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Friday, March 10, 2023

ItsuJita ~C57


Chapter 57: The incoming request



"Oh, Shirou Onii-chan. Karen Onee-chan came by earlier and said she is waiting for you at the town hall."


Aina was looking after my store.

When I returned to my store, Aina told me that Karen just came by.

Too bad we missed each other.


"The town hall.... Aina, is it OK if I go to the town hall now? I'm going to leave the store again. Will you be OK by yourself?"


"Yes. Aina will be fine on my own."


Aina tapped her chest as if to say she would be in charge.


"Thank you. I'll be back as soon as I can."


"Take care."


"See you later."


Aina saw me off and I left my store.

Perhaps because I have opened a branch store in the Adventurer's Guild,  the customers have been dispersed.

Most of the customers at my 1st store are locals, so it's not as crowded as before.

That is why depending on the time I can leave it to Aina alone.


I guess it's time to change the product arrangement between the first and second stores.

When I have time, I'll have to seriously think about the products for each store.

But for now--


"Shall I go to the town hall?"



I told the lady at the reception desk that I had come to see Karen.

Maybe she had already been informed about me, so she immediately let me into the office.


"Thank you for coming, Shiro."


" You are welcome. I heard you were looking for me."


"Let's talk while we sit down. I'll make you some tea. Have a seat first."

 Karen asked me to sit down on the sofa.


"It's herbal tea from our garden. I hope it suits your taste."


She placed two cups of herbal tea on the table and sat down facing me.

I took a sip of the herbal tea.

I sipped the herbal tea. After my mouth felt refreshed...


"So...... What do you want to talk with me?"


I asked her why she was looking for me.


"That's the thing...... Hmm."


Karen's mouth stopped talking.

It's unusual for her to be hesitant.


"Is it difficult to say?"


Karen's face is more serious than usual. 

I wonder what she's going to say?


Does she want to raise the rent?

Or does she want the store back?

It seems like it could be either of those things.

Ah, I'm starting to get nervous.


"I suppose so. Rather than difficult to say, it's difficult to ask you."


"Come on. Karen-san and I are friends, right? Don't hesitate to ask me."


"If you say so, it makes me more hesitant."


Karen laughs lightly.

But soon she returns to a serious look.


"Let me tell you something first. You don't have to accept what I'm about to ask you to do. Because in the worst-case scenario, it could cost you your life."


"My Life?"


"Yes, your life."


"Please tell me. If Karen-san is so serious about this, it must be related to this town's future, am I right?"


"You're very sharp. As expected of you, Shiro."


"It's happened once before. And whenever Karen-san asks me - or anyone else - for a favor, it's always for the sake of this town's development."


"Is that true?"


"Yes, that's true."


"...... I, I see."


"Yes. It's been less than three months since I came to this town, but I've been watching you closely. I have seen Karen-san working very hard."




She must be feeling embarrassed by my straightforward praise.

Karen's face turned bright red.

She is flapping her face with her hands and looking out the window for a moment.


"Everyone knows you're working hard, Karen-san. That's why everyone wants to help. And of course, I want to help too."




"So do not hesitate. If I can help, I'll say I can. If I can't help, I'll refuse. So please tell me."


I said this and waited for Karen's reply.


"A man like you is...... really......."


Tears almost come out of Karen's eyes.

She hurriedly wipes them away with her fingertips and says...


"Well then... Actually, the guild master, Bash-dono made a request to me."


Karen-san pauses and lowers her voice.


"He asked if I knew of anyone who has space storage skill or items."




"Yes. Bash-dono wants to build a base for adventurers in the eastern forest. He said he is looking for someone with space storage skill or items to carry construction materials."


"Ah...... I see."


My space storage skill is very rare.

I've heard that it's so rare that you'll never be hungry if you have this skill.


"I don't know the scale of the project, but I'm sure it will take a lot of materials and manpower."


"That's true. There are no roads for wagons in the forest, and they'll also need food for their manpower."


"If we have someone with space storage skill, we can solve the whole problem."


Karen nods at my words.


"If we build a base in the forest, we won't have to go back to the guild every time."


"I understand why Bash-san wants to look for someone with that skill. But even though you're the mayor of the town, he shouldn't ask Karen-san for help. Is it possible that......?"


"Bash-dono is probably aware that you have space storage skill.


"I guess so. The other day I also brought a lot of liquor to the guild."


"Bash-dono was very grateful to you for that. I heard that the guild was in a bad mood because they couldn't find any ruins even after exploring the forest. I heard that there was a lot of fighting among the adventurers."


"Uwaa~....... Such a thing happened. Ryer and Emmy never showed any sign of it, though."


"He probably didn't want you to know about the guild's problems.

You're osekkaiyaki."


"You're overestimating me. I'm not going to stop a bunch of muscular men from fighting."


"But you will try to stop them some other way, won't you?"


"...... Maybe I would only let them drink some delicious liquor."


"Fufu. You've actually stopped them. As a matter of fact, the adventurers have stopped fighting each other after you sold them a lot of great liquors."


"Drinking is a great stress reliever."


"Especially in a town with not many entertainment options."


"I didn't have that kind of intention when I started selling alcohol."


"I know that. When I say there are not many entertainment options, I'm talking about the future of this town."


"I see. If you're going to create some kind of entertainment, let me help you."


"I'll be happy to discuss it with you when the time comes."


Karen took a sip of her herbal tea.

After moistening her throat, she says, "Let's get to the topic at hand.


"Bash-dono is aware that you have space storage skill. If he didn't, he wouldn't have asked a mere mayor like me to help him."


"So he's indirectly asking for my help through Karen-san?"


"It's just my speculation. But I'm almost certain. So what are you going to do, Shiro? The forest is full of monsters. The deeper you go, the more dangerous and unknown monsters may appear. Of course, you'll be rewarded and the adventurers will do their best to protect you."


"Hmmm, ....... By the way, did he say how much the reward is?"


"He said the reward is two gold coins per day."


"Eeeh? Two gold coins? Don't you mean two silver coins?"


If I exchange two gold coins with my equivalent exchange skill, I get two million yen.

A daily wage of 2 million yen, isn't that at the level of a famous celebrity?

I think Karen must misheard it......?


"Yareyare. As usual, you have no idea of your own value. I told you that people with space storage skill are very valuable. I don't know the market price, but I think even two gold coins are still too cheap. Even with an adventurer's escort, there is no guarantee."


That's what she said.


"I'll leave it to your judgment. As I said at the beginning, your life is at stake. I don't mind if you refuse. I'm sure 2 gold coins are insignificant to you."




I cross my arms and think.

Two gold coins per day are undoubtedly tempting.

But it's certainly not worth risking my life for.


But if they could build a base, it would make their exploration much easier.

The adventurers ' wallets will surely be swollen if the base can help them find ruins and treasures.

And if the adventurers get richer, the store's sales will go up dramatically.


Strangely enough, the four members of the Blue Flash appear in my mind.

Ryer, Nesca, Kiki, and Rolf.

I'm sure those four would be happy if they discovered the ruins.


Especially Ryer, he said he wants a magic sword that gives him magic power whenever he drinks liquor.




"What is it?"


"I will accept that request under some conditions."


When I answered her, Karen-san smiled as if she knew what I am going to ask.


"Can you tell me those conditions? I'll talk it over with Bash-dono."


"Thank you very much. My conditions are......."


This is how I told Karen-san about my conditions.


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1 comment:

  1. Something to note. You don't need to use random Japanese.

    Things like "osekkaiyaki" can be replaced with "a busy body" or "a meddler" and the meaning would get across much more easily.

    That being said, I do wish that these Japanese authors would stop equating pushovers as being "good guys"... like, I don't mind once in a while... but that's kinda the trope

    And it's weird when you think about the fact that most of the protagonist we grew up with (Ichigo, Naruto, Goku, Luffy) are actually stubborn and are willing to defend themselves and aren't pushovers....

    Yet these web novels repeatedly make their protagonists push overs...


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