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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

ItsuJita ~C54


Chapter 54: Overnight Party Part 1



The adventurers are rushing to get a drink.

At first, I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm.


"If you trouble Shirou, he won't give you any drink."


Kiki said.

She puffed up her cheeks and put her hands on her hips in an angry pose, staring at the rushing adventurers.

The effect was instantaneous.


The adventurers look worried and start to line up.


".................. It's all right now."


Nesca said after seeing the line being formed.

Before I knew it, she is already carrying a bottle of chocolate liquor tightly in her hand.

Perhaps she was worried about losing her share when she sees the adventurers crowding around us.


"So, let's start again ......."


I put on my salesman's smile.

The first person I am going to serve is a bearded warrior uncle.


"Welcome. What can I get for you?"


"Give me the good one! The most delicious one!"


"Hmm... Customer-san, that's a bit difficult....... All of our sake is delicious, you know. And the most delicious liquor will change depending on your taste."


"Is, is that so? Then what should I ask?...... Hmm? That! That liquor in the ice water, What's that?"


"It's called beer, and it has a unique, easy-to-drink taste.

If you like, you can add a squeeze of lime juice to it to make it taste even better. It's one of the drinks I recommend. What do you think?"


At my talk, the bearded adventurer gulps and swallows his saliva.


"Oh, okay! Then give that to me!"


"Very well, sir."


I give a signal to Aina with my eyes.

She nods and brings me a bottle of beer from the cooler bucket.

She wipes off the water with a towel, removes the cap, then slices a lime into small pieces and sticks one piece on the bottle mouth.


"Here you go, Sir."


She hands it to the bearded adventurer.


"Thank you, young lady."


"Uncle, I heard that squeezing this lime makes the drink taste better......."


Aina hurriedly explains how to drink it.

The beer she gave the adventurer is Mexican beer, the most widely drunk beer in Japan.

If you go to a bar, you will always find it. You can also find it in convenience stores and supermarkets.


"Hmm. Like this?"


The bearded adventurer squeezes the lime, and the juice drips from the bottle's mouth and mixes into the Mexican beer. The adventurers, who were watching the whole process, shouted...




Perhaps it is because the way of drinking with the squeezed fruit is new to them.


"So, let's take a sip of ............?


The bearded adventurer's eyes widen.


"...... Puhaa! What, what is this liquor!? It's sour and the flavor is light, but the sourness of the juice makes it delicious...... And it's ridiculously cool. I can keep drink this all the time! ----ngh, nguh, nngh, ---fuuh.........delicious. It's the first time I've ever had such a delicious drink!"


"I'm glad you like it. In fact, that beer tastes even better with a pinch of salt. Would you like to try it?" 


Then I put a small plate of salt (rock salt) on the counter.

Once again, I could hear the bearded adventurer clearing his throat.


"Salt? There's no way I'm not going to try it...oh, wait. That's was close. You're a merchant, right?"


The bearded adventurer looks at me with worry in his eyes.


"Hey, Boss! You recommend salt so casually, but how much are you going to charge for a pinch of that salt? No matter how delicious it becomes. If it costs more than the liquor, I won't pay."


On the first day I came to this world, I bought kushiyaki, but it wasn't flavored. That's because salt and pepper are expensive goods in remote places like Ninorich.

It is understandable that he's wary.

So I wave my index finger and says...


"Tsk tsk tsk."


"Of course, the salt is free of charge."


"Re, really?


"Yes, it's true. Oh, but be careful not to put too much salt in the beer, or it will taste bad. I also recommend that you lick the salt before drinking the beer."


"I got it."


After some hesitation, the bearded adventurer picked up the salt.


"Is it like this?"


"Yes, that's enough."


He puts it in his beer.


"Let's try....nku, nku, nku......!!?"


"How is it?"


At my question, the bearded adventurer looks like he is in ecstasy.


"What is this exhilarating feeling? Salt and ale - oops. It's beer, right? I never knew liquor and salt could go so well together....."


He stared at the empty bottle.


"Give me another bottle! There's no way I'm going to be satisfied with just one bottle of this delicious stuff!"


He leans forward on the counter and draws closer to me.



"Hey, Japas! If you finished your drink, get your ass to the back! We're all stuck behind you!"


"That's right, that's right!" (all)


"We've been waiting for you to finish your drink!"


"That's right, that's right!" (all)


The adventurers started to get angry and boo loudly.

The final word came from a veteran Dwarf.


".......... Japas, I'll let you off the hook if you leave now. Hurry up, move your ass out of the way."


The dwarf's voice echoed, and the bearded adventurer quickly steps back and walks to the end of the line.


"Next person, please!"


From that point on, it was as busy as a battlefield.

It may have been the busiest time of my life.


"I want the same one as Japas!"


"All right. Aina-chan, can you help me?"


"OK! This way, please!"


"I'll leave anyone who wants Mexican beer to Aina."


"I don't like ale. Do you have any other good liquor?"


"How about wine?"


"By the way, last night Onii-san told us there are many kinds of them. He said there are many kinds of wine."


"Yes. Today we have red, white, rosé, and orange wine as well."


"Since you have prepared them, may I have that orange wine'?"


"Certainly. Stella-san, please take the bottle fourth from the right and pour it into this glass."


"Oh, okay."


I'll leave those who want wine to Stella.


"Next person, please!"


As I am working with the queue line like that.


"Yoo, An-chan. You're very popular."


"Oh, Ryer-san!"


It's the leader of the blue flashes. It's Ryer's turn.

So, he was in the line too.


"What would you like, Ryer-san?"


"I don't know much about alcohol, so why don't you choose for me?




I nod and take out a bottle of whiskey from the box.


--Sakiyama 18 years old.


Sakiyama whiskey is one of Japan's most popular single malts, with a deep flavor, delicate and elegant taste.

I put on my coolest facial expression, open the cap, and pour it into a whiskey glass with a few ice cubes.


"Sorry to keep you waiting, Ryer-san. Here is your double shot of Sakiyama 18 years on the rocks."


"I don't understand what you're saying, but I'll take it."


The Sakiyama whisky lineup includes Sakiyama, Sakiyama 12 Year, Sakiyama 18 Year, Sakiyama 25 Year, and Sakiyama 55 Year.

The price of the 18-year whisky I prepared is 25,000 yen, but it can be sold 3 times more expensive through mail orders or auctions. The 25-year and 55-year whiskies are very popular and difficult to find.


The complex flavors of this whiskey make people never tired of drinking it and continue to attract many whiskey lovers.


"Nku! ………… Puphaa. An-chan, your recommendation is delicious. But isn't the portion a little too small?"


Ryer drank it all in one gulp without tasting it.

If you drink it at a bar, it would cost 6,000 yen for a double. But for Ryer, it's just one gulp.




"Hmm? An-chan, what's wrong ?"




"I don't know why you look so sad, but cheer up."


Ryer patted me on the shoulder to comfort me, and then he went to the end of the line.

I am overwhelmed with grief.


"...... Boy, promise me. You'll give me a strong liquor that can light a fire."


Finally, it's the veteran dwarf's turn.


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