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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep8 Top secret audience


They are instantly transferred from the pure white Giant Tower to the black world.

It is not dark because there are lights on the walls.

The walls, ceiling, and floor are all black and slippery like a mirror. That's why the whole world looks black.


Lilith doesn't know.

She is now in the bottom level of the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, Naraku.


"Come in, Lilith-sama. This way."




The Witch of the Giant Tower dressed in a witch-like outfit and led the way.

They are headed for the throne, where the Lord waits.


After a few minutes of walking, they arrive in front of a massive door.

It is a massive metal door with a beautiful relief design on the surface. The design is precise, dynamic, and well calculated. It was made with advanced technology that no craftsman on this world could duplicate.



The Witch of the Giant Tower stops and gives her a warning with a friendly smile.


"Behind this door is a very noble gentleman. Please do not be rude to him, okay?"




She had talked with the Witch of the Giant Tower a lot today. But this was the first time she heard such a tone in her voice. Despite her friendly smile, her eyes are not smiling at all.


Lilith intuitively understands that even though she is a princess or a royal family member, she will be killed if she does something rude.




In a hall the size of a soccer field, with ceilings so high that it can't be seen through the haze, the monsters are waiting in an orderly manner.

A bright red carpet runs along the room's length, a throne of gold, jewels, and precious metals is placed at the other end. A huge military flag is displayed on the wall at the end of the room.

In front of the throne, there are three beautiful girls lined up just before the stairs.

And then there are giant dragons, giants, giant beasts with three heads, giant wolves with pure white fur, etc.

The beautiful women and beautiful fairy maids that she had seen in Giant Tower are lined up orderly. There is also a very tall woman, a beautiful woman with red hair on the right side and blue hair on the left, a girl with a long spear-like weapon in her hand, a knight in golden armor, and a beautiful brown-skinned girl with her mouth covered. At first glance, there is a wide variety of things that seem inconsistent, but something that she feels from the Witch of the Giant Tower (Elly) is leaking from all of them.


A crazy sense of loyalty.


She can sense their overwhelming loyalty. They would gouge out their own hearts with a big smile on their faces if they're asked to do so.

She understands that if she offends their absolute loyalty in any way, she will not get away with it.


(If I'm being rude in the slightest, I'll be killed without question.....)


A red carpet is stretching all the way to the throne.

Mythical monsters lined up on either side of it. If even one of them appeared on the ground, it would be enough to end a kingdom or create a wound that will never heal.

The person sitting on the throne received the overwhelming loyalty of these monsters.


( The one sitting on the throne is ...... a human child? Maybe 12 or 13 years old.)


He is a boy with black hair and a cute face that can be seen even from a distance.

He is short, and the golden throne is not physically suitable for him yet. When he sits on it, his legs don't reach the ground. Still, his appearance gives him a strong sense of cuteness.

If only the one sitting there is an ordinary human child.


(That's not just a human child... He's a monster among monsters....)


Lilith understands with her soul.

She can see it even from a distance, the incarnation of overwhelming despair and power.

The one who sits on that throne is undoubtedly a god.


(As the Witch of the Giant Tower said, a god--there's no other way to describe him. Even if she says he's an evil god who's in love with the mythical goddess, I'll believe her.)


The pressure and the atmosphere are so overwhelming that not only her legs but her whole body trembles.


The Witch of the Giant Tower Elly urges her.


"Come on, please move forward. God Raito is waiting for you."


She could only see her mouth because she was hiding her face with her veil during the daytime meeting - but now she can see that the smile at the meeting was friendly.

Now, she is smiling respectfully and fascinatingly because she is touched by the majesty of God.




There is no reason for Lilith to refuse after coming this far.

She suppresses her fears with her spirit and pride as a royal family member and walks forward, holding back her legs that are about to fall.




The monsters lined up on either side of her stare at Lilith with interest.

She breaks out in a cold sweat and sweats under her arms just from their gaze.

The closer she walks, the more clearly she understands that these monsters can kill her with a single snort.

She could not help but feel frightened inwardly.


She walks along the carpet, which is so long that it feels like it's a thousand miles long, There are 3 beautiful girls as beautiful as the Witch of the Giant Tower.

Lilith naturally stopped a few steps in front of them.

One of them is a beautiful woman named Mei, who came to pick them up in the Human Kingdom.

Next to her is a mysterious cat-eared beautiful little girl with blue hair.

Elly walks past Lilith and stands next to the silver-haired, energetic-looking beautiful little girl.


( ...... Should I kneel? )


Lilith hesitates in her heart.

In general, as a royal family member, it is very bad for her to kneel down to the king of another country and salute him like a follower.

Even if this is a secret and unofficial audience. Even if there is no advantage in military, financial, or human resources.






There is a silent pressure from the beautiful girls behind and in front of her.


It is as if they are saying, why don't you kneel?


There are a lot of high-level people here, including level 9999.

If they seriously intimidated her, Lilith's heart and mind would not be able to withstand it, and she would choose to die.

They are only a bit irritated, but it's only a matter of time before they get really angry.


Lilith is struggling to decide whether to kneel or not. While she is weighing her own life against her country's reputation, she hears a word from an unexpected source.


"...I will not tolerate any disrespect to my invited guest."


With a single sentence from the black-haired boy on the throne, the intimidation from all around her disappears. It is as if it never existed in the first place.

Some of them looked pale and desperately tried to keep their respectful posture.


The boy straightens up and calls out to Lilith.


"I'm sorry to call you late at night. Lilith-dono, the First Princess of the Human Kingdom. I'm Raito, Yume's brother."


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  1. Ah man this reminds me so much of the Jircniv visit in the WN and LN of overlord <3 love it


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