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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Mynoghra : Episode 46: Last Scene - part 2


Episode 46: Last Scene - part2


"Do you want to control my body too?What an arrogance! What an insolence!And that's my test!"


The earth exploded, and two girls rushed forward.

The pile of weapons launched to intercept them disappeared at once. The Demon King lost his balance when trying to block their movements.

Still, the Demon Lord didn't fall.

He welcomes twin girls with his claws that can cut through steel easily.

An attack that is difficult for the human eye to see.


The Demon King cannot escape.

Even if it was possible, he wouldn't have the option to escape.


The battle is slightly leaning towards the Elfur sisters.






The transformation of the Demon King has reached the final stage from the beginning.

He now has no more card left, and no way left to turn over the situation.

Even though he used debuff magic which could degrade the enemy's abilities, it was all in vain. After all, from the start none of his attacks succeeded in injuring his opponent.

On the other hand, an opponent's melee attack was sure to invite destruction.

Defeat had already crossed his mind, it meant he would fall into eternal nothingness.


"I won't lose! God is on my side! I can't lose in a place like this because I was chosen by God!"


The Demon King shouts.

He shout a prayer for God who led us to this world to calm himself.

It is ironic that the existence that should bring darkness to the world believes in God.


"It's peaceful! Above all, the peace I want is right there! I'll overcome the trials of God!"


It turned out that what they wanted was peace, what a comedy.

Isla and the Inferno Shitennou Fremine who died together with her, and the Demon King, they all wanted the same thing.

Why were they summoned to this world?Why do they have feelings?

How happy would it be if they had no feelings and could continue living as in-game data?


The Demon King remember what happened when he came to this world.

He saw the infinite white world, then he saw an overwhelming presence that makes him realized how tiny and silly his existence is.

Then the truth of the world told next.

Yes---God is real.

That thing appeared before them and gave the word.

The word is a promise ....The Demon King did not hesitate to conquer this world, because God made a promise with him.

Even though he knew that he could only do that, this time he can makes his own a determination.

All for the eternal happiness and peace to be offered to God.

To improve himself from a game character to a person who has his own will.


"Ahahahaha! Nee! Nee nee nee! There is no God? God is not real! God is nowhere to find! The world is cruel to us!"


"God, God,God, since a while ago you are so noisy. Keep crying Gyagyagya, shut your mouth."


The two witches respond with disgusted feeling to the Demon King's wishes.

They were totallynot interested in the Demon King and his wishes.


"God! There is God! God gives peace! God understands our suffering! That is a promise! I am here as a proof!"


The Demon King shouts.

God's mercy, confession to God, wish to God, declaration to God.

The scenes from that time are revolving in Demon King's mind.

One shabby man with his ambitions are about to collapse.

Only two little girl. His wish is about to disappear only because of two little girls.


"I can get my freedom.Get freedom and go to a world without conflict! Go outside of the closed world! Go to the outside of the game!"


The Demon King shouts.


"Make a wish, if you believe it! The great God will respond!"


---- The two girls who heard those words only averted their eyes as if they had just seen dirt.


The two girls know.

There are no dreams or hopes in this world.

Everyone must be hated, because the more they believed in it, the more betrayed they would be.

The only thing that can be trusted is the past.

They only believe to those who were kind to them and have been taken away from them because of that kindness.

Their minds, strengths, bodies, wills, beliefs and thoughts are all directed to the past.

With regret for those who died, for those who have been disappear the two girls went crazy under the moonlight and keep pushing forward.


"The world, if you offer the world to God, God will grant your wishes! What is your God? What do you believe in!?? Say the name of your God! "


"God is not exit."


The two replied again.God is not exist.

Such a convenient existence doesn't exist in this world.

For a moment the gentle smile of the King passed through their mind, but they shook it off.

They felt a pain in theirs’s chest.

The moon is shining beautifully.


 ◇   ◇   ◇


In the end, the battle ended as expected.

The Demon King's fighting ability is not as good as the twin girls who have been strengthened to the maximum.

It was a pure fact, and there was no room for miracles to enter there.

If the differences of their combat ability wasn't too big, the story would have been different.

But ... unfortunately that was not the case.


A game can be said to be a world.

It entertains many people, spins stories, and impresses and excites people.

The RPG game "Brave Questus", which has made many records and legends and is also called a timeless masterpiece in RPG games, is still remade and media-mixed and has many strong fans.

Demon is the last boss who sits down at the end.

Unfortunately the Demon King never have a good ending, and above all he always lonely.


"Aah, I'm rotting. My dreams, hopes ... is disappearing."


His body collapsed into a mess, all the weapons disappeared, even though the Demon Lord still faintly survived.

The twins seemed to have lost interest in the Demon King, and looked up at the moon.

The battle is over.

They don't feel sorry for those who have been defeated.

But ... even though for the Elfur brothers the battle is over, but for the Demon King it is not over yet.


"I can't ... I won't die. As long as this will still exists, I swear in my Godname... I won’t die!"


Sometimes a strong will can change the destiny.

Sometimes an event that should never be overturned is forcibly twisted.

Especially if it was ... defined at the event.

Because the system does not consider the target.


= Message =============

A strong will supports the Demon King.

Demon King wounds is disapearing!



Awakening caused by will power in times of crisis.

This is perhaps the most cliché and the most common phenomenon.

However, this kind of phenomenon always happen because it is just too cliché.

The world is cruel, but at the same time the world is just.

If a girl who is helpless and pitiful gains new strength in regret and hatred.

Perhaps a strong demon would gain new strength in desire and hope.


"Ooh, ooh! So after all, I won't end here! I'm loved by God!"


A new magical power wraps around the Demon King's body and emits a strong light.

It is a strong and noble light.

His sharp eyes with the strong will and power glared at the girls.


"God has seen me! God will bless me with victory!"


Then he declare it loudly, the name of the God who believes in himself and offer him all those dreams.”


"Listen! My God's name is--"


= ■■■■■ ============

Don't speak the name of God unnecessarily





that moment. Someone flies from the sky.

Neither the Elfur sisters nor the Demon King. A third party who is not invited.


The silver light flashed straight with a roaring metallic sound.

Vertical lines appeared on the Demon Lord's body faster than the flying dust.

The moment that happened, the Elfur Sisters immediately took their distance from the scene, turning their sharp eyes towards the Demon King who was starting to lose balance.




Their former enemy had been split in half right from the middle.

The cut is simply amazing.

The body is beautifully cut in straight lines as if using a ruler, and there are no distortions.

Furthermore, despite the attack cutting through the Demon King's tough body, no useless force was applied, and the influence on the surroundings was surprisingly small.

In fact, the body made of iron and corpses is still standing on the spot as if nothing happen.

However, the change gets larger as the time flow.

Eventually, the Demon King body, who was separated from the left and right, slowly fall down on the ground and became piles of countless gold coins.


= Message =============

The Demon King has been defeated!

The Brave Quests Demon King's army is dead!



The two girls look at each other as if to check for a moment, and look back again.

There was an extremely large interruption.


It's innocent

At the timing as if some intention worked

He flew in and defeated the Demon King.

This is so odd, the timing is just right as if someone was planning to step in and defeat the Demon Lord from behind the scenes.

Who is it? For what purpose? How?


"……I wonder who?"


"... Why disturb us?"


The smoke had subsided, and a man appeared at the scene.

His age ... is not old. On the contrary, still very young. Maybe 4-5 years older than the little girls.

He was a young man wearing a single-edged curved weapon that shines beautifully under the full moon light, and wearing a black outfit that is different from any culture the little girls had ever seen.


The young man looked reckless, he swung his gun to get rid of the clinging blood, then put it in the sheath.

The girls' eyes were fixed on the man.

Despite the confusion and caution, there was intense hatred in their eyes.


The Demon Lord is ... their main enemy.

The girls who have lost their second mother intend to destroy all enemies who caused it.

Those little girls originally just civilians who were trapped in the current situation due to a sudden phenomenon. They only knew a little about the information regarding the Brave Quests Demon King Army.


However, with the super sense as ahero inherited from Isla,The awakenedBrave manability, they accurately spotted the truth behind this tragedy.

Therefore, they were convinced that the Demon King was the cause of everything,

They were wielding their power to win this battle for the dead Isla.


Not like when they were powerless, they now have power.

No one can interfere,It is a power that has the potential to destroy a world and no one can stop it.

They thought that if they could defeat their mother's enemy with that power then the emptiness that deep like the sea in their hearts would be reduced.


But is the world don’t allow that to happen?

The twins' anger continued to boil. Their emotions distorted the surrounding space like a hot mist with a dense demonic air…..


"Are...Is there something wrong?"


The answer is only one word.


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