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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Aisanai to iwaremashitemo C7: I'm not Piyo-chan.


"Welcome home, My Lord husband."


At the mansion's entrance, I greeted my lord husband coming home from work. He handed his coat to Ethan then he approached me. He lifted me up, sat me on his left hand, then put the souvenir in my mouth. Today the souvenir is marshmallows. Oh! There's something in it!


"Is it delicious?"


"Yes! It's got chocolate in it! It goes from soft to melty!"


"I see."


My lord husband has come to smile at me often. It was strange how his sparkling blue eyes could calm and soothe my feelings.


It's been half a year since I came to this house.

I grew up and I could eat dinner without skimping on snacks.

I still can't eat as much as my lord husband, but the day I can do that will come soon.


While carrying me, my lord husband walked towards my bedroom. Rodney followed behind my lord husband, closing the box of snacks. When our eyes meet, he opens the box again and lets me see what is inside. It's full! Lots of marshmallows of different colors lined up! It looks like the jewels in the box that the jeweler brought the other day!


"My underlings tell me it's trending lately."


After eating, he smiles again at me.


"Are the preparations for tomorrow going well?"


Today's main dish is crispy-skin baked chicken. The clear juices and fat popped out when I cut the chicken with a knife. When I bite into it, it is tender and juicy. The spices are also a delight to my taste buds. The accompanying sweet potatoes are also delicious.

The chicken on my lord husband's plate is twice as big as mine, but what part of the chicken is that?


"...... My meat isn't a particularly bigger. It's just that your piece of meat is easier to cut and eat."


How did you know what I was thinking? Did I look at his plate too much?


"I'm fully prepared for tomorrow. I have also passed Tabatha's test. All I have to do now is put on the dress."


"Oh, I see."


My lord husband glanced at Tabatha, and she nodded. That's right, that's right.


Tomorrow is our first evening party since we got married. When the noble's daughter turns fifteen, they will debut at the evening party in the royal palace. Since I haven't done it yet, it will be my debut. I'm still unsure what I'll do, but I'm looking forward to the party because it will be held in the royal palace.


I know how to dance. My lord husband has trained with me many times.

I love the part where he lifts me up high and spins around. It makes my eyes roll.


When I became a demon king, I could fly in the sky. I recalled the sight I saw back then, and it was fun. I will probably dance tomorrow. After all, the human body won't grow wings even if it eats a lot of chicken.






"I just remembered. That's Drewett territory in that direction."


"You're being sketchy again."


I'm pointing at the northwestern part of this royal capital. My lord husband furrows his brows and shifts his gaze to the point I am pointing at.


“Well, the direction is correct. We have one small land outside the royal capital.”


"I don't know how far it is, but I heard the sound of earth-rumbling birds from the mountain over there around noon today."


"Earth-rumbling birds? Did they chirp?"


Earth-rumbling bird has a small body, but it's a splendid monster. They're timid and won't attack you unless you mess with them. Ethan tilted his head at my lord husband's question.


"They do. When they do it however, that means there will be landslides near there "


"- When will that happpen?"


“Earth-rumbling birds are cowards. When they detect a landslide, they try to move their nest in a hurry. When in a hurry their chirping sound different. They are cowards, so they start making noise long before the landslide happen. So, um, in about three months?”


"That long!?"


"Because they are cowards."


“In that direction. Isn't Mount Kinger at the eastern end of the Drewwet region? The mountain is around there..."


I don't know when or from where, but Ethan opened a map and showed it to my lord husband. The map is too big to fit in his pocket. It's strange. Ethan can always bring out what he wants. Maybe it's a gift.


"Bukankah gunung itu hanya sebesar itu...

Jika kita tidak dapat mengetahui jaraknya, mungkin sulit untuk mengidentifikasi lokasinya."


“They are cowards, so they usually build nests deep in the mountains. So if we don't go to the mountains during that time, we'll be fine. Furthermore, dirt and sand from the landslide may fall into the river and alter its path, therefore human settlements along the river must also take precautions. That's what I used to do at Longhurst."


Three months is quite enough time to prepare. My lord husband instructed Rodney to fly a messenger bird to that territory.


"I've said it before, don't surprise me—. Thanks for your help.."


My lord husband went around the table, kissed me on the forehead, and said, "Thanks for your help."

I've given him several disaster warnings in the last six months.

He was puzzled at first, but he realized there was nothing to lose by taking precautions and issuing an order to carry out disaster prevention. Now, his entire territory seemed to jump into action once he gave the order.


No one in the Longhurst family believed me, so I gave instructions without telling them why. Just add a note to the document I signed.

What about when I was still a demon king? People from nearby villages sometimes leave rice at the forest entrance, but I don't know if they are happy. I don't even remember what I was thinking.


They believe me and appreciate me here.

For the first time, I learned that there are rewards that make me happier than food.


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