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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep1 Nano's dream


Chapter 5: The Traitor Dwarf: Nano Revenge Chapter

Infinite Gacha:  Ch 5 – Ep1 Nano's dream



The Dwarf Kingdom is a kingdom surrounded by mountains.

Although there is little plain land, many minerals and resources can be extracted from the mountains. Combined with their technology, the dwarves export many minerals to other countries.


The Dwarf Kingdom is located on the west side of the continent. With the Demon Kingdom in the north and the Elf Queen Nation in the south, both are blocked by mountains.

Their relationship with the Human Kingdom located next to them is neither good nor bad.


In the capital of the Dwarf Kingdom, a man enters a bar.

He sits at the counter and drinks the liquor he ordered with a boring look.

He is Nano. The traitor dwarf, who betrayed Raito and almost killed him in Naraku.


His limbs are short but broad, and his stature is short but muscular. He does not look weak but looks tough like a small mountain.

His mouth is covered with a thick beard, making him look like a typical Dwarf.


The customers in the store are also mostly dwarves, and they enjoy drinking after work with their friends.

Nano is also drinking after work...... But he doesn't feel free from work and is not happy.

He looks like a person who lost his investment, has many debts, and is worried about his future.


Because of that, Nano's surroundings seem to be darker and gloomier.




Nano pours the liquor into his wooden mug again and sighs.


The reason he's depressed is not that he has a lot of debts and worries about his future.


In fact, he has enough in savings to live on for the rest of his life.

He was introduced to one of the best blacksmiths in the Dwarf Kingdom capital, and he is working there.

From a third party's point of view, he can be considered a successful man.


However, Nano drinks liquor as if he is pessimistic about his life.


He has his own reasons for being pessimistic about life.


(...... Every day, just boring work... I can't even make the legendary weapon I've always dreamed of. If this continues, I'll rot...)


Nano is an orphan.

During his childhood in the orphanage, he loved heroic tales. He especially liked heroic stories in which legendary swords, spears, and bows appeared.

He began to dream of creating legendary weapons instead of becoming a hero at a very young age.


After leaving the orphanage in a small city in the Dwarf Kingdom, Nano found a job in a blacksmith workshop.

He has a talent for making weapons. His masters and senior apprentices praised his skills.

His life was smooth sailing, but at the same time, he realized his own limits.


"At this rate, the dream is just a dream. I can't make the 'legendary weapon' with my own hands..."


Even if people say he is talented, his talent is only enough to make weapons that are pretty common in that area. At that rate, he will never be able to fulfill his dream.

Nano realized this, so he worked at a blacksmith's shop and also started his career as an adventurer to fulfill his childhood dream.

He would explore dungeons and ruins from early in the morning on his days off. He hoped to earn money to set up his own workshop in the future and also to get samples for his legendary weapons research.


His Master, senior apprentices, and his colleagues tried to stop him.

They told him that if he continued to work hard, he would become a master who would not have any trouble making a living. He should stop exploring dungeons and ruins.

But his dream is to create a legendary weapon with his own hands.


Nano worked harder than anyone else to shut out all objections, and he never cut corners in his blacksmith work.

On top of that, if the next day is an off-day, then he would go to the dungeons and ruins right after work.

People around him looked at him like a madman, but Nano didn't care.


He didn't feel tired because he had worked hard to fulfill his dream. No matter how many times his life was in danger, he simply enjoyed them.

He felt alive and fulfilled.

Therefore, he did not care about other people's opinions.


Then Nano is approached by the Dwarf Kingdom.


"Investigating the master suspect?"


"Yup, do you want to try it?"


A messenger from the Dwarf Kingdom heard of Nano's reputation and came to see him.

The five countries (excluding the Human Kingdom) are gathering adventurers to investigate an existence called the Master.

Dwarves who pursue a career as adventurers or craftsmen tend to be very determined to excel in their field.

Therefore, not many people can do an investigation like this. Because the dwarves prefer to focus on their field of work if they have the time.

But for the sake of their nation's reputation, they must send someone.

Since this is a top-secret mission, they can't send an incompetent person.


They approached Nano because he has achieved excellent results while working as a craftsman and adventurer.


"The period is long. Even if you fail, we'll give you rewards. And if you succeed, we'll give you more rewards and privileges. What do you think? I think it's not a bad deal."


The amount of money and privileges offered by the messenger were indeed impressive.

Although it was a top-secret mission from the government, it did not move Nano's heart.

Instead, it was the Master's existence that moved him.


(If I can discover and befriend the Master, perhaps I can get some knowledge or an idea to create Legendary Weapons!)


The more he listens, the more he is interested in the Master. Because the Master has great power, weapons, and knowledge.

He decided to join the Races Union to meet the Master and gain the knowledge to create legendary weapons.


But a few years later, they found that their Master suspect was not the right one.


They disposed of Raito in Naraku... Although his death was not confirmed because he had disappeared, all the members agreed that 'there is no way for Raito to survive.'

The higher-ups heard the Races Union members' stories and concluded that Raito couldn't survive.

They acknowledged his death.


Although he was not the Master, a large reward was given to the members of the Races Union. At first, Nano declined the rewards.

As compensation, he requested to join the search for another Master suspect but was denied.


To avoid drawing the attention of other Master suspects, all countries agreed to forbid hiring those who had already been on a mission.

As a result, he was forced to accept the reward for killing the Master suspect (Raito).


Thanks to this, he earned enough money to not have to work for the rest of his life and got a job at the best blacksmith workshop.

He has achieved things that would make any dwarf who wishes to pursue a career in blacksmithing envy him, but... From Nano's perspective, his dream is getting further away.


He had thought about using the reward money to find the Master independently. But if he did that, then the dwarves and the other races would come to kill him.


Above all, a question was raised. How to find the Master?


Even finding Raito was based on luck. Basically, it is extremely difficult to find a Master suspect.

Finding the Master on his own is like searching for a single gemstone in the desert.


He knows that there is an existence with legendary weapons and has a chance to get information about it. So it really feels like torture if he is asked to explore dungeons and ruins to look for weapons like before.


(I was so close to reaching my dream, and suddenly it went away...)


In the end, he could not give up on his dream and could not find a way to find the Master. He spent his days without any purpose.


(Shit! That brat, because of Raito! If only I hadn't been deceived by that impostor, I could still be searching for the Master with the government's support and the Races Union! That idiot! At least suffer and die in Naraku to atone for your sins, you useless human!)


He drank all the remaining liquor in his wooden mug.


After drinking it all, he sighs while looking into his empty mug.


(How can I find the Master... If I can meet the Master, I may be able to create legendary weapons. Even if I have to sell my soul to the Devil King, I don't mind...)


Maybe Nano's wish was granted.


"You are Nano-sama, aren't you? May I have some of your time? I have a very important thing to talk about with you."


A human wearing a hat called out to him.

He emerged from the shadow like a messenger of the Devil King. 

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