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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Aisanai to iwaremashitemo C6: I'm not Piyo-chan.

Aisanai to iwaremashitemo C6: I'm not Piyo-chan.



Abigail stares at the plate, wondering why it is empty. Naturally, if she eats it, it will disappear...

She told a very heavy story so casually, but it turned out that the pudding was far more important to her.


I offered her my pudding to keep her from falling asleep. I glanced at Tabatha, and she nodded repeatedly. Rodney furrowed his brows sadly, and Ethan looked almost passed out. Hey, Ethan! You're not that type of person, right?


"Oh... I see. I see... do you want to eat mine too?”


"Eh?! No, I can't take yours! My lord husband, please taste it too!"


"I don't really like sweets... Here."


It happened so fast.


After I said no, in a blink of an eye, she put the spoon filled with pudding into her mouth.




Actually, I was going to offer Abigail my plate of pudding. I did it before I realized it. Perhaps a devil has possessed her for a second. She was staring at my pudding so intently that I thought she wanted it.

Maybe Abigail realized she had already eaten it. She calmly licks the pudding from the spoon, corrects her posture, and acts as if nothing has happened. I tried to offer one more scoop of pudding, and... It was fast.


".... Piyo-chan."


"I'm Abigail."


Ah! I immediately realized something... Rodney looked confused and whispered to me. Hey, you also raised her with me! She is Piyo-chan! The little bird that fell from the nest!


"My Lord husband, please eat it."


One more bite.


"Don't you like it?"


One more bite.


"It's so delicious, but it's gone."


When I was busy feeding the pudding into Abigail's mouth, the pudding was gone in no time. There is a sense of accomplishment...

Abigail who came to her senses raised her back with a calm expression on her face.


"My lord husband, I can also help you with your work."


Perhaps she is the type of person who feels obligated to work because she has received food. Abigail would feel better if she worked.

While I'm thinking about it, I'm drinking herbal tea. Abigail hasn't even touched her teacup. She only looks at the teacup. Perhaps she believes that by doing so, the tea will cool faster.


"Even if you want to help me, I can't bring home any military work. As for business... Rodney, is there anything she can do?"


“Is asking her to learn the job of a milady still not enough?"


"Oh, that's right. Well, you don't feel the need to rush into learning to adapt. Just learn at your own pace."


I try to remember what my mother used to do. A Milady not only manages social gatherings but also manages the mansion. I'm sure Tabatha can teach her well.


"A milady's job! I saw it before! I can do it!"


I'm worried because I didn't expect Abigail to know that.


"By the way, can you tell me what a milady's job is like?"


"I'll call a merchant. Then I will buy all his goods."


"Okay, forget about Longhurst. Tabatha, please teach her."


They not only asked her to duplicate the family head's signature, but that family is really a mess.


"So Tabatha is going to teach me?"


Abigail's complexion has improved recently, and her facial expression has become more expressive. She's probably happy that the busy Tabatha will accompany her. She keeps following her.


"I'm good at studying. I taught myself how to do my family's territory work."


"On your own?"


She is not only able to copy the signature of the family head.

Longhurst has a large and rich territory, so the family head will need help managing it. They must be struggling without competent subordinates.


"Two generations ago, the head of the Longhurst family was a talented person. He left his notes, so I learnt how to handle the territory from them. Things to do before a flood, landslide, or other natural disaster. How much harvest should be saved to anticipate for a bad bad harvest, how to deal with abnormal monster population growth, and so on."


"Hmmm? …Did you actually issue the orders? That should be done directly by the head of the family.”


"...I remember that four years ago, it was raining continuously. The Longhurst area was the area with the least damage."


Ethan muttered involuntarily. Usually, he is very quiet. Wasn't Abigail just 12 years old four years ago?


"I understand things like the weather and monsters. I was a demon king."


Abigail gently blew her herbal tea before sipping it.


"Is it because you were a demon king?"


"Yes. So I can make preparations in advance. What to do when something similar happens, is all written in the note."


I think the demon king's reincarnation is a defensive wall created by her childish heart due to the harsh treatment of the Longhurst family. That's why Ethan's face looked so sad. Maybe at that moment, we have the same thought.


Was the disaster averted thanks to their previous preparations? Does she have any special abilities?

Very few people have special abilities. I also never heard of the ability to predict the weather or abnormal monster population growth.


Her golden eyes turned to the herbal tea. They reminded me of something. The color of one's eyes can be used to assess the nature and level of magical powers. Gold is a very rare color. Given the brightness of her eyes, shouldn't she have some special magic powers?






"I have never heard that you are good at magic or have any particular talent. Did you hide it from the Longhurst family?"


If the Longhurst family understood Abigail's abilities, they would sell her at a higher price. But our marriage didn't cost a lot of money.


"The Longhursts don't know because I didn't attend the baptism ceremony to measure magic power. They never asked me either."


"Not attending the baptism ceremony. Isn't that one of a noble's duties..."


"They said that my eye color is ugly so I don't have to show it. It embarrassed them."


"The Longhursts are really messed up. Will they be all right?"


They even told Abigail to copy the signature of the head of the family. That family is really full of problems.


"But my lord husband, I cannot use magic. My body cannot withstand the release of magic power."


If it's just a little bit, it should be fine. After all, if there's any danger, I'll protect her. Abigail didn't seem to care, so I couldn't tell her that.

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