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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

ItsuJita ~C55


Chapter 55: Overnight Party Part 2



The veteran dwarf crosses his arms and gives me a challenging look.

His request is straightforward.


"Give me the strongest liquor you have."


That's all he asks.

I heard from Nesca that the Dwarves are all big eaters and heavy drinkers..... I see.

He requested the strongest liquor without hesitation because he is confident with his alcohol tolerance.


"Didn't you hear me, Boy? Liquor! Can I have some of that liquor you were talking about last night? Don't tell me it was just a joke now."


"Pfft. A joke?"


I take out a bottle.


"This is the liquor I was talking about yesterday. This is Spiritus, liquor that can light a fire!




Everyone who likes to drink probably has heard of this vodka at least once.

In Japan, this vodka is classified as a Class 4 hazardous substance. This means that even a cigarette can start a fire, making it a dangerous drink in many ways.

The alcohol content is 96%.


"Hmm. It's as clear as water. Is it really liquor?"


"It becomes clear after repeated distillation. It may look like water, but if you smell it, you'll know at once that it's alcohol. More importantly...... are you sure you want to drink Spiritus? You can still change it if you want. I personally recommend you to drink beer or wine like the others."


I told him as if to remonstrate him.

Originally, Spiritus is a drink that people only drink as a prank or punishment.

If possible, I want him to drink something delicious so that he can enjoy the liquor.

That's what I was trying to say, but...


"Oi, oi, oi, that Onii-san is challenging Mister Erdos."


"Don't tell me he's never heard of Erdos the Unbreakable?"


"This town is the most remote area. I wouldn't be surprised if he never heard of Erdos."


"He's one of the Sixteen Heroes, you know? In the capital, not only adventurers but even kids know his name."


The adventurers began to buzz.

Apparently, the dwarf in front of me is a very famous person among the adventurers.




Erdos-san laughs happily.


"Are you challenging me, Boy? All right, I'll accept your challenge!"


After saying that, Erdos put his wooden mug on the table.

If this place is an izakaya, then his mug's size would be called 'mega'.

Maybe it can hold the entire bottle's contents.


"Come on, Boy. Pour that liquor here."


"No way, that size is really......"


He thrust his mug at me, and I became speechless.

No matter how heavy drinkers the dwarves are, it doesn't mean that they are strong drinkers.


And Spiritus is a drink with very high alcohol content.

I was going to ask him to drink with a shot glass, but I didn't expect him to ask me to pour it into a mega-size mug.


Erdos asked curiously.

I nod and answer.


"...... Yes. I'm actually a bit scared. This spiritus is so strong that even if you drink a small amount, you will feel lightheaded. And yet, I can't believe you're giving me such a big mug...... Oh, that's right! Why don't you try a sip first? If you're OK after that, you can take another sip, and so on, in small portions."




When I look at him, I see that Erdos is silent, and his shoulders are shaking.

Instead, it was the adventurers who opened their mouths.


"Look! That Onii-san is provoking Erdos even more!"


"A sip of wine? He's totally treating him like a kid! Erdos is over 200 years old!"


"Is he making fun of us (the dwarves)? All dwarves have grown up with barrels of liquor instead of baby bottles."


"How dare he treat our hero Erdos like a kid...... What a reckless young man."


It seems like the adventurers are getting noisy.

No, I'm not trying to provoking him.

I'm not kidding. This Spiritus is a dangerous drink.


"Boy, are you insulting me! I've never been drunk in my life. Don't underestimate me!"


"No, I am not underestimating you! May I call you Erdos-san? Erdos-san may not know this, but drinking too much alcohol can kill you. Your vomit can get stuck in your throat. In my homeland, several people die every year from alcohol-related causes. Since I'm the one serving the drinks, I can't let you drink recklessly. If you're going to drink--"


I put the shot glass on the counter and say...


 "I won't serve you unless you use this glass."


Compared to the mug Erdos is holding, the shot glass is very small.


"You're really looking for a fight, Boy! Let's go out now!"


As soon as he shouts, Erdos takes off his jacket and reveals his body. He is far more than muscular.

He points outside with his chin and makes a cracking sound with his fist.

Suddenly, a fight is about to begin.


I panic.

Aina and the others are even more panicked.

However, a helping hand came from an unexpected person.


"Erdos-dono, please calm down."


"Who are you?"


"I am a priest who serves the sky god Florine, and my name is Rolf Foss Moetzel."


The one who appears in this difficult situation is Rolf.

Rolf smiles and bows.

He steps in between Erdos and me.


"Hmph. What do you want from me, priest? Are you going to lecture me or something? Or do you want to witness my fight with that Boy?"


"No, I don't mean that. It's just that Shirou-dono here is my friend."


"Oh. A friend?"


"Yes, a friend. He's a very good friend."


Rolf said.

He handles Erdos's angry words with a soft smile.


"Are you defending the Boy? I don't mind two against one. You look muscular, but I'm also confident in my strength."


Erdos clenched his fists and pretended to punch something.

He must have seen Rolf's physique and figured out that he wasn't just a priest.


"Please don't joke. I'm just here to stop Erdos-dono. As you can see, Shirou-dono is not good at fighting."


I nod with all my might at his words.


"I'm not good at fighting. Or rather, I'm not good at anything that hurts! Because it hurts!"


"Did you hear what Shirou-dono just said? Even if the two of you were to fight, Erdos-dono would only end up hurting Shirou-dono one-sidedly. You are one of the sixteen heroes. Do you really intend to hurt someone who can't fight back? The reputation that you've built up so far will be tainted."


"...... It's not my fault that that boy has offended the dwarves' pride."


Erdos says as if he is sulking.

He seems to calm down a bit.


"That's a big misunderstanding. I've seen many people who thought they could drink this spiritus but ended up being poisoned by it. For my store's reputation, for the sake of the Adventurer's Guild here, and most of all for Erdos-san's own health, I can't let him drink too much at once."




"Erdos-dono, do you understand my friend's concern?"


"I understand what the boy is trying to say, But for us Dwarves, a little drink like that is not even a drink."


"No doubt. I have a suggestion."


"What is it? Tell me."




Rolf pauses there and then turns to me.


"Shirou-dono, there is a holy magic used by priests called 'detoxification'. This magic can cure intoxication as well as poison."


"Oh! Such magic!"


What a practical magic! Another world, banzai!

It's true that when you're drunk, it's like an abnormal state.


"If Erdos-dono becomes too intoxicated to stand, I will immediately use detoxification to cure him. What do you think? Under this condition, wouldn't it be alright to let Erdos-dono drink Spiritus?"


"I see......"


I ponder...

The scary thing about liquor is acute alcohol poisoning.

Drinking liquor can lead to lowering consciousness, vomiting, breathing difficulties, etc., and the worst-case scenario is death.


However, what if Rolf's magic could solve this danger?

Maybe it is OK to give this fearless dwarf a taste of Spiritus' menace.


"You think I won't be able to stand? Huh! In all my years of fighting demons, I am proud to say that I have never kneeled on the ground. Demon Lords, Ancient Dragons, and No-Life Kings...... they all are incredibly strong, but none of them can make me kneel."


The adventurers shout "Ooh ......" in admiration.

Nesca is standing behind me and says...


" .................. All of them are legendary monsters."


So his title of hero is not just for show off.


"Come on, Boy, give me that drink!"


Erdos-san raises his mug.

I remove the bottle's cap.


"Please don't drink it all at once, OK? If you think it's dangerous, stop drinking immediately."


"Huh. If I get drunk, I'll do whatever you ask."


"So, what should I do if Erdos-san doesn't get drunk?"


Erdos laughs at my question.


"All drinks are free today. How about that?"


"I understand. I don't like to gamble, but I'll take the bet."


"Good! Now pour it all! Don't be a cheapskate! When you serve liquor, you must pour until the mug overflows."


"Yes, yes, I understand."


I pour the spiritus into his mega mug.


"Hmm... certainly, it smells like alcohol. And the smell is ridiculously strong."


Erdos-san frowns slightly at the spiritus' strong smell.

Then, with everyone in the room watching...


"Let's drink......, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp."


He drinks down the spiritus and turning the mug upside down.

Without any hesitation.


"Gulp, gulp, gulp.................. phew. It feels like my insides are burning. But ...... what do you think, Boy? Am I drunk?"


Erdos's eyes have not lost their shine.

In fact, his eyes look shinier. Perhaps because of the liquor he drunk.

I raise my hand in surrender.


"I admit. I've lost."


Apparently, dwarves are very strong drinkers.


"Hahaha! You finally get it. But a bet is a bet. All my drinks today are on you, OK?"


"I know, I know. I understand, but please don't drink everyone's share."


"Then satisfy me with a delicious drink. Maybe that would moisten my throat a little.

Well, I've never been drunk. Not even once! Hahahahahahaha ----------kyuu."


Erdos was laughing out loud as he turned away, and then he just collapsed backward.




The bar falls silent at this sudden incident.

I rush to his side and shout in his ear.


"Erdos-san? Erdos-san! Hey, can you hear me? - Oh, he's completely screwed up. Rolf-san, please hurry up and cast your spell on Erdos-san! That thing you said earlier to wake him up!"


"OK, understood."


Maybe Rolf also didn't expect this to happen.

He quickly chants the spell.




He cast a spell on Erdos.

The unconscious Erdos received the magic with a half-smile on his face, making his body glow faintly.





"Erdos-san, I already told you, right? Would you like to drink in small portions?"


"Uh-hmm. Yeah, maybe you said that."


"I did. I clearly said that! And yet, you drank it all in one gulp....... If it weren't for Rolf-san, you'd have passed away by now."


"...... I understand. I'll thank the priest later."


"Of course. I don't know if you're a hero or something else, but alcohol is meant to be enjoyed. But the way you drink it......, don't you think that's disrespectful to the liquor?"




"That Onii-san is lecturing Mister Erdos."


"This is the first time I see him shrink like that!"


"But he was knocked out with just a single shot, right?


"It's the first time a hero was knocked out by liquor. Hmm...... I'm interested in tasting it."


"What kind of liquor was that?"


"Um, it was...... spin something, wasn't it?"


"Why don't we just call it 'Hero Killer'?"


"I like that name. Maybe I'll try to drink the Hero Killer too."


"Oh, then I'll drink it too!"


I kept scolding Erdos while the other adventurers continued to buzz.

Sometime later, the liquor from Ninorich called "the Hero Killer" will spread throughout the continent.


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