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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Mynoghra : Episode 46: Last Scene - part 1


Episode 46: Last Scene - part 1


A man standing on the battle field.

A man whose age was unclear, his eyes were sharp and wearing a black, tattered robe.

There were two girls standing before his eyes.

Poor little girls who had been played by the world and their fate. Currently they are gazing at the moon and fascinated by moon magical power.


Strange is the one word that best describes that place.

There were signs of some kind of construction, clods of earth and woods, and even scaffolding had been built in some places.

But there was no sign of the workers who were supposed to build it, only a void, as if the place had been abandoned in the middle of construction.

Now the only one in that place was that man.

That scene is living proof of this fact.


--The man spoke softly.


"You ... Are you the ones who have defeated all of my subordinates?

If you can do that it means that your abilities need to be taken into account. It seems fate likes to play tricks on me."


The man spoke casually and looks happy.

His voice is deep and thoughtful.

He spoke as if he was enjoying the conversation.

But at the same time there is neither any vigilance nor negligence at all.


“But .......Then you must die here, because that's the deal.”


 RPG game: Brave Quests.

 Final Boss: Demon King


This man is the end of the Elfur sister’s regretful journey.


"I don't know how you destroyed my subordinates. But little beings like you won't be able to hurt my body."


The world was distorted when he said those words.

The magical power in the air fluctuates rapidly and surrounds the man's body.

It then became a jet black robe and creating absolute defense.

Previously the man expression can be seen clearly, but now it can be seen anymore.

There is a strong force field distort light and space.


= Message =============

The Demon King has created a barrier of darkness!





= Message =============

The hero’s power destroys the darkness!

The dark barrier has disappeared!



The twin bodies of the Elfur-Sister girls let out a faint light for an instant.

At the same time, there was a sound of breaking objects and the barrier surrounding the Demon King is shattering like broken glass.

The man face who had been covered by the jet black barrier now can be seen again and looked astonished.


"That technique ... Is that the hero awakened power? What does it mean? There should be no hero in this world ... that the promise, but what on earth?"


For the first time, the Demon King is confused.

Even if he recalled his countless memories, only one person can caused this phenomenon.

And that person is the Hero.

The barrier of darkness is his absolute defense that diminishes all attacks.

Thanks to this power that he can terrorize the former world, and it was said that only the hero could defeat the Demon King.

That assumption ... the absolute laws he knew had collapsed before his eyes.

For the first time in his life the Demon King feels confused.


"Who gave that power? What gave you the hero’s power?"


The little girls don't answer.

Just quietly proceed with that step.

Do they not understand his language? Or are they not willing to exchange words?

The Demon King laughed a little, remembering that the hero he knew was also quiet person.


"Well ... never mind. I have to destroy everything and conquer all. Because that's the deal."


And the Demon Lord changed his intention.

From conversation to battle, from a shabby looking man to a demon lord.

…… It wasn't just his intentions that changed.

The Demon Lord's body suddenly swelled up and continued to enlarge.

At the same time, his robe was torn off and countless blades came out of his body.

His body continued to enlarge to become the size of a large house and seems it won’t stop.


"... Is it strange to transform from the beginning? Or do you prefer fighting in stages like a game?In this world where many of the limitations have been lost, no one would call this inelegant."


The same voice as that of the man before came out of the huge create, and its blood-red eyes blazed.

The body of the demon king is...... a mixture of all the conflict in the world.

It's not a metaphor.

The body is made up of countless moving corpses, swords and axes. Even his armor is made up of countless armor and shield, which are joined together to form one giant armor.

A four-legged beast that symbolized discord and strife - that is the true form of the Demon King.


A giant eyeball revealed from the pile of corpses and metals, staring at the Elfur sisters.

A huge group of blades on his body surface wriggle as if they were alive.


The limitation in Brave Quests and the limitations that applied in this world.

The Demon King had completely verified those limitations in a short time. He decided to eliminate the two girls with all his might from the beginning.

His extra ordinary sense as a demon king and instinct told him to keep on guard.

Warn him to... never underestimate the girls in front of him.

They are terrifying existence that looked like little girls…….


"Perhaps... Defeating you is the test that has been imposed on me."


It seemed that having a conversation is no longer possible.

Conversations only occur when there is a person talking to them.

Unfortunately the girls seemed to have no ears to hear, all that was left is killing intent.

Even though he understand that thing, the Demon Lord remembered that he had something to ask.

Finally as if this is a sign that the battle is about to begin, the lonely Demon Lord asked them a question.


"Before the battle ... I want to clarify something."


――All the monsters have been slaughtered, they forgot to live, and have been eaten.

And finally the only one who left is the Demon King, he spoke of what was most important to him.


"Do you believe in God?"


"Such thing is not exist."


The girls let out voices full of hatred.


= Message =============

The Demon Lord has appeared!



For all of them who have died.

For the precious memories that have passed.


The battle for the past that will never return has begun.




The word fierce battle probably exists to describe this battle.

Mearia and Cearia launched an invisible combined attack on the Demon King, and The Demon King also endured all of it with his power.


"Blades! Kill them!”


Countless weapons that came out from the Demon Lord's back.

The weapons shot toward the sky and then fell towards the Elfur sisters.



From the perspective of the person being the target of the attack it was like a death sentence falling from the sky.

Thenumber is less than 100, and very accurate.


However, the opponent is not 100 person.

On the contrary, even though they was just born to this world ...They are witches.

One of Hydragia continentseven disasters.

At this point no mercy is needed.


"Ahahahaha! Beautiful!"


Big sister Mearia's eyes sparkled, she turned her hand towards the sky.

As the emblems floating in his eyes glowed all the weapons aimed at the twin had forgotten their existence.




"... I understand. Oneechan-san."


Next, the little sisterCearia makes her eyes shine.

At the same time, the Demon King's feet began to crumble and he lostbalance.


"Kuu-- Impudent!"


The Demon Lord level and defense is high so she can't attack him directly.

Twin girl abilities Idiot Infection and Plague Infection are powerful abilities, but there is one drawback. If the opponent's fighting ability is high, then that ability can't be used.

Although it is possible to kill small fry enemies instantly, it took some time to use it against a powerful being.

In addition to that, there is some distance between them and the Demon King's ability to regenerate.

The Demon King, who immediately saw through the twins' abilities with his observational eye, is committed to use out-range attack from the beginning.

Furthermore, his powerful regeneration ability can recovers the damage and oblivion he has received.


Of course, all the attacks on the Demon King side can be stopped with Mearia's "Idiot Infection", so it can be said that the battle situation is in a stalemate.

That's why at this timing, Mearia makes the Demon King's feet rotten and took his consciousness for a moment.


Yes, all to challenge him into close combat.

Two people without weapons had managed to do something like that...


= Message =============

The Elfur sisters have acquired the Demon King's weapon.

………… The Demon King's weapon was cursed!



Countless weapons were launched again. The two of them rolled on the battlefield and quickly picked up the weapons that were lying on the ground.

Mearia uses twin swords. The carrier uses Halberd.


Then of course...


= Message =============

Mearia's "Idiot Infection"!

The Demon King's weapon had forgotten its curse!



The curse traps didn't work.

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  1. Ya estoy al día! Muchas gracias por traducir, suscrito a youtube

  2. thank you for the translations~

  3. Thank you for the chapter! LET THE FIGHT BEGIN

  4. Is there anything more cool sounding than idiot infection? It's not bad but since a little girl is using it that it's disturbing(?) a little.

  5. If you better idea, feel free to suggest.


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