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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep9 Human Race Hope



"I'm sorry to call you late at night. Lilith, the first princess of The Human Kingdom. I'm Raito, Yume's older brother."


Yume's older brother, a boy named Raito - stands up from the Golden Throne and walks down the stairs to greet the First Princess of the Human Kingdom.

Raito stands in front of her.


Lilith is slightly taller than him, so she has to look down, but he does not mind and bows his head.


"I heard the story from my sister, Yume. Princess Lilith not only saved her life with a potion but also gave her a job and gave her protection. Thank you so much."


When Raito bows his head, Elly and all the monsters behind her bow their heads to Lilith at the same time.

She is confused when she is thanked by Raito, the Witch of the Giant Tower, and the mythical monsters. All of them are so powerful that they can be called Gods.

But at the same time, Lilith feels a sense of superiority and [feels] very happy.


However, it may risk her life if she doesn't say anything now.

She hurriedly waves her hands from side to side.


"No, no! I just did what a person should do. So please raise your head."


"I thank you once again for your noble spirit, Princess Lilith."




Raito thanks him with a big smile.

Lilith is charmed by his smile, so beautiful that he could be mistaken for a girl. Her cheeks blush, and she lets out a small sound from her mouth.

Raito doesn't notice and continues his words.


"I will never forget that you saved my sister's life. In exchange for the potion that healed Yume's wounds, we have prepared the finest potion. We have also prepared a reward for you, so please accept them."




Raito glances at Mei, and she shows a barrel full of gold coins from her item box, with the finest potion on top of it.

Lilith inwardly panicked at this sight.


(I used a mid-grade potion for Yume, not a highest-grade potion like that one... And a barrel full of gold coins?! Literally a barrel full of gold coins! It's unbelievable!)


The potion bottle is gold-engraved, and it looks like the highest-quality product.

That barrel full of gold coins might equal or exceed The Human Kingdom's national budget. It is impossible for an individual to receive and take home that many gold coins.

First of all, it's inexplicable.

"I received a barrel full of gold coins and the finest potion as a reward for helping a poor farmer girl", such an explanation won't convince anyone.


Lilith makes a bitter face, wondering how to refuse.

Of course, Raito had already expected this.

He smiles and replies.


"Princess Lilith should keep the high-quality potion as insurance in case of emergencies. You don't have to show it to anyone. As for the gold coins, I would like you to consider them as your personal funds.

I will introduce you to a merchant who has a store in The Human Kingdom later. I will leave this barrel with him. If you tell him the amount of money you need, he will prepare it for you right away."


"Oh, thank you for your thoughtfulness."


With such well-prepared words, she has no way to refuse.

Lilith smiles affectionately.

She will not have to worry about money if she can take it home.


Raito also wanted her to receive the high-quality potion and the gold coins barrel.

She saved his sister's life, gave her a job, and protected her for several years in the castle.


"But I feel this amount of appreciation is still not enough. So, is there anything else you would like? If you wish, I can prepare an immortality bracelet, rejuvenation potion, poison nullification earrings, etc.?"


"Those, those things are really...... All of them look like something out of fairytales."


Princess Lilith holds her breath at his offer.

Raito can clearly see that she's holding back even without reading her mind.

It sounds like a joke if anyone else says it, but she won't be surprised if a boy who leads mythological monsters can prepare those things.


"Please don't hesitate to tell me. You saved my sister's life. I can give you all of them if you are not sure."


Raito offers the gift casually as if it is a pack of candy that can be bought in town.

Lilith can't help but shouts inwardly, just how much money do you have?!


Lilith takes a breath to calm herself down.


( I am very grateful for this offer...... Instead of the magic items, if I can borrow one or two of the monsters here as servants, that would greatly help The Human Kingdom. The insult to The Human Kingdom, the unreasonable pressure to sell humans as slaves and grains with a low price--- we should be able to solve many problems. But....)


Lilith clenched her fists tightly.

Is it really okay? Since she was born, she had to think really hard for the first time.

Her conscience defied her logic.


(I don't know what impacts we would have if we depended on beings like them. But this is an unexpected opportunity. I am a princess, and the most important thing for me is to protect my race's future. For my race's future, I will do everything. Even if that means I have to kiss the devil or be cursed as a demon king, I will do it!)


Lilith turns to Raito again.

She voices out her wish.


"Raito-sama, I have only one wish--- for the sake of the human race's future, please lend me your power!"


"...... I understand. My power is very limited, but I will lend you my power."


Raito accepts Lilith's request with a smile.

His immediate response has no hesitation, making her feel as if she has been dancing in his palm from the very beginning.

But now that she has said it out loud, there is no turning back.


Will Lilith's choice become a benefit, despair, a blessing, or a curse for the human race?

The outcome is still unknown at this time.




--Next morning.


After breakfast, the first prince and first princess of The Human Kingdom inspect the area around the Giant Tower.

The Witch of the Giant Tower is their guide.


There are two types of shelter, metal boxes, and wood houses?


"The metal boxes are called Prefab, and they are given to them as temporary houses.

 Currently, we are in the process of making wood houses. Priority is given to households with children rather than to singles."


The Witch of the Giant Tower answers Lilith's question smoothly.


After rescuing the slaves, she used R - Prefab card from Infinite Gacha to provide a temporary shelter. She then cuts down woods from the surrounding forest, dries them with magic, and builds houses.

She also employed former human craftsmen to build houses, furniture, tableware, and other items.


Then Claw speaks.


"The farm...... is plowed by a golem, isn't it?"


"That's right. Human beings are not strong enough. Besides, a golem can plow tirelessly without getting tired. However, human hands are necessary to do the detailed work...... Such as planting seeds and watering the farm. They shouldn't rely on the golem too much. They should contribute to each other in their areas of expertise. The right person in the right place."


"That's a great idea. By the way, would you lend us that golem?"


"I haven't thought about that. I have no intention of lending them out in the future."


"That's too bad. I thought that if you lent it to our country, it would help us develop...."


Claw is disappointed.

But if the golem is brought outside and lent out for development as he wishes, that would eliminate jobs for humans.

Without jobs, they can't earn money and provides food for their family.

The Witch of the Giant Tower supports Absolute Human Independence. And the area around Giant Tower is still under development.

There are other reasons, but they shouldn't do anything that will make other races resent them.


The fairy maids stop their work and bow when they notice the Witch of the Giant Tower and her guests. The other humans kneel down on the ground, fold their arms, and bow their heads as if they are praying.

Lilith's eyes sparkle as if to say, "We should join hands with them for the future of our race". While her brother Claw's face shows his dissatisfaction as if to say, "Why are they ignoring The Human Kingdom Royal family..."


Elly ignores his dissatisfaction and head to their next destination.


"Next, we will inspect the border area."



--A shadow is observing the situation from the Giant tower 1st-floor entrance.

The First Princess Lilith is supposed to be inspecting the area around the Giant Tower at this moment.


"I never expected this. Not only my brother, but even Nono also doesn't realize that person isn't me..."


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