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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Aisanai to iwaremashitemo C5: It's so sweet and thick





Abigail finished the porridge in the small soup bowl, then I spoke to her.


Rodney made fun of my unwavering honesty despite his age. At the very least, I know I have been cruel to an innocent girl. I can't see her as a woman yet, but I should at least try to get along with her as a family member. For that, I should apologize first.

Although Rodney told me it was too late, the guilt haunted me.


"I'm sorry. I, I didn't treat you like a lady."


Abigail sits on the bed with a pile of pillows behind her back. She looks straight at me with her mouth half open. I can't help but grit my teeth because even though I am already 22 years old, I am not used to apologizing. Abigail says that she doesn't mind.


Her straight red hair looks dry and dull in a bright room like this. Her skin also looks pale. Given her young age, this is very heartbreaking. Her big, golden eyes seem so out of proportion compared to her little chin.

Her eyes are blank and show no emotion. It reminds me of the chicks I found and raised when I was still a child. It makes me feel uncomfortable.


I tried to make time to eat with her as much as possible. Just as Tabatha said, her behavior as a noble's daughter was flawless. She was treated badly in her own home but was allowed to receive an education. She proudly said, "If I don't have the qualities of a young lady, then I won't be able to survive." Certainly. There are things only experienced by nobles who weren't family heirs, but who taught her that? And why is she so proud?


After a few days, I have no choice but to realize that the desire to protect her is growing.


"If you want to eat food, you have to work. In Longhurst, I helped the maids and they gave me bread. That's why I'm good at cleaning."


So when I hear it, it makes my chest boil with anger.








The surface is glossy yellow, with a dark brown layer on top of it. There are also lots of bite-sized fruits around it. It's pudding! My stepsister often eats it!


Today is sunny. After I took a walk in the park with my lord husband, I ate the lunch that Tabatha had prepared.

There were many small sandwiches with different fillings. It was hard to choose, but it was fun. I ate chicken, cucumber, and egg sandwiches. My hubby ate all kinds of sandwiches.

When I was thinking about eating one more, this food appeared! Pudding!


When I looked at Tabatha, she nodded and asked me to eat this dessert immediately.


I scooped it up with a spoon. The pudding on my spoon and the pudding on the plate are bouncing!


"... It's fresh."




My lord husband choked for some reason, but I kept my eyes on the pudding.


The Yellow and dark brown lump looks like it is about to fall off a spoon. A sweet and bitter taste that spreads gently when I put it in my mouth. The pudding slid down my tongue and disappeared. Eh. Disappeared. Before I knew it, the pudding was gone before I chewed it!


"It's amazing. It's sweeter than carrots..."


"Cough- oh, oh, I see... So you like it."


I have never eaten something so sweet. Fruits are sweet, but this is  a different kind of sweetness.


"Maybe there wasn't anything like this when I was a Demon King...... My stepsister had it at Longhurst mansion, so this is how pudding taste ...... I'm glad I'm a human being."


"...... Mmmm?"


Even my breath tastes sweet.

My tongue kept moving up and down. Isn't this an egg? The strawberries are also sweet, but the taste is refreshing and slightly different from the pudding.


"Maou (Demon King) ?"


"Yes, in the little village by the forest where they have the sweetest oimo (sweet potato)."


"No, not there. Hmm, I wonder where....."


"You mean Longhurst?"


"Oh, ...... Longhurst. That's right, Miss Nadia. While Miss Nadia eats it."


I'm not sure what, but my lord husband seemed to want to say something. Despite its slipperiness, the pudding never gets stuck in my teeth.


"I don't eat dinner with my stepsisters."


"...., You."


Aah, the pudding melted in my mouth, freshened up by the strawberries! So soft!


"Abigail, do you hate Longhurst people?"


I look at my lord husband without taking the spoon out of my mouth. It is not good. It's bad manners.






My lord husband hasn't touched his pudding yet. Is he not going to eat it? Does he not like it? Even though it's really delicious.


"I'm a former Maou (Demon King), so I don't think I hate humans. I don't hate the people of Longhurst either."




"Yes. Oh, I only have one more bite left. Why did the pudding disappear so fast?..."


I spooned the bite in half.


"Maou... Demon King?"


"Before I was born as Abigail, I was called the Demon King. That's why I don't hate people who are weaker than me."


"Oh... I see. I see... do you want to eat mine too?”


"Eh?! No, I can't take yours! My lord husband, please taste it too!"


My lord husband's face looked speechless, and he said he would give me his pudding.

I recently noticed that my lord husband's blue eyes are very gentle, and eating with him makes the food taste even better. Because of that, I want to eat pudding with him.


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