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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

DeokuTeima ~ C57


Chapter 57: Akari's Goal



Ten minutes later.


We reached the safety zone safely. The safety zone is around a big tree tied with shimenawa.


We had already exchanged our friend codes.


She couldn't resist the cuteness of Orto and the others and asked me to add her as a friend because she wanted to pet my monsters.


As for me, I don't mind, because I can be friends with a strong player.


"You really saved me. Thank you."


"It's okay. I'm also very happy interacting with these cute kids!"


As Akari laughs, she is holding hands with Sakura. She puts Rick on her shoulder and smiles happily. She looks really satisfied.


"Once again, I am Akari the Sword Ranger."


"I'm Yuuto the Tamer. I was wondering earlier, was there an occupation called Sword Ranger?"


I remember all the initial occupations, but I had never heard of Sword Ranger.


Is it some kind of rare occupation that only appears randomly?


She tells me it is a second occupation when I ask her that.


I was told that when a ranger's level reaches 20, one can change occupation.


"In the normal case, I would be a Middle Ranger. But if one improves his sword skills, he can become a Sword Ranger. It is a second occupation."


Does that mean that Tamer may also have multiple job options? Let's check it out on the bulletin board. I'm still at level 10, so it's still a long way before I can change jobs.


It seems that Sword Ranger is a swordsman with a ranger's searching ability. But they can't wear heavy equipment like a swordsman, so it's too risky for them to fight in front.


"I'm quite famous even for this, you know? They called me the Ruby Explorer."


"Eh? So, are you that titleholder?"




For real? Her title is one of the three secret titles, just like my Silver White Pioneer title.


I've never met her before. Indeed, her hair is red. Akari is puffing out her chest as she grins.


When I think about that, Akari puts her hand on her chin and ponders.


"Silver-haired Tamer. With a gnome..."


"Ah, could it be...?"


"By any chance, are you the Silver White Pioneer?"


"Why, why do you think so?"


"Isn't it obvious? You look exactly like the rumors."


"Re, really?"


"Yes! I've been dying to meet you!"


"Eh? Why?"


"Because there are only three people who have the secret titles. Don't you want to know what kind of person they are?"


But I wasn't interested at all....... I thought they would make fun of me anyway. Well, I might have thought like Akari if my title wasn't disgraceful.


"So Yuuto-san, are you the Silver White Pioneer?"


"......Well, yeah."


"I knew it! I'm so happy!"


She doesn't seem to make fun of me. She is very happy. If she smiles at me like this, I'm also happy.




"What's wrong?"


"No, I wonder why everyone who received the three titles is a solo player.


"By any chance, do you know the Purple-Haired Adventurer?"


"Yes. He is Siegfried-san, who is role-playing as a knight."


Playing as a knight sounds like another interesting person, isn't he? I'm a bit interested too. But would he give out his personal information so easily?


"Sieg-san plays as a hero who happens to be passing by all the time. When he leaves, he tells his name to his opponents. He's very famous, you know?"


So he is that type of person. Sounds interesting, but I don't want to get too close to him.


"Yuuto-san, what are you going to do after this?"


"Eh? I'm going to log out and go back to town in the morning."


"I see."


"Well, for the time being, I will gather some medicinal herbs around this place to make potions."


"Oh, you don't have any potions left?"


"I ran out of stock after fighting Savage Dog."


"I see... I don't have many either. It's not that difficult to find them around here."


It's her second occupation, but she can move around the 2nd area alone. That's amazing. I guess her skills are different from mine.


"I wish I could go with you to town, but I haven't accomplished my goal yet."




"Yes. Actually, I'm farming Savage Dog to gather materials to make armor.


"Did you say farming? Do you plan to equip your whole body with Savage Dog?"


Head, body, legs, shields, underwear, accessories.

It would take a lot of materials to make those things.


But apparently, that's not her goal.


"I only want the leg equipment. It's called Savage Dog Legs, and I need 4 rare drops called Savage Dog Tails to make it."


"4 boss rare drops? That's a very difficult task."


"That's right. I managed to collect 3 of them by buying them from other players. I only need one more. I've fought Savage Dog about 40 times already."


"40 times? Solo?"


"Yes. Thanks to that, I'm getting good at fighting Savage Dog."


Incredible, you've fought it 40 times.


"You can take down Savage Dog by yourself. That's amazing. It is absolutely impossible for me."


"But once you get used to it, it's easy. The less HP it has, the faster it moves, but its defense also goes down. It's quite dangerous after the roar blow, but you have a better chance if you take measures against the roar blow. If you hit it with a special move while it roars, you may be able to defeat it."


"As expected of a fighter who has fought it 40 times."


"Yuuto-san, you also defeated Savage Dog, didn't you? Do you have Savage Dog’s tail?"


I realized after she mentioned it that I haven't checked Savage Dog's drop. I was only thinking about getting to the safety zone.


Well, I don't think I have it. If I got the rare drop on my first win, no one would have a hard time.


"...... I have it."


"Eh? You have it?"


"Ye, yes."


Akari asked me with a surprised look on her face. I was surprised too. I looked in my inventory and found a Savage Dog tail, two Savage Dog skins, a Savage Dog fang, and a Savage Dog claw.


"Excuse me, could you give it to me......?"


Hmmm. What should I do?


"Of course, I'll pay for it!"


"Then, just pay me a reasonable price. Also, could you accompany me back to the beginning town?"


"Do you mean to escort you back? Sure!"


"Okay. With this, I should be able to go back to town."


"Okay, so I'll just log out and log in again at dawn?"


"I don't mind, but is the time okay for you?"


"No problem! High school is on summer vacation."


Apparently, she is a student.



Translator note:

Shimenawa is rice straw or hemp rope used for ritual purification in Shinto religion.



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