone who asks about me that I'm away to stock up.


"There's some stock in the storeroom at the back, but when everything is sold out, just put up the 'Sold out' sign."


"I understand."


Stella-san looks serious and nods her head.

Her hands are clenched tightly as if she is really determined.

That part of her is just like Aina.

As expected of a mother and daughter.


"Actually, I wish I could confidently say 'Leave it to me'."


"Mom, Aina's here too, so you'll be fine.


"That's right. Thank you, Aina. Your presence is a great support to me."




" Really."




Aina shows her teeth and smiles widely.

She was a bit sad to be separated from me, but I think a smile looks best on her.


"I'm going to leave now."


"Shirou Onii-chan, take care."


"Shirou-san, take care of yourself."


"OK. See you!"


The two of them see me off, and I leave the store.


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