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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep14 Mohicans and Beastmen

There is a fight in a back alley.


"Bastards! You're just a human being, don't get cocky!"


"You guys should be playing in the dirt as farmers instead of adventurers, you little worms!"


"Why, why do we have to listen to you?"


"Yeah, that's right! That's right! What's wrong with us being adventurers?"


In the Dwarf Kingdom, in a city located close to the borders of the Elf Queen Nation. Some young humans are fighting with a group of beastmen.


The fight is between 2 young human adventures and 2 veteran beastmen adventurers.

Even though it is two against two, it's obvious that the Lion and Tiger beastmen have the upper hand against young humans that just came from the countryside.



The lion and tiger adventurers were purposely picking a fight with them.


Suddenly a voice of help came to these 2 young human adventurers.


"Hey, hey, are you picking a fight in a place like this?"


"You young people are always slacking off!"


"You've got some nerve to give us trouble!"


"Now we have to start a rehabilitation class!"


When they look back at the voice, they see a group of human adventurers. All of them are Mohicans and wearing black glasses. They come between the beastmen and the young humans.

The Mohicans protect the young humans and confront the beastmen.


A red-haired Mohican with a small bird on his shoulder speaks up.


"We've some business with our little brothers, so excuse them for today."


"Eh? Ah, OK."

Shaken by the impact of the Mohicans, the beastmen get confused.

The Mohicans push the young humans to the back and walk away from that place.

The little brothers' part was a lie. The Mohicans are trying to help the young human by talking to them.


--But things don't work that well in the real world.


"Wait a minute! What the hell are you doing ending things on your own?"


"Our business here is not finished!"


"Tsk! As expected, it's not that easy. Hey, guys! Plan Omega!"




The beastman adventurers are startled by the shout and step back.

The five Mohicans step forward.

The leader speaks on behalf of the group.


"There are 7 of us here and only 2 of you. Don't you think your side is a little outnumbered in this fight? What are you going to do?"


"Don't look down on us. You are just humans!"


Although they are outnumbered, the lion and tiger beastmen don't want to back down and keep their arrogant attitude.

The Mohicans also wanted to avoid unnecessary conflict, so they tried to threaten the beastmen with their numbers. This is their Plan Omega.

By the way, 'Plan Omega' has no meaning. The Mohicans named it that way because it sounded cool.

However, it does not work, and they inwardly grumble.


For a moment, the atmosphere becomes tense--- but then a third party appears to break it.


"That's enough! We won't forgive you if you all keep making commotion like this!"




Everyone there turns toward the voice.

A huge bear, monkey, raccoon, fox, and a mouse beastmen are standing before their eyes.


The Bear Beastman folds his arms and laughs challengingly.


"It sounds like you've treated those humans badly. If you keep that up, we'll join those humans' side."


"We're of the same race, so why are you taking side with those humans?"


"Hmph, isn't it obvious? Because you don't have any piece of the chivalry spirit that our big brother taught us!"


The Bear beastman speaks with a smug look on his face.


They are the ones who were involved with Raito and his friends previously and were taught the chivalry spirit by Gold.

They are now going around solving conflicts like this by following Gold's teachings of the chivalry spirit.

As a result, their reputation has significantly improved.

This is also thanks to Gold's teaching of chivalry spirit to them.


The others tilt their heads and inwardly mutter.


(Chivalry spirit?)


The lion and tiger beastman also realizes that they are at a disadvantage and withdraw.


"Damn it... We won’t forget this! Let's go."


"Oh, OK."


As they turn the corner of the back alley and are completely out of sight, the Mohicans leader bows to the bear beastman.

Then the young adventurers also bow their heads.


"Thank you for helping us out of that dangerous situation."


"Thanks, thank you very much!"


"What are you talking about? Rather, you are willing to protect the young adventurers. You guys have a lot more chivalry spirit than you look like! That makes me want you to meet our big brother and learn more about chivalry spirit!"


The bear beastman casually said things they didn't understand.

After helping them without asking anything in return, the bear beastman and his friends leave them.


Afterward, the young adventurers thank the Mohicans and offer to pay them a small amount of money as gratitude.

The Mohicans decline and instead take them to a tavern. While treating them to a meal, the Mohicans explain what it takes to be an adventurer.


The Mohicans says.


"It would make us feel bad if you guys die soon after we save you, hyahaha!"





The night ends after helping the novice adventurers and explaining what it takes to be an adventurer.

After the Mohicans return to their inn, the leader reports to his little bird.


The little bird is Aoyuki's monster.

Therefore, that little bird can convey information to Aoyuki.


"People think that Kaito the elf is still inside the dungeon. That's why fewer adventurers are exploring beyond the jungle on the 4th level for fear of surprise attacks, considering the poor visibility."


Kaito is a former member of the White Knights. He is wanted because he killed adventurers in the Dwarf dungeon.

Raito defeated him and took him to Naraku.

They gave fake information to the Adventurer Guild that Kaito was escaping deeper into the dungeon.

As a result, adventurers are still hesitant to explore the dungeon because they are scared of Kaito.


"Regarding the Human Absolute Independence-- The elves are divided between those who are depressed and those who are angry to hear about the fall of the Elf Queen Nation's capital. The Dwarves hate the elves, so they make fun of them in the taverns. The humans seem to be skeptical of the story. The demons and dragonmen have not been seen, and their reactions are unknown. The problem is the beastmen."


The Mohicans leader speaks in a worried tone.


"For some reason, since the Human Absolute Independence, many beastmen in the city become tense. If they see a human adventurer who looks weak, they tend to pick a fight... Before, they used to look down and mock the humans but never openly showed their hatred to this extent... Please take note of that. That ends my report."


After finishing the report, the little bird moves to the window.

The Mohicans leader opens the wooden window, and then the little bird flies away. It is as if the bird says, 'I have finished conveying the information, and my work is done. It is late so excuse me.'

The Mohicans leader watches the bird until it is out of sight and closes the wooden window.


The other Mohicans sitting on the bed speak to the leader.


"Leader...... As you reported earlier, the beastmen have been tense lately. The cause is the Human Absolute Independence," isn't it? But why are the unrelated beastmen getting so tense?"


"There are many factors."


The Mohicans leader fills a glass with water from a jug on the table and drinks it.

He wipes his mouth and then continues.


"The humans that have been looked down on as the weakest of the six races suddenly defeat the elves and declare Human Absolute Independence. The beastmen will become the weakest and lowest of the six races if this continues. They are afraid of that."


"The racism they've done to humans till now might be turned on them this time... Do you mean that they are acting tough out of fear that they will be bullied?"


"That's right."


The Mohicans fell silent.

This is worse than their expectations.


"Leader... It's the worst. If this continues, won't the beastmen go berserk?"


"Most likely... It's still OK for now. But as time passes, the relation between the humans and the beastmen will surely worsen."


"If that's the case, I guess the next step is to infiltrate the Beastmen Alliance and gather information."


"It's going to be tough work."


"Surely. But it is all for Raito-sama's sake. For Raito-sama's sake, we will go anywhere. Even to the battlefield or the bottom of the dungeon."


The other Mohicans respond to their leader's words with eyes so full of determination. Their determination can be seen through their sunglasses.

This is a private room, but they keep their voices low. If they speak too loud, people in the next room will hear them.


Their voices are low.


But their loyalty to Raito won't lose to anyone else in Naraku.


The leader drinks his second glass of water.


( But what is going to happen next--?)


He worries about the future.

He can only pray that his fellow Mohicans will be able to complete their mission without losing their lives.

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