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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

DeokuTeima ~ C56



Chapter 56: With all the momentum, the 2nd area.



I ran out of recovery medicines, but we managed to beat the field boss. It was so close. My HP and my monsters' HP were depleted by half, and our MP was almost empty.


Our levels increased since we won the battle against a much stronger opponent. Thanks to this, Rick had reached level 10.


Actually, my basic level and occupation level have reached 10. When one reaches basic Lv. 10, the number of skills one can acquire increases. Because my occupation level increased, I acquired a special "Breeding Boost" skill. It is said that having this skill makes it easier for a monster to lay eggs.


Rick also acquired Runaway Foot skill when he reached lv 10. I also have this skill, which makes it easier to run away. Rick also acts alone when he is gathering. It will be useful for him.


Name: Yuuto                     Race: Halfling                                  Basic Lv10

Occupation: Tamer           Occupation Lv10

HP: 35/35                           MP: 45/45

Strength: 8                         Constitution: 4                                  Agility: 8 

Dexterity: 8                         Wisdom: 12                                       Spirit: 6

Skills: Gathering: Lv8, Enlist: Lv9, Servant Magic: Lv11, Mixing: Lv16, Wand: Lv7, Taming: Lv3, Runaway Foot: Lv3, Farming: Lv10, Logging: Lv5, Water Magic: Lv9, Cooking: Lv13, Alchemy: Lv16, Plant Knowledge: Lv9, Mercy,

(New) Breeding Boost


Name: Orto                         Race: Gnome                                   Basic Lv11

Contractor: Yuuto.

HP: 35/35                           MP: 43/43 

Strength 8                          Constitution 7                                   Agility 6 

Dexterity 13                        Wisdom 14                                        Spirit 10

Skills: Cultivating, seed breeding, Luck, Heavy Swing, Earth Magic, Farming, Mining, Night Vision, Growth Boost Ex

Equipment: earth spirit hoe, earth spirit muffler, earth spirit clothing.


Name: Sakura                   Race: Tree Spirit                              Basic Lv13

Contractor: Yuuto

HP: 42/42                           MP: 44/44 

Strength 10                        Constitution 12                                Agility 7 

Agility 8                               Wisdom 12                                        Spirit 15

Skills: Cultivating, Tree Magic, Photosynthesis, Gathering, Regeneration, Endurance, Whip Art, Water Resistance, Enchanting, Woodcraft, Forest Protection

Equipment: Whip of Tree Spirit, Robe of Tree Spirit


Name: Rick                        Race: Grey Squirrel                                    Basic Lv10

Contractor: Yuuto

HP: 29/29                           MP: 23/23 

Strength 7                          Constitution 9                                   Agility 18 

Agility 8                               Wisdom 5                                          Spirit 8

Skills: Vigilance, Gathering, Pruning, Jumping, Climbing, Cheek pouch, Front tooth strike, (New) Runaway Foot

Equipment: Red Scarf


Name: Kumama               Race: Honey Bear                                       Basic Lv9

Contractor: Yuuto

HP: 45/45 MP: 32/32 

Strength 15+3                  Constitution 11                                 Agility 8 

Dexterity 10                      Wisdom 6                                          Spirit 6

Skills: Charm, Gluttony, Sense of smell, Cultivating, Claw Attack, Climbing, Poison resistance, Fragrance, beekeeping

Equipment: Dog Jacket +, Dog Shirt +, Dog Ascot Tie +


Now, what shall we do after this?"


To be honest, I'm not sure if we can go back to the beginning town. We have no way to recover our HP.


Moreover, night had already fallen. The level and number of monsters increased dramatically compared to the daytime. Could we survive through the northern plains now?


Then, shall we go to the 2nd area? It is said that there is a safe zone just after entering the area. Let's go there, log out and wait until morning?


But what if we encounter a monster in the 2nd area at night? Would we be okay as we are exhausted now?


"Okay, let's take a vote! Who thinks it's better to keep going!"








Everyone raised their hands except Sakura. It's decided.


Let's proceed to the safety zone in the 2nd area.


Ten minutes later.


"Damn! Though we've almost reached the safety zone!




Floating in front of us are semi-transparent, faintly glowing, humanoid monsters. Well, to put it simply, they are ghosts.


"What the hell are these creatures?"


Even though I had no intention of coming here, I had already gathered information about the 2nd area. As a tamer, I had all the information about the monsters.


No information mentioned monsters that looked like spirits or ghosts. Of course, there was no information about ghosts.


"The name is Lesser Ghost?"


I've never heard of it.




It would be difficult to escape from here. Ghosts are not the only enemies.




Two cute little bears are threatening us. They are surrounding us with 3 ghosts.


We were too reckless because we were so close to the safety zone! I should have been more cautious and let Rick scout the area while proceeding carefully. When my presence detection skill detected them, the ghosts already got too close to us.


We tried to escape, but the ghosts were too fast. And to make it worse, we also run into Little Bears on our way.


We have no choice but to fight and win.


"No choice, let's fight them!"


So we started to fight...


"Kuma! Kuma?"




Kumama and Rick jumped at the ghosts standing in front of them. But they couldn't do any damage and went through them. Sakura's whip also went through them.


Tsk, so this kind of enemy can only be defeated with magic!


I hurriedly started casting Aqua Ball. But in the meantime, the ghosts focused their attacks on me.


My monsters' attacks didn't provoke them at all because their attacks went through them. And they are targeting me because I have started casting magic.


I should instruct Sakura and Orto to cast magic, but I can't send them instructions while casting magic. Everyone tried to cover me from the ghosts, but...






The ghost passes through Orto and the others, then attacks me.


The ghost's body hit me directly. But I didn't feel any impact. I felt a chill run down my spine for a moment, and then the ghost passed through me.


What was that? Did the attack miss? I thought so, but I was wrong. My HP bar is decreasing. Apparently, even though there was no impact, it still inflicted damage.


Damn, if the ghost keeps attacking me like this, my HP will be drained!


Just when I was preparing to die.


"Allow me to help you!"


I heard a girl's voice from behind me. Then, I hear an alert asking if I want to accept her assistance.


"Accept, I accept!"


"Roger! Circle Edge!"


With that shout, the three ghosts that have been surrounding me disappear.




I didn't expect the ghosts would be defeated so quickly, so I went blank for a moment.


"This side is fine, but we should deal with Little Bears soon!"


"Ah, yes."


That's right. We're still in the middle of a battle. The ghosts are gone, but Little Bears are still here. I followed that female player's advice and defeated the remaining monsters.


"Are we safe...?"


I can't believe we're still alive.


"We almost didn't make it!"


"Thank you."


I bowed deeply to my savior as she approached me. She is a girl with fiery red twin tails and light equipment. She looks like a high school student. Well, we can't trust appearance in this game.


No, we must help each other when we are in trouble. Besides, I wanted to play as a hero who just happened to be passing by.


LJO allows players to intervene during battle, as long as it is not a special battle like a boss battle. They can’t help or join a party without permission, but they can use skills, arts, and items to assist another party for one time only.


There is no disadvantage to being helped. The only problem is that sometimes there are pushy people who demand an extravagant show of gratitude for their help.


If you deliberately reduce your HP to level up your healing magic, you could simply refuse the other person's offer. Furthermore, accepting their help doesn't reduce the amount of XP or items you could gain.

On the other hand, those who help cannot expect much profit. They will get 5% of the experience gained by the party they helped, but they won't get any items or money.


To be frank, it would be easier and quicker to defeat the monsters by yourself.


This is supposedly a measure to prevent low-level parties from depending on stronger parties for assistance. If you depend on high-ranking players to help you each time you fight, you will be able to gain XP far too easily in the beginning areas. Intervening in a fight is considered a gesture of goodwill and nothing more.


"I'm Yuuto the Tamer. Thanks for saving our lives."


"I am Akari the Sword Ranger."


"Was that a sword art? It looks like the Lesser Ghost suffered some damage."


"Oh. It wasn't an art effect but a sword effect. This morning mist claymore has water attribute."


So it has the same effect as Ruin's mace. That's convenient.


"Onii-san, what are you going to do now?"


"I was planning to go to the safety zone because it seems impossible to go back to the town at night, and I don't have any recovery items left."


"Then, would you like me to accompany you to the safety zone?"


".....Is it okay?"


"Yes, it's okay. I was about to head back too."


She's an angel! The angel has descended!


"I'll be in your care."




"―― ♪."






Orto and the others bowed their heads in unison. Seeing this, Akari raises her shrill voice.


"So, so cute! They're so cute, Yuuto-san!"


My kids are so popular among the female players! Akari tried to pat Orto's head but was prevented by the harassment block, and she looked sad. But if I asked her to add me as a friend in this situation, wouldn't that make me a parasite player or a playboy? So I decided to wait for her to ask me.


"Well, shall we go?"


"Oh, okay. Let's go."


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