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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

DeokuTeima ~ C55


Chapter 55: Bulletin Board 7



 [New Discovery] Discussing newly discovered things in LJO, part 4 [New discoveries are on the way].

Even if it's a small discovery, it's okay.

Don't lie.

Don't assume people are lying.

Please attach screenshots for evidence if possible.



552: Heartman.

So, regarding why people have started picking up trash? Are you saying it's better to ask the Sharp Ear cats?


553: Hiruma.

That info seems to be selling so well. I'm sure it'll be published on the Sharp Ear Cats bulletin board soon.

If you don't want to miss out, just buy the information.


554: Fuka.

Our party is actually starting to pick up weeds!


555: Heartman.

I'm curious why so many people pick up trash and clean sewage, so I'll visit the Sharp Ear Cats later.


556: Fuka.

That's good.

And now it's my turn!

I've just found a new occupation!


557: Hiruma

That's good news.

So, Primary occupation? Second occupation?


558: Fuka.

Second occupation. Derived from Tamer.

The name is Dark Tamer.

Sounds like a cool occupation, right? I don't have detailed information because I heard it from someone else.

So, if anyone has more information, please let me know!


559: Formaggio

First of all, what kind of tamer class change has been introduced so far?


600: Hiruma.

For a normal class change, middle Tamer.

There are also several branches depending on the composition of the monsters you are taming.

If you have tamed 3 or more monsters of the beast family, you are a Beast Tamer.

If you have 3 or more reptilian monsters, you can become a Scale Tamer.

Insect Tamer for insects.

Bird tamer for birds.

Those are all that have been known so far.


601: Hendricksen.

558>> Just in case you're wondering.

I heard it from one of my acquaintances who became a Dark Tamer.

It is the same as other occupations that you can change classes when your occupation level is 20.

When you have become a dark tamer, you can only tame evil spirits, corpses, demons, and devil monsters. And the monsters you had previously tamed will disappear if they are not one of those four kinds.

You'll also unlock the negative scoring of your monsters' favorability.


602: Heartman

The negative scoring of monsters' favorability?


603: Hendricksen.

Suppose a tamer abuses his monsters or leaves them alone for long periods. In that case, they will start to hate their Tamer, stop listening to him, and attack him.

Friendly fire will also be unlocked, and your mons' attacks will be able to hurt you.


604: Fuka.

So favorability score exists, after all. I didn't expect to find out about that here...

Dark Tamer doesn't have any good points at all, does it? Is it really a second occupation?


605: Hendricksen

Significant increase in the player's own status.

As for the four kinds mentioned above, the correction is quite significant.


606: Fuka.

What are the conditions for class change? Do we have to tame all the 4 kinds?


607: Hendricksen.

I don't know the detailed conditions, but I can guess.

Maybe the tamed monsters' favorability has to be low.

That Dark Tamer was well known among tamers as someone who abuses mons.

His initial monster was piyoko, but he was seen kicking and punching it. That Piyoko really hates him.

It seemed the tamed monster's favorability score had something to do with it, seeing how he unlocked negative scores when he became a Dark Tamer.


608: Hiruma.

Anyway, are there any monsters that can be tamed by Dark Tamer?


609: Heartman

There is a monster called Poor Zombie in the 3rd area. It doesn't look very good, and I don't think it can be used as anything other than a meat shield.

It would be tough to have a party only with this monster.


610: Hiruma.

Devil type ...... I don't know.

Demon type...... I don't know.

Evil spirit type..... I don't know.

Corpse type....... Poor Zombie is the only one I know.


Like this? Dark Tamer, it's too difficult.


611: Formaggio.

Not really. A while ago, someone posted on the Monster Bulletin Board about ghost sightings.


612: Fuka.

Hey, I can't stand horror stories.

I don't want to see them if possible. Where are they appearing?

I won't approach that place!


613: Formaggio.

There are no details yet, but some people have seen them in the 2nd area.

Physical attacks don't work against them, and they can only be defeated by magic.


614: Fuka.

The entire 2nd area? No way! No way, no way!  I will quit playing this game!!



615: Hiruma.

Calm down, calm down, you can beat them with magic, so there's nothing to be afraid of.

More importantly, no ghosts ever appeared before, right? Did they suddenly start appearing?


615: Heartman.

Maybe the earlier announcement about a defeated raid boss was the trigger.

It said a part of the game had been released.


616: Hendricksen.

That's possible.

Then maybe other systems have been released.


617: Fuka.

Oh, I have one thing in mind!

I saw an unattended stall stand at the beginning town.

I've never seen anything like that before.


618: Heartman.

I heard that you can get an unattended stall stand by raising your rank in the Farming Guild.

There are a few of them in the 3rd area.

Though I've never heard of one in the beginning town.


619: Fuka.

I see. So, do you think we can also get herbal tea leaves in the 3rd area?


620: Hiruma

Herbal tea?


621: Fuka.

Yup. It was sold at an unattended stall stand in the south district of the beginning town. It was a bit expensive, but it's really delicious!


622: Hiruma.

Never heard of it. Is it sold in the beginning town, not in the 3rd area?


623: Fuka.

That's right. Well, to be exact, it’s sold in the unattended stall.

I bought one to try, and then I went to buy more, but they were sold out.


624: Heartman.

What are the effects like?

Does it have a great buff effect?


625: Fuka.

Nothing special! It's completely a luxury drink! But it's super delicious!

Even though there was a purchase limit of 5 bags per person per day, they sold out so fast.....

Too bad! I should have bought some!

Stall manager-san! Please supply more herbal teas ASAP!!!


626: Hendricksen.

It has no buffs but to be so popular...

Just how delicious does it taste?

I'm curious.


627: Heartman.

I'm curious too. Since I'm in the beginning town, I'll visit that unattended stall stand.


628: Hiruma

I'll look for it too.


629: Formaggio.

You said it's in the South District?


630: Fuka.

No, no! It wasn't delicious at all! So it's not worth looking for!


631: Hendricksen.

Unattended stall stand could be set up on the farm, right? They must be in the  farming area in the outskirts of the south district.


632: Heartman.



633: Hiruma.

Yep, right there.


634: Formaggio.

For now, let's check the place.


635: Hendricksen.

Super delicious herbal tea? Now that's something to look forward to.


636: Fuka.

Aaah!!! My portion will decrease!



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