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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep10 Discussing human race's future



"I never expected this. Not only my brother, but even Nono also doesn't realize that person isn't me..."


The first princess of the Human Kingdom is wearing a hood over her head and secretly observing the inspection.

Currently, Lilith's body double is inspecting with Elly and the others.

She used UR - the second shadow to create her body double. Then she sent her body double to do the inspection.


This is because she will have discussions with Raito and his men about the human race's status and future.

There will be conflicts if they don't understand each other's opinions and decide their future goal.

However, the discussion would take a long time, so he asked Lilith (real) to switch places with her body double using UR - the second shadow.


Not just for the inspection, they plan to have Lilith (fake) go to The Human Kingdom depending on the situation.

Since Lilith (fake) has multiple cards, she can easily switch places with the real one.


"--Princess Lilith, have you finished checking them?"


"Yes. Thank you, Mei-san. Thank you for listening to my selfish request."


"No, no need to thank me. It's all Raito-sama's wishes."


Lilith thanks Mei, who stands behind her and heads back inside.

She was observing the inspection because she wondered if her body double wouldn't be exposed.

Not that she doesn't trust the card's power, but this is something she can't be sure of just with words.


That was why Raito gave Lilith (real) permission to observe her body double during the inspection.


Lilith (real) understands that her brother and the head maid can't see through her body double disguise, so Mei urges her to proceed to the top floor where Raito is waiting.

Moving from the 1st floor to the 4th floor on foot takes a lot of time, so Mei uses SSR - Transfer.


(I can't believe they use a transfer magic item just to go to the 4th floor... Raito-sama and his men are really extraordinary.)


Although Lilith is inwardly astonished, she quietly follows Mei's lead.


Their surrounding scenery instantly changes from large pillars to a corridor.


Mei leads Lilith to the office where Raito is waiting for them.





They are discussing inside the office.


Lilith is sitting on the sofa. With a pale expression, she speaks.


"I never thought such a horrible thing could happen...."


She let out her thought when she heard that I was almost killed in Naraku because I was suspected as the Master.


I explained to Lilith about our circumstances, the Master, revenge against the former members of the Races Union, and my search for the truth about why they tried to kill me.

Of course, I didn't give her more information than she needed to know.

I ask her if she has any information about the Master, but she doesn't know anything about it.


"I am very sorry. I'm a royal family member, but I don't know anything about it... My father and brothers, including myself, are not taken seriously in diplomatic circles. Just to be sure, I will ask my father and brother about it as soon as I return to the castle."


"No, don't worry about it. It would be bad if they become suspicious."


While she softly scratches her nails, I continue my story.


When gathering information about revenge and the Master, he feels angry about the human race's current situation. Partly because he is also a human. Finally, he declared Absolute Human Independence through Elly. Now they're talking about the current situation of protecting former slaves in the area around the Giant Tower.


"But I don't want to create large-scale chaos involving civilians just because I want to improve our race's status. I will wipe off any sparks of fire, but I will continue to seek revenge."


"Of course I understand. I also don't want to take the throne by force against my father and brother. Above all, my vassals will not follow me if I take the throne by force. --I am ashamed to say this, but I don't know how many weeds from different countries are growing in our castle. If I don't get rid of them first, I won't be able to sit on the throne in peace."


The weeds are the spies.

Lilith is thinking of ascending the throne for the future of The Human Kingdom. But she must eliminate spies from other countries. Even if Lilith becomes Queen of The Human Kingdom and pushes for reforms, her vassals will not follow her commands. She must keep wary of poisoning, assassination, kidnapping, etc.

It would be too difficult to push ahead by force alone, and Lilith's spirit won't be able to endure always being under threat of death.

Above all, it is impossible to manage a nation under such a condition.


"So the first priority is to find and identify the spies. At the same time, we need to make moves for my enthronement as Queen. --I must also gain support from the majority of countries before the Principality Conference, which is held once every 4 years."


Lilith frowns awkwardly and sadly.


"We The Human Kingdom are not even allowed to decide for ourselves, not even our own King...."


She grits her teeth in frustration.


According to Lilith, it is customary for the next The Human Kingdom King to report and get acceptance from the other 5 countries at the principality conference.

But in reality, the next King of The Human Kingdom is chosen by the other five races.

This system aims to prevent those who are dissatisfied with the current relationship from taking the Human Kingdom throne.


It is a majority voting system created by the five nations, excluding the human race.


( I never thought they didn't even have the right to choose their own King.....)


When Raito first hears this, he gets a headache because of how badly the race is treated.


"It's a very shameful thought... But by supplanting the system and following the formal procedure, it will be possible for me to dethrone the current King and reign as the Queen."


It is not that difficult.

All they need to do is to make 3 out of the 5 nations follow their lead, just like the Elf Queen Nation.

If taking the Human Kingdom throne by force would cause problems, they can go behind the scenes, seize the other nations, and legally take the throne.


"There is still time, and I don't think we can do anything about it right now. First of all, we need to identify the spies spreading in the royal palace. Raito-sama, please cooperate with me."


"I will definitely cooperate with you as I promised. But what will you do after you identify them?"


"I will make up a reason to dismiss them. Or--"


Lilith pauses for a second but quickly and firmly speaks.


"Depending on the case, I will cut off their heads secretly. Even if it is the Head Maid Nono is a spy from another nation. For the future of our race, I won't hesitate to dirty my hands."


She shows her firm determination.

It's as if she says, 'I will not run away no matter what. So I want you to cooperate with me until the end'.

Raito himself wants to lend his hand to create a better future for the human race.





Mei, who was serving as a maid, reacted slightly to something.

The movement was so small that Lilith didn't notice it, but Raito felt it.


(Seems like there is a report. Is there a problem somewhere?)


Raito continues his conversation with Lilith with caution.


"So when I officially ascend the throne, I will review tariffs based on the rules, abolish slavery, adjust unreasonable low prices for grain, and so on--"


Raito and Lilith continue their conversation about The Human Kingdom's future.


At that time, Mei is using telepathy to communicate with Aoyuki. Aoyuki is controlling the Snake Hellhounds.

The Witch of the Giant Tower has declared Human Race Absolute Independence. However, some of the elves still can't accept that.

They can't forget the pleasure of having human slaves working under them for free.


One of Aoyuki's monsters detected signs of hostile movement toward the Witch of the Giant Tower.


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