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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep7 The Lord of The Witch of the Giant Tower


 "The Lord of The Witch of the Giant Tower-sama?"


The Witch of the Giant Tower visited her unexpectedly in the middle of the night. Princess Lilith gets out of bed to avoid being rude and faces her.


The Witch of the Giant Tower, who never took off her veil during the daytime meeting and the dinner, revealed her face.

Her blonde hair is tied in two and hanging down, and her large eyes are framed by long eyelashes. She has a beautiful face and style far greater than the beautiful girls she has seen in this Giant Tower.

The Witch of the Giant Tower smiles and answers.


"Yes, the God I serve, God Raito... He wants to meet Lilith-sama in person. He wants to meet with you unofficially and secretly, so I visited you at night. I've already taken precautions to ensure that the servants who are guarding in the next room won't notice, so you can join us without any worries."


"Unofficial? If it's unofficial, does that mean my brother won't be there?"


"No, only Lilith-sama."


Why would he want to meet me alone, unofficially and secretly?

Lilith quickly guesses the reason in her mind.


(Hostage? Is it because I'm easier to move politically, and they want to take me in? Or to brainwash me with magic?)


The Witch of the Giant Tower smiles at her.

As if she could see through Lilith's mind, she explains her reasons to erase her anxiety.


"Please be assured. We have no intention of harming Lilith-sama. God Raito just wants to thank Lilith-sama."


"Thank me?"


This made Lilith even more confused.

The Witch of the Giant Tower, who created the Giant Tower and brought down the Elf Queen Nation, has a Lord. And that person wants to thank her.

Lilith has no idea what this is all about, and it would have made more sense to her if they called her to brainwash her.


The Witch of the Giant Tower continues to speak with a friendly smile.


"It is understandable that you are confused and wondering. But what I have just told you is the truth. Yume, the girl that Lilith-sama saved, is my Lord's sister. He just wants to express his gratitude to you."


"Yume's brother......?"


"Yes. Due to some circumstances, God Raito had lost track of his sister Yume and his older brother. He had been searching for them for a long time. Then we learned that Lilith had helped to heal Yume's wounds and protect her."


(Oh, I heard from Yume that she has two older brothers, and when the village was attacked, the oldest brother pulled her arm and ran away.

I heard that her second brother left the village before that and she never saw him again...)


It never crosses her mind that Yume's second brother is the Lord of the Witch of the Giant Tower.......


(But Yume's parents both came from poor farming families, and so did her second brother, right? How did he manage to get someone as powerful as the Witch of the Giant Tower under his command?)


The more she learns about the reason for wanting to see her, the more new questions arise in Lilith's mind.

The Witch of the Giant Tower continued her story without paying attention to her confusion.


"In fact, Lilith-sama and the others were only invited so that God Raito could confirm with his own eyes whether that maid apprentice is the real Yume."


"!? Is, is that true? ......"


"Yes, I know this is rude, but please forgive us. Anyway, God Raito has confirmed that it is Yume herself. By replacing her with a fake, we were able to safely secure her and place her under our protection."


"Wa, wait, wait! A fake? Is the Yume who is with me now a fake?"


"Yes, that's right. Please forgive us for replacing her with a fake without asking permission, considering our circumstances."


"No, it can't be ....... When did this happen? Because Yume was still behaving as usual, and I didn't feel any different...."


"It's natural that you can't see through it because it's designed that way. So please don't be too discouraged."


(The Witch in front of me, just how powerful is she!?)


Lilith could not help but be astonished and shiver.

At the same time, she does not forget to calculate that she can change the human race's future if she can use this power well.

Lilith has a strong sense of justice and responsibility as a royal family member, so this is her usual attitude.


Lilith has been lost in thought, so The Witch of the Giant Tower nudges her.


"You understand, don't you? It would be impolite to keep God Raito waiting any longer. Shall we move now?"


"Wait a minute! I understand that it's unofficial and confidential, but I can't go while still wearing my nightgown...."


Lilith holds herself up with a red face that can be seen even in the dark.

She is 15 years old, a maiden who is ashamed of her appearance.

She is not comfortable meeting men in her nightgown.


Elly lowers her eyebrows apologetically.


"You're right. I'm sorry I didn't notice. Please wait a moment."




She snaps her fingers.

In the blink of an eye, Lilith's nightgown is transformed into a high-class dress that is far more luxurious than all of her clothes.

The jewels are used in just the right amount without being obnoxious. The design is so advanced. If she went out socially in this dress and jewels, she would attract everyone's attention.


Elly smiles in satisfaction and nod again.


"This is fine, isn't it?"


"Yes, no problem ..."


Lilith was so surprised that she couldn't refuse.

Elly deepens her smile and reaches out to her.


"Let's go meet God Raito. Lilith-sama, please hold my hand."


Lilith holds Elly's hand.

As Elly holds Lilith's hand, she takes out a card.


"Transfer, release."


Elly and Lilith disappear from the guest room on the 2nd floor of the Giant Tower.


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