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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep13 A lot of questions



A week has passed since Raito welcomed Lilith, the first princess of the Human kingdom.


Raito discussed a lot of things with her about the future.

Thanks to her, he got many valuable opinions.

But she has been staying here for a long time, so it is about time for her to return to her home country and replace Lilith (fake).


After spending a week reading Yume's memories, they got a big clue that led to the one responsible for the village's destruction. But it also raised a lot of questions.


Elly had read Yume's memories and came to Raito's office with a pale face.

She reported shocking information to Raito.


"A, a level 9,000 human destroyed my village!"


"Only as far as I can tell from your sister's memory."


Elly's report surprised Raito and made him get up from his chair.

Mei is also in that room with me, she looks surprised, and her eyes widen.


Elly explains how she found out that a level 9,000 human destroyed the village.


"When your sister ran away with your brother, she saw a figure floating in the sky at the edge of her field of vision."


Apparently, the figure was flying in the sky and attacking the village.

The figure has no feathers, horns, tail, or long ears. The figure was not tall or short, and its body shape was normal. She concluded that it was not a beastman, dragonman, elf, dwarf, or demon, but a human.


"It's hard to explain about the level, but... I estimated the level of the attacker through your sister's eyes."


Elly explains that measuring someone's power through memory is difficult. It's like identifying the kind of fish underwater without a lens.

We can't identify the details, but... We can at least estimate the size and color.


"I estimated his level around 9,000 based on his movements and the remnants of magic power that came out of him. Still, it's only an estimation, and I could be wrong."




That is what she said. But if the Forbidden Witch can sense the remnants of the magic, then most likely, her estimation is correct.

Raito sits back and ponders.

After a while, he opens his mouth.


"If Elly's estimation is correct, that raises a lot of questions...."


How did a human reach level 9000?


Why did a human destroy a human village?


If that attacker is a human, the attacker should know about racism in this world. So why is the attacker hostile toward the human race?


If the level is around 9000, isn't that person is the Master?


If it was the Master, why did the Master attack the village?


If his level is really around 9000, then why were Raito's brother and sister able to escape?


Isn't it possible that another race attacked the village by disguising itself as a human or the Master?


--Raito can't help but mutter to himself.


"How can a human reach level 9000? On the surface world, such a thing is almost impossible, isn't it? And if the attacker was the Master, why did he destroy my village? Does that mean the Master will be our enemy too...?"


But if the attacker level was really around 9000, how his older brother and Yume were able to escape.

If Raito were the one who destroyed the village.

He is sure that no one would be able to survive.

Still, his older brother and Yume managed to escape and survive.


Even though Elly only sees it with her memory reading forbidden magic, it's very unlikely that her estimation is off.

Even if the level is only 5000, it is not difficult to kill all the villagers without missing a single person.


Or maybe the person who attacked the village purposely let them go?

If so, why did he let them go? I don't understand why.


"...... We've got some important clues on who destroyed the village... But it also raised a lot of questions. Frankly, it's all a bit confusing and makes my head hurt."


"I, I'm very sorry...."


"Sorry. I'm not blaming Elly. The way I said it was wrong."


Raito hurriedly spoke to Elly, who looked down and bowed her head apologetically.

Even though it is not good news, Raito did not blame her.


"Anyway... Thanks to Elly, we have a lead who destroyed the village. I'm going to take revenge on the former members of the Races Union. But I'm also going to avenge the deaths of my parents and the villagers. Definitely..."


Raito let his killing intention, anger, and hatred overflow without hesitation.

Mei and Elly are the only people in this room. They are level 9999, so he can show his emotion. They are the only people who can be exposed to his anger and only break out in a cold sweat.

If there are ordinary people in this room, their hearts will stop beating and die.


Breaking the tense and restless atmosphere, Mei makes a suggestion.


"Raito-sama. Then how about our next target, the dwarf race?"




Raito turns his eyes to Mei.

As usual, she explains with no expression on her face.


"The information Elly brought to us this time made it clear that we must get more information about the Master. Also, when she read Queen Leaf VII's memories, someone mentioned the possibility that there might be other existence other than the Master. Perhaps that existence is the one that destroyed Raito-sama's village."


(Certainly, that's possible...)


Raito nodded at Mei's remark.

When Elly read Leaf VII's memories, the leaders of all nations were secretly exchanging information about the Master at the meeting of the 5 races held once every 4 years in the Principality of Six.

At the meeting, Leaf VII heard someone say, 'We can't ignore the possibility of something other than Master. Anything other than the Master should be killed'.


She speaks further.


"The race that has information about this existence is either dwarf race, demon race, or dragonman race. One of these 3 races may have the information... And from the information I got from the meeting with Princess Lilith, I learned the characteristics of the Dwarf race. Most likely, we can lure them easily into our side as long as we have a suitable bait."


One characteristic that the Dwarf species possesses ...... is their greedy desire for knowledge. ......

Maybe they can take advantage of that.


"Therefore, I suggest that we contact the Dwarf Kingdom to get information about the Master and the other existence. We will also take revenge on one of the Races Union's former members, Nano the Dwarf."


If it works out well, they can get the information easily without fighting with the Dwarf kingdom.

Furthermore, if they can control the Dwarf Kingdom from behind the scenes or get them on their side. Then Raito can do whatever he wants with Nano the Dwarf who betrayed him.


"...... An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a betrayal for a betrayal. Interesting. Maybe it would be fun to get the Dwarf Kingdom to betray Nano."


Raito wonders what facial expression Nano will show when he is betrayed and dumped by his own country.


Raito listens to Mei's suggestion and smiles from the bottom of his heart.


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