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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

ItsuJita ~C56


Chapter 56: After the party



Ten days have passed since I started serving alcohol at the Adventurer's Guild.

All the liquors I brought from Japan were well received. Terrifyingly, Spiritus is now one of the most popular brands.


Since the spiritus is the first thing that defeated Erdos, who is known as a hero. Therefore, it is called " The Hero Killer." It is rumored that one glass of the spiritus will give you the power to defeat a hero.


At first, I planned to make a lot of money by selling the alcohol directly. Still, I changed my mind after directly interacting with the adventurers.

I decided to sell the liquor to the adventurer's guild and the only bar in town.


I have several reasons for this.


The first reason is that many adventurers who belong to the Silver moon Apostles are rich.

When the rich adventurers spend money at the bar, the money will also flow to the farmers and hunters who supply the food.

Of course, it also goes to the liquor supplier (me).


The second reason is that I wish the bar could become a place where the locals and adventurers from other parts of the world could interact.

The adventurers are not always liked by the locals.


After all, these people are living at the frontier.

To people who grew up in a peaceful country town, they look like people from another world.


So I thought that the bar (in addition to the market) would be a good place to interact with them.

As it turned out, this plan was a great success.


Perhaps the Silver Moon Apostles had always been very disciplined.

The adventurers have been treating the locals respectfully, and recently I've even seen adventurers and locals drinking at the same table.

It's nice to see the community growing like this.


Bash the guild master agreed with my idea.

He opens the guild's bar to the residents as well.


He selected a few kinds of liquor and sold different brands at the guild and bar. The locals who like to drink began to come to the guild for drinks.

The sight of the local uncles drinking alongside the muscular adventurers was somewhat pleasing.


In addition, some parents and their children also came to have a meal.

Emmy, the guild's receptionist is one of them.


"This town is the only place in the world where the locals come to eat at the guild bar", she said.

Maybe it's a typical scene in the countryside.

She looks happy, so maybe she's enjoying this situation.


And the biggest and last reason for me not selling alcohol directly is...


"Hey, Emmy! We've mapped the southeast part of the forest! We didn't find any ruins, but we did find some monster and animal trails in the area. Looks, it's here."


A young adventurer spreads out a hand-drawn map on the guild's reception counter.

What a smug look on his face.

Emmy takes the map and says


"Thanks for your hard work. First, here is your reward......."


He gives the adventurer a pile of silver coins.

The next thing she takes out is a carved wooden plaque.


"This is your purchase permit for the liquor."


"Oh! I've been waiting for this. Where should we drink today?"


The adventurer pondered for a while, then walked excitedly to the guild's bar.


--Purchase Permit.


That's right.

The adventurers were fascinated by the liquor I brought from Japan.

What happened in the end is.......


"Emmy-san, is it good that the adventurers have regained their motivation?"


"Oh, Shirou-san."


When I speak to her, Emmy puffs her cheeks and shows her sales smile.


"That's right. A while ago, the guild master and I were panicking because everyone was stuck in the bar, thanks to someone who brought in some liquor..."


"Ahaha,...... I'm sorry about that."


"I'm just lying. I'm not mad at you anymore. On the contrary, I'm grateful to you now."


Emmy laughs out loud.


"I was panicked at first, you know? We must conquer the Great Forest, but all the adventurers are covered in vomit because they drank the Hero Killer."


"I never thought that Spiritus would become so popular."


"I was speechless at that time. But thanks to this 'purchase permit' created by Shirou-san, everyone is more motivated than before, so everything is fine."


The adventurers hang around the bar from morning till night, and they never search the ruins.

Bash the guild master and Emmy are troubled by that unexpected problem.

My heart was in pain as I watched them.


I thought about stopping selling liquor, but it was already too late.

The liquor I brought from Japan was already enchanting the adventurers. If I tried to stop selling it, a riot would start.



If things continue like this, various things will get worse.

Especially Emmy and Stella's stares are hurting me.


So I made a suggestion to Bash, the guild master.


--Let's only allow adventurers who have done their job to purchase alcohol.


Bash immediately accepted my suggestion.

He also made it so that the number of liquor purchased depends on the job performance.


If you do a small amount of work, you can only buy a small amount of liquor. If you do a lot of work, you can buy a lot of liquor.


It was enforced the next day, and the adventurers were motivated when they heard about it.

The adventurers were so motivated and worked hard to drink liquor. The blank map is being updated at great speed.

At this rate, it's only a matter of time before they find the ancient civilization's ruins.


Because of all that has happened, I have decided to only sell liquor as a distributor.


"I just remember, Shirou-san. The mayor is looking for you."


"Karen-san is looking for me? What does she want?"


I can't think of anything .......

If that's the case--


"Thank you very much. I'm going to look for Karen-san for a while."


"Take care. And thank you for delivering the liquor."


"OK. See you later."


After I greet Emmy and Stella in the store, I leave the adventurer's guild.

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