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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep11 Silent killing


When former human slaves are freed, they are transported to the Giant Tower by riding on the dragons' backs.

Because that is the fastest way to get there.


If they use SSR - Transfer cards, they can be moved more quickly, but they cannot afford to use them only to transport former human slaves.

That is why transportation is mostly carried out by dragons.


But some say, "I definitely don't want to fly! That's impossible for me!".

In consideration of these people, horse carriages are arranged for them. They are escorted to the Giant Tower through the forests in a humble manner.

Although it is costly and time-consuming if a pregnant woman's heart stops and she dies from fear while flying in the sky, or if she gives birth prematurely due to shock, it would be bad for their reputation. A certain amount of consideration is necessary since they uphold Absolute Human Independence.


Today, when the first prince and first princess of The Human Kingdom come to inspect the site, there are still former human slaves traveling through the forest.

Pregnant women, old people, and those who have faint hearts are traveling silently.


The forest around the Giant Tower is safe because the hostile monsters have been eliminated by the Snake Hellhounds (level 1000).

However, a problem arises now.


A figure is staring at a group of former slaves traveling through the forest.


He is an elf, Junom (level 300).

His eyes are filled with hatred toward humans.


The proud elves should never bow down to the humans and follow their commands! What's so great about the Witch of the Giant Tower? Absolute Human Independence! Humans should always be slaves under our feet! Damn Witch! You've done unnecessary things!)


If one has to describe Junom's ideology, it would be a stubborn elf absolutist.

He is a typical prideful Elf.


Junom usually works as an adventurer in other countries. He heard that his homeland, the Witch of the Giant Tower had brought down the Elf Queen Nation. When he returns home, he learns that the possession of human slaves is prohibited by law in the Elf Queen Nation. Not only in the capital city, but he does not see them anywhere.


The elves in the capital are worried about the sky. They look more scared towards human adventurers and merchants than before.

After seeing more than 100 dragons in the sky above the capital spewing their fire breath at once, shaking the ground and covering the sky with smoke, the elves living in the capital don't dare to offend humans anymore.

If they provoke the Witch of the Giant Tower, the sky may be covered with dragons again---- No one even dares to imagine that.


Therefore, the elves in the capital keep their distance from the humans.


Junom could not tolerate that situation.


(How can prideful elves be intimidated by humans, the most inferior of the six species! Don't you have pride as elves! So pathetic! I must do something to regain the pride of the elves!)


Rumor said that the Witch of the Giant Tower wiped out the White Knights, the strongest knights in Elf Queen Nation.

Although it is only a rumor, Junom decides not to make the same mistake and targets former human slaves heading to the Giant Tower to ensure his success.


(If the slaves were killed while on their way, despite their policy of protecting the humans - it would damage the Witch of the Giant Tower's reputation.)


If that happens, Absolute Human Independence will not collapse.... but if human deaths happen too often, people will question it.

Are the "Witches of the Giant Tower really trying to protect the humans?

Is her ideology not fake?


(No matter how strong a castle is, a small hole in the wall can make it collapse. That's a typical story from all ages and cultures. If I can use this incident to damage her reputation and bring down Absolute Human Independence in the future...... If it goes well, I may become a hero for the elves!)


His hatred toward humans is mixed with his desire for honor.

Junom's eyes become more cloudy.

A rose-colored dream unfolds in his mind.


( You humans should be honored to be the stepping stone for me, the future hero of the elves!)


The beautiful maids who stand in front of and behind the former slaves look capable, but they don't notice his presence.

After a second look at the escape route, Junom puts an arrow to his bow and takes a breath.


"Die! You humans! You may regret being tricked by that stupid Witch!"


Multiple arrows are unleashed from Junom's bow!

He is only level 300, but one of his arrows is more than enough power to kill a human.


--But only if the arrow hit the target.


Several arrows that were released disappear on their way.

They literally disappeared before Junom's eyes.


"What the hell is happening?"


Junom's head flies off.

It flies through the air lightly, like a wine bottle cork popping open.

Junom sees a beautiful brown-skinned girl standing behind him as he is still conscious halfway through the air.

The beautiful brown-skinned girl keeps looking at him coldly as his vision spins around.


Furthermore, despite his loud shouts and the arrows he released, none of the humans traveling through the forest turned to look back at him.

It is as if Junom does not exist, as if he is invisible.




The beautiful brown-skinned girl "UR, Level 5000 Assassin Blade Nemumu" sighs.


"An amateur who doesn't even know how to do the silent-killing... Geez, usually the monsters can take care... Increasing my workload. Annoying bastard."


As she said, the level 1000 snake hellhounds can take care of this kind of attacker.

But this time, the Human Kingdom inspectors are coming to the Giant Tower.


When Aoyuki noticed the attacker's presence, she asked Mei for instructions. Mei quickly sent Nemumu to the site so that the Royal Family would not hear any screams during the inspection.

They used R - Silent to silence the sounds around them, blocked all the arrows, and killed the attacker.


Mei was a bit surprised when she was contacted through telepathy during the meeting between Raito and the first princess.


The humans traveling through the forest to the Giant Tower are unaware of the incidents.


Nemumu leaves the decapitated elf corpse to the Snake Hellhound and takes out her SSR - Transfer card to return to Naraku.


"One of the elves who cannot accept Absolute Human Independence, huh? The world is changing. Why does he keep dreaming that his and humans' position will stay as master and slave forever? I just can't understand it..."


Living things have an instinct to beat and dominate others. That is understandable.

But what makes one think that the advantage of one's own position will last forever?

If one keeps beating others, then the other party will not remain silent. There is no way that the one-sided beating can continue.

Without realizing it, he lost his life. He must have been dreaming. A dream that pleased him.


"It seems there are many other elves that are suicidal and do sporadic actions like this. If there are still some elves who don't understand their circumstances and are trying to mess with us, maybe we should be more strict? I should talk to Mei-sama or Elly-sama about this."


Nemumu disappears from the site while muttering the worst possible thing for the Elf Queen Nation.


At the same time, the silent effect fades. Only the sound of the Snake Hellhound chewing the elf corpse can be heard.


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