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Thursday, January 26, 2023

DeokuTeima ~ C54


Chapter 54: Savage dog





Savage Dog stares sharply at me.


Scary! Even though I don't hate dogs, this scares me! But we can't escape from the boss. There is no choice but to win or lose.


Predator monsters are also called wandering bosses by players, but they are rare monsters like unique monsters. That is why they were able to escape from Large Rock Ant.


However, the one in front of me now is undoubtedly a field boss. There is no choice but to fight it.


"Let's fight like usual!"


I am desperately trying to remember Savage Dog's data I read on the bulletin board. At one point, I had studied all of the bosses in the four areas around the beginning town.


But since I had initially planned to challenge the field boss in the western forest, I had not studied Savage Dog in detail.


I remember it mentioned that we should not melee Savage Dog because it moves very fast. Instead, the tank should draw it away and attack it with arrows or magic.


"Sakura, concentrate on holding it back rather than attacking! Kumama, Rick, come here."


While I want to tell them not to push themselves too hard, I know we can't beat it if we don't push ourselves. While Orto and the others are holding it back, I take hunting poison from my inventory and sprinkle it on Rick and Kumama.


Name Hunting poison 

Rarity: 2 Quality: ★6

Effect16 minutes. Grant the weapon a small poison effect and a small paralysis effect. Cool downtime: 30 minutes.


Abnormal status also affects field bosses. Apparently, its resistance is not so high. Well, it's the first area. We have to rely on the abnormal status effect to beat him since we don't have many damage dealers.


"I'm counting on you kids!"






The fierce battle has begun.


Savage Dog's main attacks are charging at us or swinging with its fangs and front paws. Since it is a first-stage boss, it doesn't do anything special. Anyway, it is very fast.

Even Orto and Sakura have taken almost 20% damage just by a single blow. One blow would cut off more than half of our HP if it were Rick or me.


I keep attacking with aqua balls and moving carefully to avoid being targeted. After all, if I die, then we all die.


In real life, he is like a martial arts fighter who could knock down a tamer just with a single hit, so I can't take the risk by going forward.


Kumama and Rick's attacks focus more on inflicting abnormal status effects than damage. But that's fine.


I am waiting for the right moment to attack while healing my monsters using the medicine.


Still, a moment's carelessness could lead to a crisis. Perhaps because I had never fought this intensely for a long time, I made a mistake.


I went forward too far and was blown away by Savage Dog's body blow.




I feel heavy pressure in my abdomen and chest. I barely feel any pain, but the shock is enough to make me unable to move.




I'll die!






I was ready to die, but Orto jumped in front of me and protected me. He fights the demon dog much bigger than himself with nothing but a hoe.






While holding back Savage Dog with all his might, Orto looks back and says something. Maybe he is telling me to run away or recover while he is holding it back.


No way! Orto-san, you're so cool! So brave!


"Sakura, now!"


"―― ♪"


Before, he moved too fast, so Sakura couldn't catch him. Finally, she caught him. Sakura has completely seized Savage Dog with her branch bind.


Now, all we have to do is to attack all at once. I keep shooting aqua balls, Orto keeps slapping with his small hands, Sakura's whip, Kumama's claws, and Rick's front teeth reduce Savage Dog's HP.




But when Savage Dog's HP is reduced to less than 10%, he goes berserk, rips off the binds, and unleashes his final attack.


It's a range attack called Roar Blow. It is a nasty attack that damages surrounding enemies and has a certain probability of paralyzing them.




Oh, no! I can't move! I'm paralyzed!


Moreover, since the damage inflicted by my aqua balls seems too great, I have become his target. The huge black mass rushed towards me.




With his huge fangs, Savage Dog jumped at me.


If he bites me, I won't survive! But because of the paralysis, I can't move at all.


Orto and Sakura also seem to be paralyzed. With Kumama's speed, he won't be able to help me on time. I shout inwardly.


"This time, I'll die!"






Rick jumped on Savage Dog from sideways. Yes, Rick's red scarf is paralysis-resistant!


Moreover, his attack seemed to be treated as a surprise attack. Savage Dog's HP bar was reduced to zero and shattered.






Rick's tail stands up, and he screams heroically. So cute! Well done! I want to jump and praise him, but I am still paralyzed.


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