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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep6 Cheese Cake


"Welcome to my home. I am the Witch of the Giant Tower."


A girl with a veil completely covering her face was waiting for them in the audience room.

Her face is hidden, but her large breasts peek out, her style is good, and her voice is beautiful.


The first prince, Claw, muttered in his heart.

(The Witch of the Giant Tower must be a wonderful woman, considering that she has maids as beautiful as fairies serving her...)


"Thank you for inviting me as well. I'm Claw, First Prince of the Human Kingdom."


"I am the First Princess, Lilith."


After the three of them finish their greetings, the meeting begins.


The content of the meeting itself was pretty straightforward.

Elly explained how humans are treated in the Giant Tower, the purpose of the Absolute Human Independence Declaration, the Giant Tower's position, its insights, and its future plans.


After the meeting ends smoothly, the First Princes and the First Prince are escorted to their accommodations.


Claw replies with a smile, but he mutters inwardly.

(We were coming here using long-distance transfer items, so we don't feel tired at all...)

He doesn't say it out loud is because he can't read his opponent's mind.


When they left the audience room, the fairy maids and Claw's guards and attendants were already waiting for them.

They followed the fairy maids down to the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor had been remodeled the same way as the 3rd floor.

All the rooms on the 2nd floor were reserved for Claw, Lilith, their guards, and attendants.

Their luggage had already been brought into their room as well.


The room that Lilith was shown to was clearly more luxurious than her own room in her home country.

The only thing that made her feel uneasy was the lack of windows. Still, she didn't mind because she was surrounded by many pieces of furniture, artwork, and fruits she had never seen before.


With the help of Nono, she changed from her outdoor dress into indoor clothes.

There is still some time before dinner, so it would be tiring to continue wearing the outdoor dress. Of course, she would have to wear a different dress for dinner.


"Princess...... The Witch of the Giant Tower, what kind of person was she?"


"I couldn't tell because she was hiding her face behind her veil, but she was intelligent, knowledgeable, and very elegant. Above all, she's using long-distance items for transportation, she has a dragon at her side, and she's really powerful! I need to talk to her and ask her to help the Human Kingdom. And for that, I need to do something about my brother..."


She changes into her indoor clothes and sits in front of the mirror to comb her hair.

Nono takes the comb from the maid apprentice (Yume) and goes behind Lilith.


"Nono, did anything happen to you and the others?"


"...... No, nothing special. It's just that there have been a lot of shocking events that made me tired, and I fell asleep for a moment on the waiting room couch."


Nono and the others witnessed the emotional reunion of Raito and Yume in the waiting room and were put to sleep by 'SR-Sleep'.

But their memory was manipulated by 'SR-Hypnosis' into thinking they had 'fallen asleep for a moment'.

Lilith let out a slight chuckle at her statement.


"That's unusual. Nono falls asleep. Is there anything else?"


"...... Anything else?"


Nono ponders.

Lilith looks at Yume from the mirror and asks.

Yume responds with an innocent smile.


"The sweets on the table were very delicious! The tea was a little bitter, so I had to add a lot of sugar and milk."


"Fufufu... Yume still doesn't understand the goodness of tea.

That bitterness is good. But the tea served at the Giant Tower Witch's place had a more unique taste and aroma than any other high-quality tea leaves. Where did she get it from? I'd like to know where she got it because I personally love it."


"...... Princess, don't buy anything too expensive."


"I know, I know. If I had that kind of money, I would buy sweets for the poor and the children in the orphanage."


"As expected of our princess!"


Yume praised Lilith with a smiling face.

Lilith, Nono, the other maids, and the female knight did not feel anything strange about Yume.

Although she has already been replaced by UR - The Second Shadow, no one feels anything unusual about her.

She can copy words, actions, habits, memories, and even skills.


Even if they use magic items and appraisals, it is difficult to identify her as an impostor.


However, it doesn't mean that it has no weaknesses.

The skills degrade, and the user's magic items cannot be duplicated. If she is murdered, she will disappear, and people will know at once that she is an imposter.

Also, there are some restrictions. For example, a copy can’t be made unless the person actually uses the Infinite Gacha card of their own will.

No such thing as a perfect magic item.


After brushing her hair, she sat down on the sofa and asked her maid to make her a cup of tea.

Lilith relaxes and talks about the future.


"There's still time before dinner. I have to somehow outsmart my brother and get the Witch of the Giant Tower to agree to cooperate with the Human Kingdom. Nono, we're going to discuss that."


"...... I understand. Yume, go back to the other room until I call you."


"Yes, Head Maid! Now, excuse me."


Yume (fake) bowed and left the bedroom to go to the living room.

Lilith and Nono stay in the bedroom and discuss their future plans until dinner.



--These ordinary human girls don't know that this discussion will be meaningless.




After dinner and chit-chat, Lilith crawled into her guest room bed.

As she relaxed on the bed, she thought about the dinner.


The dinner served as a course meal. The Witch of the Giant Tower's table manner was even more elegant than the Royal Family's table manner.

What surprised her most was how delicious the food tasted.


(The vegetables were not bitter at all, and even the seafood and meat were slightly sweet. Best of all, I never knew cheese could be made into such a delicious snack! It tastes so good that I ate two of them, and I still want more......)


One of Lilith's least favorite foods is cheese.

The texture and taste aside, she hates the smell. It is one of the foods she doesn't want to eat if possible.

But the dessert was the 'Rare Cheese Cake' that tastes like something out of this world. It was so delicious that she believed that it was heavenly food.


(What if the Witch of the Giant Tower thinks I'm not worthy of becoming her partner because of my disgraceful appearance?...... The future of my race may be determined by me being a glutton...)


She felt miserable and depressed just thinking about it.


However, that feeling didn't last long.


"--Good evening, First Princess Lilith-sama."




Lilith jumped out of her bed when she heard the voice.

A woman is standing at the corner of the canopy bed.

She immediately recognized the voice.


"...... Witch of the Giant Tower-sama?"


I'm sorry to bother you so late at night, but I’ve come to ask Lilith-sama to meet my Lord.


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