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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep12 Yume's Memory Investigation





After his meeting with the first princess of the Human Kingdom, Raito returned to Naraku.


The Human Kingdom inspection delegation has already left after their inspection.

When they leave, the real Princess Lilith doesn't go with them. The body double created by UR - the Second Shadow switched place with her.


The real Princess Lilith stays in the Giant Tower to discuss many things about the future.


Leaning back in a chair in his office, he speaks to Mei and Elly.


"I was a bit surprised by Princess Lilith's request, but part of our plan is to clash with other nations to find the truth. It would be good if we could help her a little along the way. Above all, I also have an idea about how to handle the human race...."


Raito already knows that the human race position is not good because he has experienced discrimination during his Races Union days.

However, he didn't know that the Human Kingdom couldn't even choose their own King.

The treatment is extremely bad.


There is nothing wrong with helping to improve the status of the human race and reduce discrimination.


"The problem is what Yume told me about her past..."


Yesterday, he was finally reunited with his sister, Yume.

She has already created her body double using UR - the second shadow and switched place with her.

After that, he brings back Yume to Naraku.


In Yume's bedroom, Raito heard the story about the destruction of their village.


The village was attacked about half a year after Raito left the village.


According to Yume--.


"In the middle of the night, a loud explosion woke up everyone. When we went outside, we heard the explosion repeatedly... I heard people screaming from everywhere..."


Yume's expression gets tense as she recalls her painful past.


"Els nii-chan hugged Yume until the explosions stopped. When it stopped, he ran away with me in his arms. But it was too dark and we fell into the river--- When I woke up, the Princess had saved me."


A river is flowing near the village.

Water from the snow mountains flows through it and joins the main river, streaming directly to the sea.

The river flows through the Human Kingdom and the Six Principality on its way to the sea. Maybe Yume and her eldest brother (Els nii-chan) were saved because they were swept away?

But according to her story, Princess Lilith was helping Yume in the capital. More importantly, where was Els nii-chan? He was supposed to be swept away with her. Where did he go?


And what were that mysterious explosions in the village?

Did someone, some people, or an army attack the village?


The mystery deepens, but he couldn't ask Yume any further.


She just turned 10 years old this year.

The incident happened about two and a half years ago.

It was too long ago for her to remember details. She may have forgotten some of the details because those memories were too painful.


He is grateful that Yume is safe.

If she survived, their eldest brother (Els nii-chan) most likely survived too.


Tonight Elly will use her forbidden magic to read Yume's memories to get more information.

Her forbidden magic has helped Raito a lot, but that keeps reminding him of how painful Kaito, the White Knights, and the Elf Queen have suffered.

He stands up from his seat and speaks to Elly.


"I will ask you to read Yume's memories tonight to get information about the attack on our home village and Els nii-chan...... But please make it as painless as possible for my sister, okay?"


"Of course! I would never do anything that would hurt Yume-sama. God Raito, please don't worry about that."


Elly assures him, but he can't shake his worries.

She slowly explains about her memory-reading forbidden magic.


"The memory-reading forbidden magic is like reading a book of someone's memories."


In the case of Kaito, the White Knights and the Elf Queen, she treated their books roughly to hurt them.

To save time, she flipped through the pages, folded the pages, ripped them to pieces, and gathered them in one place. She even purposely hurt and stimulated them to get the information I wanted.

But this time, she will flip through the pages carefully as if she is handling an old book that can be damaged just by touching it. Even if there is information she wants, she will do it slowly to avoid hurting the person in question.


"And I promise you, by using God Raito's Infinite Gacha cards, your sister will sleep deeply and feel no pain at all! ...... But it will likely take more time to gather the information because I have to do it carefully... Is that okay?"


"Of course, I don't mind. I don't care how long it takes. I just want Yume to feel no pain or suffering. You can use Infinite Gacha cards, Naraku and the Giant Tower personnel without restrictions. Elly, I'm counting on you."


"Nnnngh! Thank you, God Raito! I will definitely do my best to meet your expectation!"


Elly is happy to hear me say, "I'm counting on you". She responds cheerfully, her body shaking with joy.

She is in a good mood, as if she is about to jump around, and heads to Yume's room.


Elly says it will take some time, but she should be able to read Yume's memories painlessly.


I trust Elly and watch her back as she walks away.



Then, a week passed after they welcomed the first princess of the Human Kingdom.


Elly had read Yume's memories and came to Raito's office with a pale face.

She reported a shocking information to Raito.


"A, a level 9,000 human destroyed my village!"


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