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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Aisanai to iwaremashitemo C8: I'm sure I'll be able to eat a lot more than usual.




The hall where the evening party is held is so large that a big house seems to fit inside.

My lord husband participated as a viscount instead of the second son of a marquis family, so we arrived early. The higher a noble's status, the later they enter the venue. There were already many people in the hall, and the number continued to increase.


As my lord husband escorted me through the hall, the whispering voices spread like ripples.

I can hear and distinguish them all. I'm a former demon king after all, so I have good ears.


"Hey, it's the bloody lieutenant. It's unusual for him to attend an evening party."


"Who's the young lady? I heard he got married."


"He's the bloody major now. He was promoted long ago."


"She must be the second daughter of the Longhurst family. I hear her beauty can't even hold a candle to her older sister."


"She never socialized, but always spent money."


I checked my lord husband thoroughly from head to toe.

Her long black hair bangs have been trimmed. He looked more neat and elegant in his military outfit. His clean white uniform is decorated with beautiful gold buttons, ornamental straps, and a red sash hanging diagonally from his right shoulder.


"What's wrong?"


"Nothing's dirty. No problem."


Oh, my lord husband laughs like he's confused. Suddenly the tone of the whispers changed drastically. Laugh, he laughs. The stone face finally crumbled. He laughs. Is he really laughing?


"Just ignore them. They know nothing but gossip about other people."


A waiter offers me a silver tray with many glasses while I stood near the wall. A honey-colored drink, a bright crimson drink with sparkling bubbles, and more. This is my first time. I never imagined that I'd be able to drink any of these tasty drinks...


"The castle people are nice."


"-He's a waiter. Don't follow him.


My lord husband asked for a non-alcoholic drink and gave me a tall, thin glass filled with a purple beverage.


"It's grape juice. Only drink what I say fine for you to drink."


Tabatha had also told me. I can't drink alcohol yet, so I can't choose a drink when my lord husband isn't around. When I drink it, there are no air bubbles. There is a pleasant stimulation and a refreshing aroma that tickles my tongue.


"Is it delicious?"


"Yes. My lord husband."




"When can I eat the dishes lined up over there?"


"Oh. Maybe a while later."


"I might be able to taste all kinds of dishes if it's just one bite each."


"You can be excited, but don't eat too much... If you have a stomachache, Tabatha will cry again."


"I guess it's fine since we're in the castle."


"Why are you so confident?"


At first, I thought I would just wear a dress, but today I was busy. After the morning shower, they massaged me here and there and braided my hair. I ate lunch properly but didn't have time to eat snacks.

Tabatha chose a slim dress with buttons at the bust, so I could eat a lot like usual.

The food at the mansion always looks wonderful, but the food in the palace are sparkling and decorated with flowers. Flowers are usually bitter in flavor, yet I believe the flowers here are delicious. Because this is a palace.



When it was decided that I would attend the evening party, my lord husband told me something with a serious face.

My reputation is bad because of the rumors spread by my stepmother. It seems that my lord husband's reputation is also not good.

That's why someone might say something terrible or be rude to me. He wants me to act normal and stay by his side. He repeatedly reminded me of that. Rodney even scolded him for being overprotective.


While I was discussing with my lord husband which dish to eat, many people came to greet him.

My lord husband looked relaxed when talking to military people. He showed a straight face when talking to people related to the marquis.


Everyone greeted me with smiles, so I returned them with smiles that Tabatha had approved. He said that I just need to smile today.


My lord husband occasionally pulls me and hides me behind his back. Perhaps it depends on who he's talking to. I asked him in private how to distinguish them. But he told me not to worry about it. That is most likely not a wife's role.


"—- How about you start picking up the food now?"




The royal family also entered, and everyone bowed at once. If I'm not mistaken, Ethan said my lord husband would be lining up to greet the royal family... but. Well, it should be fine since my lord husband said so.


My lord husband is supposed to escort me to our reserved table, but he is not by my side when I get there.


…… I was advised that I could only select drinks when my lord husband was present, but I was not told I couldn't select dishes.

 I'll envision which one and how much I'll eat, so I can decide faster when my lord husband arrives.


"-- Ara, how unpleasant. This is no place for someone like you."


I thought it was a big flower, but isn't this meat? Eh?! This is meat, isn't it? It's light pink and flickering, but it smells like meat.


"... Hey!"


I promised Tabatha to eat vegetables properly, but these look like flowers――


"Hey, are you listening? Abigail!"


When my name was called, I looked up from the food and saw my stepsister. Nadia standing there with her eyes widening. Half of her face is covered by a fan, but I'm pretty sure she's my stepsister.


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