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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Aisanai to iwaremashitemo C9: An onion pretending to be a flower turned out to be a fragrant onion.



"... Ara? You're Abigail, right?"


Nadia looked at me while puffing up her chest. She used a fan to cover half of her face. Tabatha taught me that covering half your face with a fan is pointless.


"I'm Abigail Noel. Young lady Longhurst,  it's been a long time since I've seen you."


My lord husband and Tabatha told me that if I met the Longhurst, I could pretend I didn't know them. And I don't have to thank them when I return their greetings. That's why I responded to her greeting by straightening my back and gently raising my chin. My stepsister got annoyed, and the veins on her temples were visible.


I've learned it and understood it. Since marrying my lord husband, I am no longer a member of the Longhurst family. I learned human manners because I am Viscountess Noel.


I never defy the Longhurst family. But it's not because I'm afraid. Besides, my stepmother or stepsister never hit me. They just don't give me food. I secretly helped the maids and sneaked into the kitchen to eat the leftovers, which might have been slightly different from their expectations.


I just think that's how human life is.

Just as I used to be a demon king. My stepmother and stepsister did not give me work, so they didn't give me food. I used to believe it was the reason. Because it was my first time living as a human.


"- Hmm. I heard that Viscount Noel is a barbaric person, but he seems to be smart enough to dress up his wife."


My stepsister stared at me from head to toe and then snorted.


Barbaric person? I tilted my head. I still don't know much about human appearance or how humans judge others in society. Still, the way my lord husband feeds me is polite and gentle. So that's incorrect, right?


Come to think of it, my lord husband and I didn't have a wedding ceremony. I just signed the marriage certificate, so my stepsister probably hasn't met my lord husband yet. That may be the reason.


"Yeah. Even though you're all dressed up, with your scary monster eyes..."


"—Excuse me. Is there a problem with my wife?"




My lord husband put his arm around my waist. I need to discuss the meat flower--. My lord husband is smiling brightly! This is the first time I've seen him with this expression!


"Ah, uh, your wife, Viscount Noel...?"


"Sorry Abigail. I was stopped by an old friend."


My lord husband get rid of my stepsister easily, whose cheeks are still blushing. He then turns to me with a smile. This is what Tabatha taught me! Tabatha says my lord husband isn't very good at this, but that’s not true!


"My lord husband, you're very good. I'll let Tabatha know."


"What--have you decided what you want to eat?"


"Oh, yeah. That flower-like thing is meat, isn't it? I want that meat."


"... I see. Okay."


The husband shakes his shoulders and asks a nearby waiter to pick up the flowers. No, I mean the meat.

…… Very! It was a big flower on the table, but the waiter made it smaller!


"Ah, excuse me, Viscount Noel."


"Is it delicious?"


"It's chewy! It's delicious! And it smell nice. It smells different from meat!”


It's so thin I can see the plate through it. When I touch it the texture is chewy. And one more thing, it smells like a burnt tree. When I was a demon king, I thought I smelled this scent after accidentally burning the forest a bit. It smells like this!


"Excuse me! Viscount Noel!"


"What else do you want?"


The vegetables served with it are also delicious. They are sticky and crunchy.


"I am Nadia Longhurst, eldest daughter of the Earl of Longhurst."


"Thank you for your courtesy. I am Gerald Noel Drewett."


"I hope my sister Abigail is not causing you any trouble. She really is..."


My spouse gently brushes away the tips of her fingers that point at me. He then kneels down and rests his cheek against a whorl of hair on the back of my head. I feel like eating another piece of flower meat, but I also want to eat meat that looks tender with a glistening sauce. Oh, but the colorful thing covered in transparent jelly next to it is also hard to resist.


"Abigail is a very capable and lovely wife. The Drewettes are very lucky to have welcomed her as daughter-in-law. My father is also very happy."


"D-Drewwet... The Marquis family...?"


"By the way, I didn't expect to meet you here, considering the recent disasters in the Longhurst land. You may be here to entertain yourself for the benefit of your land. You're so noble. As expected of Abigail’s older sister. I wish you are blessed with good fortune."




"Come on, Abigail. We should take a little break from eating. Let's take a walk."


He took the plate from my hands and handed me a small plate with tender meat on it. When did he do that? Does this mean I can eat it in the garden? Am I right?


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